Diaries of an Urban Panther

Diaries of an Urban Panther Violet Jordan Rule of being a superhero No tights Dear Diary By now you know I m hardly a normal girl Last night I woke up naked in an alley after fighting off some werewolves All in a day s work I

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  • Title: Diaries of an Urban Panther
  • Author: Amanda Arista
  • ISBN: 9780062113160
  • Page: 403
  • Format: ebook
  • Violet Jordan Rule 1 of being a superhero No tights.Dear Diary,By now you know I m hardly a normal girl Last night I woke up naked in an alley after fighting off some werewolves All in a day s work, I guess I thought I was dealing pretty well with the whole werepanther thing the training, the apocalyptic prophecies And the hot guy following me around, protecting meViolet Jordan Rule 1 of being a superhero No tights.Dear Diary,By now you know I m hardly a normal girl Last night I woke up naked in an alley after fighting off some werewolves All in a day s work, I guess I thought I was dealing pretty well with the whole werepanther thing the training, the apocalyptic prophecies And the hot guy following me around, protecting me at every turn, is definitely a bonus I m even starting to become accustomed to the bloodshed and the violence and that s what scares me What will tomorrow bring Violet Jordan thought the fairy tales her mother wove were just a way to get Violet to sleep, not a way to prepare her for the apocalypse she is the key to preventing When she becomes a midnight snack for werepanther Spencer Haverty, his infectious bite invokes the first element of her destiny When Violet s budding instincts allow her to save a boy s life, she realizes this new gig may come with perks a slimmer figure, the attention of a handsome Guardian, and insights into her future embedded in her mother s stories But as push comes to claws, can Violet make the fatal strike against the men threatening her new family, her new home and her first boyfriend in ages

    One thought on “Diaries of an Urban Panther”

    1. This is my diamond in the rough series. It wasn't a book that got a lot of attention and I found it just by chance. I am so glad I did. I fell in love with Violet, Jess, and Chaz instantly. The book has suspense, action, humor, kick ass leading ladies,excellent supporting characters and an extremely sexy, underwear modeling male lead ;). I highly reccomend it to any urban fantasy reader. I already pre-ordered the next book and can't wait for the release date.

    2. Book Promo:Violet Jordan Rule #1 of being a superhero: No tights.Dear Diary,By now you know I'm hardly a normal girl. Last night I woke up naked in an alley after fighting off some werewolves. All in a day's work, I guess. I thought I was dealing pretty well with the whole werepanther thing: the training, the apocalyptic prophecies. And the hot guy following me around, protecting me at every turn, is definitely a bonus. I'm even starting to become accustomed to the bloodshed and the violence—a [...]

    3. Did not enjoy this at all. Was very disappointed with the characters and the storyline. Just not my cup of tea.

    4. Diaries of an Urban Panther is a great beginning to an urban fantasy series. The character development was good, there was lots of action, and a seriously evil asshat villain. Full review can be found here: smashattackreads/2012/

    5. NOTE: I am posting this same review for all three books since this is a trilogy and reading ANY of the books alone would be a confusing and dismal activity :) - dcmDiaries of an Urban Panther SeriesByAmanda AristaDiaries of an Urban PantherClaws and EffectNine Lives of an Urban PantherWhile NOT officially part of the trilogy, this story closes the loop on one of the characters after the events in the trilogy“First Dates Are Hell” from Vampires Gone WildSummary:Violet Jordan Rule #1 of being [...]

    6. Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Rawr!Opening Sentence: As I stepped into the crosswalk, the boy next to me ran across the white stripes to his mother’s waiting minivan.The Review:Why do the reviews always seem harder to write when you really like the book? This one had a bit of a slow start for me, actually took me two full episodes of Angel to talk myself into picking it up again after reading the first few pages and having to put it down to put the kids to bed. But I c [...]

    7. Violet Jordan Rule #1 of being a superhero: No tights. Dear Diary, By now you know I'm hardly a normal girl. Last night I woke up naked in an alley after fighting off some werewolves. All in a day's work, I guess. I thought I was dealing pretty well with the whole werepanther thing: the training, the apocalyptic prophecies. And the hot guy following me around, protecting me at every turn, is definitely a bonus. I'm even starting to become accustomed to the bloodshed and the violence—and that's [...]

    8. Violet Jordan is attacked in the alley behind her townhouse and wakes up as a shape-shifting panther. She has to learn how to control her cat. There is a bodyguard/judge who will finish her off if she misses her deadline. And oh, by the way, he is literally a model.Why I started this book: I'm clearing books off my to-read pile right and left this month.Why I finished it: Not my cup of tea. It was very choppy and I don't like the books where the main character is learning about a new paranormal [...]

