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  1. This is a beautifully written, historical fiction thriller that takes place during the rule of Queen Elizabeth and in her court. If you are a fan of this era and know a bit about the whispers of occult and astrology that occurred during her reign, you are really going to enjoy this story of conspiracy and mystery. This is probably one of my favorite time periods to read about since it truly was an age of discovery and that these ideas were often described as heresy and treason. Yet, in the world [...]

  2. Now that I've read this book I can say that I should have read Heresy first, so, if you are looking into reading this, don't listen to those people who say you can read this one first and be all right. Bruno alludes to things that have happened in the first book and, while there are no spoilers that I can see, there is always that fear that those will appear.That being said, this is a fantastic read. I loved the history, the intrigue, the suspense, and the writing. Elizabethan London comes alive [...]

  3. Depois de ter lido o primeiro volume da série, Heresia, de que gostei muito, estava com algumas expectativas em relação a este segundo livro. Confesso que fiquei um pouco desiludida, não o considero tão bom como o anterior. A intriga arrasta-se por demasiado tempo e a solução dos crimes surge de forma um tanto abrupta. Apesar disso, é uma leitura agradável que dá conta do ambiente socio-político da época.

  4. Prophecy tells of a shadowy and dangerous web of plots and subplots in Elizabethan England.I skipped to the second in a series of historical thrillers set in the Renaissance featuring Giordano Bruno, an Italian monk excommunicated for heresy. You do not need to have read the first, Heresy, to enjoy Prophecy by S.J. Parris By the time Prophecy starts, Bruno has already been excommunicated and is now in Elizabethan England working as a spy in the midst of the secret enclaves of Papists. Rumors of [...]

  5. (review in english below)Se disser que chegaram a sair-me da boca alguns palavrões quando era obrigada a interromper a leitura, é fácil perceber porque dei 4 estrelas a este livro!Tão bom ou melhor que o primeiro da série (Heresia), Profecia apresenta-nos um Giordano Bruno muito humano, cheio de dúvidas (sobre si mesmo e os que o rodeiam) e que se vê envolvido em situações que tanto nos fazem sorrir (nem sempre com a boca) como temer por ele.A narrativa na 1ª pessoa e no presente ajuda [...]

  6. Exceptionally well written Tudor period murder mystery. Italian heretic, Giordano Bruno, is a guest in the French Embassador's residence during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. He is recruited by spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham to uncover a suspected conspiracy based around Mary Queen of Scots. The author has researched this period and real historic events so well - interweaving the fictional Bruno story in a clever and believable way. Giordano Bruno, by the way, is also a real historical characte [...]

  7. In some ways, Prophecy reminded me of the traditional “lad lit” genre: a male maverick secret agent, a competent fighter, attractive to women, off on some daring adventure of derring-do. Like any classic hero of “lad lit”, Giordano Bruno has a whiff of Mary Sue about him: associated with the big names of the time and naturally indispensable to the security of the realm. What’s delightful about Prophecy is that it knows what it is full well, and Stephanie Merritt (real name of author S. [...]

  8. This is the second book in S. J. Parris' Giordano Bruno series. If you're a history buff, you know how this ends (hint: there will be flames) and that actually makes me quite sad while reading about Bruno and his way ahead of his time (i.e heretical) ideas about the universe. As somewhat of an expert on Elizabethan history the appearance of Sir Philip Sidney as Bruno's friend also fills me with a hint of sadness. Obviously, while writing about historical figures you know that eventually they wil [...]

  9. PROPHECY by S.J. ParrisWell Written and Impeccably ResearchedProphecyby S.J. ParrisBook Two in Series, first book: HeresyFormat: HardcoverPrint Length: 384 pagesPublisher: Doubleday (May 3, 2011)Format: Kindle EditionFile Size: 5 KBPrint Length: 448 pagesPublisher: Doubleday (May 3, 2011)Sold by: Random House Digital, Inc. Requested ARC from PublisherDescription () S. J. Parris returns with the next Giordano Bruno mystery, set inside Queen Elizabeth’s palace and steeped in period atmospherics [...]

