Never Can Say Goodbye

Never Can Say Goodbye Frankie Meredith immersed in her fledgling business and happy to be single watches Dexter Valentine s philanderings with amusement However Frankie has other things to occupy her mind when village med

  • Title: Never Can Say Goodbye
  • Author: Christina Jones
  • ISBN: 9780749953324
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frankie Meredith immersed in her fledgling business and happy to be single watches Dexter Valentine s philanderings with amusement However, Frankie has other things to occupy her mind when village medium, Maisie Fairbrother, insists that the shop is haunted and offers to hold a seance.

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    1. Francesca Meredith (Frankie as she likes to be called) is nearly 30, and single. She inherits a frock shop, is a bit shocked at first as she knows nothing about running a business, however she is eventually over the moon.Dexter Valentine the gorgeous florist is on the scene but are they just Friends? Why won’t Dexter talk about his past?Frankie transforms the shop but Maisie Farnbrother the local medium informs Frankie the shop is full of Ghosts but is it?I really enjoyed this book, from the p [...]

    2. Maybe too cheesy and little soppy at times but this book just warmed my heart. After having a bad few days, this is what I needed to cheer me up. Sweet, well-written, clever, funny and joyful. Loved it.

    3. I am a huge Christina Jones fan, so when I heard she was releasing the final book in her current series I was devastated as these books are a world of their own I have never read a book by another author which has them same feel to them as these books. This last book, Never can say Goodbye was released earlier in the year and I couldn’t get it in any of our local stores so I ordered it online from Waterstones and I have been beside myself waiting for it as it has only just arrived so my advice [...]

    4. First of all let me say I have no idea why people didn't love this book as much as I did. I remember when it was released a lot of the reviews I read talked about how there was something off with the paranormal part and it was different from her other books, or some other nonsense. Almost all of Ms.Jones's books have had magic in them 'til date. There are probably less than a hand full and it's the magic or paranormal aspect that adds a little zest to the mix of her characters and their madcap a [...]

    5. Beautifully witty and filled with wonderful characters Jones' books are a delight to read. I just died for the sexy florist and the beautiful frock shop owner. The ghosts were particularly funny. I love reading about people we've already met in previous books and seeing the different villages and hamlets again and again. Marvellous. It makes me want to move to Berkshire.

    6. it was superbi loved dexter .d frankie how adorable is shei loved them sharing their storiesd ernie sadd atlast how nice was just so beautiful.i just loved it.d yeah.micheal buble was thered i luv himi luvd all the romancesd yeah was awesome

    7. Eine wirklich süße, herzerwärmende Geschichte. Der Part mit den Geistern war anfangs irgendwie nicht ganz stimmig im Verhältnis zur restlichen Handlung aber hat sich wirklich nett entwickelt. Einfach ein schöner Liebesroman, bei dem ich mir wünsche, es würde in meiner Gegend auch so einen tollen Secondhand-Shop geben :)

    8. I like reading Christina Jones novels. They are light-hearted without being silly, witty without being snarky and with just the right amount of romance, without going over the deep end. I also like how all the stories are entwined. Characters from previous works pop up all the time. It's fun and I always look forward to it. Feels like meeting old friends :-)

    9. I loved this book from start to finish, couldn't put it down.I love this author and this latest offering doesn't disappoint.I love the ghosts and romantic elements of this book.I also like how cleverly she brings characters from previous books it was nice to catch up with them.

    10. another delightful story from Christina Jones - one of my favourite authors . Her stories are always easy to read and entertaining from start to finish. It turns out I had read it before but it was just as good the second time around.

    11. Das Cover verspricht eine locker leichte Liebesgeschichte, die vermutlich im Frühling/Sommer spielt. Falsch gedachtdas Buch spielt in der Weihnachtszeit. Passt eigentlich nicht in den Mai, aber dies hat meine Meinung auf keine Fall beeinflusst, auch wenn es atmosphärisch nicht unbedingt passt.Ich habe schon einige Bücher von Christina Jones gelesen, daher weiß ich, dass die Bücher immer einen Hauch Magie/Paranormales enthalten. Auch in diesem Buch ist dies wieder so. Allerdings wurde mir di [...]

    12. The reason I bought this book, was the cover.It has cute frocks and vintage handbag.I was hoping, let the story be as cute as the cover.Well, in this case, I was right when I judge the book by its cover.Cute love story, friendly characters, weird atmosphere and charming hero.This is definitely the book that I want to be with during rainy day, with a mug of hot chocolate propped on my overlarge couch ;-)Seven heaven!

    13. I like Christina Jones's books and this one is another goodie. Frankie is given a dress shop which them becomes haunted by ghosts. Helped by Dexter, the flower stall man, she tries to return the ghosts to the after life with humourous results. With the HEA at the end that is expected, its a winner if you like the authors style. An enjoyable country romp, with recurring characters from previous books.

    14. The only thing that got me to the end of this book was a burning desire to see whether it improved by the end. Unfortunately it didn't. The ghost plot was just daft, not remotely credible. I suspect it was supposed to be funny, but the constant flippancy was just irritating. What amounted to a fairly interesting back story for the two protagonists was eventually dispatched in a couple of pages at the end. I would much rather have read much more about that and much, much less ghost stuff.

    15. Didn't Want to say goodbye.As always another great story from Christina. Not scary at all. Lovely to meet old friends in these books. Oh we could all do with such a fabulous frock shop.Well written as we have come to expect from Christina. Do hope Cherish and Brian got married in the end . Ernie was such a love. Oh Christina you have done it again.! Wonderful

    16. Never Say Goodbye is super awesome meet wittyFrankie is a sweet and so does Dexter but my favourite is Frankie awesome/bimbo friend Lilly!i love that name and for Christina to create a funny/bimbo/brilliant *that whats Frank and Lil's call's*i love and adore the ghost far everything about Christina Jones never to disappoint me. it is and cherish fer the dead!ome! *clink*

    17. I liked the paranormal element of the story, but besides that I wasn't really overwhelmed by the story. The characters are nice, but sometimes too nice (especially Frankie who seems to perfect to be true). It's all a little bit too flawless, I never really felt with the characters. But I wasn't annoyed neither, so all in all, it was ok, so two points from me.

    18. Frankie inherits a dress shop right across the way from the gorgeous Dexter’s flower shop. This book was light hearted and fun to read. It was easy to read and I would recommend reading this book.

    19. Love Christina's books and this was another fab read!The stories all round the lil villages all connect to one another and I love it! Frankie is a character people can relate to and not some "wag" like other writers use!Adore you Christina!

    20. I love Christina Jones and i loved this book, but not quite as much as some of the others - parts a bit too silly - but as usual fabulous central characters in Dexter and Frankie, mystery in the past, and a ahppy ending!!

    21. Ihan ok viihdekirja pienellä yliluonnollisella lisällä. Kantta en vain tajua: tapahtumat sijoittuvat joulun aikaan, ja pastellisävyt ja kukkaköynökset tuovat (ainakin itselleni) vahvasti mieleen kevään.

    22. Absolutely fabulous. Takes a lot to make me laugh out loud and this did the job. Such an easy read. Totally relaxing. Excellent!!!

    23. I do so love Christina's books, and this one was even more enjoyable. I read this during a horrible, hectic and tiring week and it cheered me up no end. Full of laughter and frolics. Loved it.

    24. Just as good and funny as all Christina's prevous books keep up the good work cant wait for the next one to come out Regards Viviee xx

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