    9. I came late to the whole urban fantasy thing because I'll admit I was prejudiced. I couldn't see how all the books couldn't be alike. That said, this book was a pleasant surprise. It was a well-written, lighthearted, adventurous romp with the protagonist learning her powers and fulfilling her "destiny." The romance was almost a subplot, the typical girl meets boy-girl doesn't like boy at first-girl falls in love with boy plot, but it was well handled. There was only one graphic sex scene, which [...]

    10. This was an awesome book! Loved the world, loved these characters, they were really interesting! Need to read more!

    11. *Please Note: It is important to know this review applies only to the uncorrected proof provided to me by the publisher and may have no reflection on the final product*I've been reluctant to write a review for this book because I would like to give the author and publisher the benefit of the doubt. Diaries of an Urban Panther was provided to me as an uncorrected proof in e-format from the publisher. There is always a clear warning in these editions that as an uncorrected proof, things are subjec [...]

    12. Would have loved to rate it 2.5.Favorite Lines: “You gave up the right to that information and tone when you decided to take ‘Blondie’ into our bed. I figure I’ve got another two years of unabashedly deserved hatred to work through. So you just need to grow a pair and live with the fact you were too stupid to see what you had.” (p. 154, e-galley)Diaries of an Urban Panther is a paranormal romance featuring shapeshifters and the fae. Each chapter reads like an addition to a private diar [...]

    13. Sometimes it's easy to read a book and say whether it's an Urban Fantasy or a Paranormal Romance. Other times, the lines are more hazy. And it while it's not essential to place every book in a neat little box, expectations can play a really big part in whether or not I enjoy something. I read a couple of complaints that this book was too UF, so I went in with the mindset that this wasn't going to be a romance --and any lovin' would just be a bonus.The story centers on Violet, an awkward and unas [...]

    14. The blurb is a quite detailed one and does a nice job of setting up the story. It definitely caught my attention, but unfortunately, this one didn’t work for me. The heroine and I did not get along in this book. I normally enjoy a sarcastic heroine, but Violet comes across as whiney and bratty, and worst of all, ungrateful. After she is attacked by shifters in an alley, a stranger saves her. Well, she had actually seen him around at bars, nicknaming him “stalker boy.” His name is Chaz and [...]

    15. I found this series while looking around on for something new to read, it had actually sat in my TBR pile for a couple months before I got around to reading it. I'm sorry I waited this long to start it, before being halfway through this one I had grabbed the second one. I have been finding it hard lately to find a good UF series that I can sink my teeth intordon the pun, but this series shows a lot of promise.Violet is an awkward and kinda nerdy screen writer for straight to video horror flicks [...]

    16. 3 1/2 stars.Violet Jordan just recently moved to Dallas from L.A. after a breakup, and is working as a writer scripting low-budgeted horror films. Violet is your average everyday gal, someone who never gets a second glance especially when the people she hangs out with are of the model varieties. Violet life is pretty normal, nothing big ever happens to her…until she gets attacked by a wild animal in an alley. Violet’s life gets turned upside down when she finds out she’s now a were-panther [...]

    17. There are a few authors that came to mind as I was reading these books; Charlaine Harris, Julia Kenner and Patricia Briggs to name but a few. It had that sweet exciting thrill of a good chick lit paranormal read you just love to curl up on the sofa on a cold do-nothing day with. The editing could have used a bit more fine-tuning and there were a few spots of missing logic that had me shaking my head, (nothing to do with the supernatural aspects of the tale, of course, just mundane things like ch [...]

    18. Violet gets attacked and bitten in an alley. She's bitten by a were-panther and changes into one herself. Chaz is "appointed" to help her. Her best friend isn't who she seems. Growing up, Violet's mother told her stories. These stories came into play after Violet was attacked. Overall, this was entertaining. I liked Violet. She had the right amount of sass and snark. Chaz was a mystery. A little less of one now that the book is done, but there are still holes. I was figuring things out as Violet [...]

    19. 4.5 starsDamn,this was GOOD! It put a fun spin on the shifter stories that I read before and was a surprisingly easy read. I say surprisingly because I was first only mildly interested in this book and I don't even know why I decided to read it now when I had it on my Kindle for monthsAnyway,what I liked most was the main character. I hate nothing more than characters who whine constantly about the situation they are in (it's especially bad when the book is written in 1st person). Violet has her [...]