  10. Very enjoyable book set in London during the reign of Elizabeth I. Giordano Bruno is based at the French Embassy but working as a spy for Francis Walsingham to attempt to discover who is behind the threat to the throne. The author brings to life the atmosphere and danger in the streets of London in that period. This is the 2017 Cityread London book and I loved it. Will now look out for more by this author.

  11. This historical thriller pitting the supporters of Mary of Scots and those Queen Elizabeth against each other had just enough occultist dash to make it a really enjoyable read. It is the second book in what I hope is an ongoing series centered around the former monk and current scholar/detective Giordano Bruno. Need to seek out the first book now.

  12. This is an historical novel, taking place in the 1500’s, during the time of the rivalry between Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots, and Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England, for their rightful place on the throne. To protect her family’s right to rule England, and prevent Mary, from ascending to the throne next, Elizabeth I, the Queen of England, has imprisoned Mary for years.A plot has been uncovered that hopes to restore Mary, (daughter of King James V, whose son ascends to the throne after Elizabe [...]

  13. We were at the airport bookstore in Athens, with some time to spare. I mockingly picked up a copy of Varoufakis’ latest desperate ramblings, and assumed the expression of the kind of Neanderthal who might have an interest.“I think Mika bought that for you at the bazaar, Athan, be careful, don’t say anything,” my better half snapped.So I didn’t.Luckily, my beautiful Mika had not done me such a gross disservice. I had instructed her that if she was going to spend her one pound bazaar mon [...]

  14. ******Full Disclosure**** This was an ARC copy, that was received through the GoodReads Advance program. I am grateful for the chance to have read this novel, which I might not have purchased otherwise. ----- I'm writing this as I still have about 30 pages to go, and, if my opinion changes, I'll update my review once I finish the novel.First and foremost, this is not a bad thriller - it has suspense, mystery, tension, and the possible suspect keeps changing over and over (even if in the first ha [...]

  15. Conspiracies and political plots wrapped about with magic and heresy in a heady combination.Dr. John Dee, astrologer and philosopher to Queen Elizabeth I, and Dr. Giordano Bruno, King Henri of France’s protégé, are absorbed by the coming Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the beginning of a new quadrant of the sky, the beginning of a new age that happens only once a millennium. Neither knows that murder, conspiracies involving Queen Elizabeth and Mary Stewart, once queen of Scotland, [...]

  16. 1583 is the year of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, prophesied to be the moment of Queen Elizabeth's downfall. Now in London following his perilous adventure in Oxford (Heresy), Giordano Bruno is residing in the household of the French ambassador, planted there by Walsingham to learn information about attempts to restore Mary Stuart to the throne, and Catholicism to England, via intervention from the Duke de Guise of France. There is much apocalyptic angst among the populace, stirred [...]

  17. Audiobook. Somehow, I found it hard to focus. Something about the way it is read, its denseness I am constantly finding, with a start, that my mind has wandered far away. All the names are confusing. It may be--well, probably is--that I've missed all kinds of historical nuances and details and verisimilitude of time and place, but truthful I was bored out of my mind and impatient for the plot to reveal itself. The ending was a strange whimper. (view spoiler)[It was a Scottish faction who wanted [...]

  18. Gosto bastante do estilo da escrita de S. J. Parris, uma escrita límpida e escorreita que torna a leitura num ato de prazer. Contudo, neste segundo livro sobre as aventuras "detetivescas" de Giordano Bruno na Inglaterra do reinado da Rainha Isabel Tudor, a trama em si continua a não ser muito cativante. É certo que se consegue apreciar o clima que se vivia nas cortes da Europa daquela época, divididas entre os monarcas que apoiavam os movimentos protestantes versus os que apoiavam os católi [...]