    20. This was an accidentally stumbled upon story. I found it one day when I was looking for something to read- honestly the price drew me in first. It was more than worth the money! Arista is taking a new perspective on the whole bitten-by-a-wild-animal-that-was-really-a-were-animal thing! I thought it was a more than unique take. Violet Jordan starts as being the kind of girl who lets life pass her by; that is until she's bitten by a wild animal and finds her life being flipped upside down by an un [...]

    21. Great start of a seriesI have never read anything by Amanda Arista before and really enjoyed this one. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.Violet is a wonderful heroine, learning how to control her shape shifting abilities after she was bitten. Chad is just so cute. He is protective, but still goofs up occasionally. I really liked how real both of them were. Yes, you had the supernatural elements, but they have their human foibles too.There is a lot of action in the story, and [...]

    22. I loved this debut from Amanda Arista. We come into the story meeting Violet, a writer who only wants a fresh start in life who ends up being accosted and thus turning furry after a misadventure in a back alley. This book has hot guys, prideful panthers, faeries, evil overlords and more. What more can you want in a PNR?! There was some great snarky and quippy remarks throughout the book that I just loved and the characters totally sucked you into nonstop reading with their own great impressions. [...]

    23. 3.5 stars - This has been out so long that I am not going to blurb it, and life is still too hectic for a real review, but I liked this story. I like the leading lady and her 'stalker' and I liked the touch of romance - the story is more UF so it's a side note. I liked that even though she discovers she is a 'prophesied' being that she actually goes out and preps for her new role and learns martial arts and who to shoot - although her innate 'specialness' makes these a cinch. I also like the wa [...]

    24. This was a quirky, sometimes humongous and even a lethal look into shape-shifters.Violet is attacked one night while looking to see what is making noises out near her trash cans. From there she is rescued, semi-kidnapped, then taught all of what she can do. And for a newly risen shape-changer she if fairly powerful. Most of this book does NOT show Violet as a kick-butt heroine but I figured that this book was the world building that will lead up to the next book. Violet does get kick-butty near [...]

    25. Violet writes scripts for cheesy horror movies. She is also very tall with wild hair. On a drunk night in the alley by the trash cans of her house she is attacked by an animal.Violet wakes up at Chaz house. That's when she learns of shapeshifters. She thinks Chaz is crazy.He takes Violet to meet Iris the Shala, so she may control the beast. Violet learns she is prophesied in book to be a great shifter. The book was written by her mother. The book was good and provided many hours of entertainment [...]

    26. It was doing okay until Violet started acting like a prick to Chaz. Even with people telling her why he did what he did and to stop being too hard on people and cut him some slack, she was still being a jerk. I hate that. So now I'm sitting here with an unfinished book, and I know that they get together in the end but I just can't sit through that kind of childish behavior. If you want something resolved you talk. You don't sulk around and act like some kind of spurned teenager. I mean really, g [...]

    27. Took me a while to get through this--I think because I wasn't in the proper mood to begin with. But I did finish it and enjoyed reading it. Heroine is attacked by a werepanther and becomes one. Much of the first of the book is learning about the new universe she's sucked into. The last of the book (the more interesting part) is about her dealing with the problems that exist in that universe. A good read.

    28. I did enjoy this book. If you are a fan of the fantasy it is a good book. Amanda Arista does a great job with the storyline and developing Violet from a human writer who unwittingly becomes mixed up in the world of modern day urban shapeshifters. A little intrigue, a little romance-and maybe even a little comedy as Violet trips through her new emerging personality. I had a hard time putting it down.

    29. 3.5 StarsWhat I likedWittyCaptivatingSuspenseActionUrban Fantasy with a "Were"A Little RomanceA good heroine One of my favorite scenes:"Iris. What do I say to him?""I don't know," Iris shrugged. "Tell him you want to have his babies.""Iris," "It's not like that with us.""I just say what I see.""Well then, get a pair of glasses""Better come up with something soon, he's coming up the drive." -LOL! Iris is a funny old bird. Love her.

    30. I really enjoyed the first instalment in the Diaries of a Urban Panther series.I found this book similar to other series/authors that I have read.I would compare Amanda Arista as an author to Karen MacInernay's Werewolf Series and also Vicki Lewis Thompson. The reason? Well mostly for the snarky female characters voice that comes across in the books.Looking forward to seeing what happens to Violet and the gang in the second book titled "Claws and Effect"

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