  19. I picked this book up on a whim as I often do. The cover notes sounded interesting and it seemed to have quite a few good write up's. I did not expect much from it as most historical whodunit's are very similar though I usually quite enjoy them. This was the first by S J Parris that I have read and I must say that it is not just the same old thing. Firstly it is better thought out and plotted than most that I have read and secondly it is far better written. The language is not always fanciful ma [...]

  20. This is the second in a series set in Elizabethan England. I read the print version of the first and wasn't sure an audio version would be as good or easy to understand. Parris writes a complex story involving many characters. However, I enjoyed this outing of Giordano Bruno, a former monk who escaped the inquisition in his native Italy. Bruno has influential friends in high places, and he serves as spy for the Queen, who fears for her life. This is an interesting story about the period seen fro [...]

  21. Thank you Good Reads for providing me with the ARC of Prophecy. I read Heresy - the first book of the series - and enjoyed it very much. I was hoping Prophecy lived up to the expectations and it did. Ms. Parris does an excellent job at holding her readers' interest with a charismatic, quick-thinking lead character (Giordano Bruno) and a brisk, intriguing plot. This time around, Queen Elizabeth calls on Bruno and her personal astrologer John Dee to solve the murders of several of her maids of hon [...]

  22. After reading so may books of an average-good quality, this came as a glorious surprise. Somehow I've missed the first in the series but as this one is a stand-alone (complete) book I can be confident the first is too.Here goesCharacters: Good and well described. As Giordano Bruno is a hero of mine for other reasons it was lovely to see him in action :)Story: Clever - very clever. Pretty complicated with poor Giordano flummoxed most of the time.Atmosphere/setting: Superb. I was immersed in Eliza [...]

  23. Absolutely fantastic book. I'm a big fan of C J Sansom's "Shardlake" murder mystery series set in the Tudor period so this was the next step for me. Parris' attention to detail is remarkable and really brings the Elizabeth period to life. Not only can she describe normal, everday life of the common people, but Parris is an expert when it comes to Elizabeth and her court. The Queen, Giordano Bruno (the hero), Walsingham and Sir Philip Sidney, all come to life and are exactly how I imagined them t [...]

  24. Um livro empolgante, com um enredo bastante elaborado e que nos prende do princípio ao fim. Penso que tem um ritmo bastante bom, sem descrições demasiado alongadas e com um bom entrosamento entre os dados históricos e os dados ficcionais. Isto faz com que a leitura seja fácil e fluída. O difícil, muitas vezes, é conseguir parar!Este livro é posterior ao "Heresia" e nele há frequentes referências ao seu antecessor. Porém, não é necessário ler o "Heresia" para compreender e gostar d [...]

  25. Took awhile for me to get through it, but it was actually pretty good. Now have to go back and read the first one, Heresy to find out how Giordano Bruno became the "renegade monk." :) Reminds me of Ariana Franklin's series.

  26. Oh its always good to stumble upon a Bruno i haven't read. It moves along nicely, its well written and the historical detail is good. Plot is contrived (really I should have spotted the perp from the outset!) though nicely contexted in real issues in Elizabethan England. Recommended

  27. Spies, counter-spies, murder, arcane books, the occult, Queen Elizabeth, court politics, religious dissent, secret plots, Sir Francis Walsingham, and an excommunicated monk/scholar who is far from home. What's not to love?

  28. This was a Giveaway book.Terrific setting in 16th century London and the court of Elizabeth I. Complex plot with political intrigue, religious fanaticism and superstition, and personal ambitions stretching across Europe. I look forward to more adventures with Giordano Bruno.

  29. Not as good as Heresy, and although it takes its time, it does eventually get going. No laugh out loud moments either, which is a shame. Enjoyable read though.

  30. A great read for those who enjoy historical thrillers/mysteries. I shall certainly carry on reading S.J. Parris's series.

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