Repeat It Today with Tears

Repeat It Today with Tears A secretive child by nature Susanna makes a covert list of everything she knows about her absent father determined that one day she will find him Unable and unwilling to adapt to life in her mother

  • Title: Repeat It Today with Tears
  • Author: Anne Peile
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A secretive child by nature, Susanna makes a covert list of everything she knows about her absent father, determined that one day she will find him Unable and unwilling to adapt to life in her mother s unsympathetic household, she distances herself as much as possible.When she finally discovers her father s whereabouts and seeks him out, in the free and unconventional atmA secretive child by nature, Susanna makes a covert list of everything she knows about her absent father, determined that one day she will find him Unable and unwilling to adapt to life in her mother s unsympathetic household, she distances herself as much as possible.When she finally discovers her father s whereabouts and seeks him out, in the free and unconventional atmosphere of 1970s Chelsea, she conceals her identity, beginning an illicit affair that can only end in disaster Repeat it Today with Tears is in many ways a traditional love story, as well as a skilful evocation of radical times and desires It is a fever dream that examines our need to be loved and accepted and a piercing portrait of madness Anne Peile is a striking new voice in fiction.

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    1. I need to process what I just read. 5 Marvellous stars for the tragic passion and it reminded me of a heartbreaking book I read 2 years ago "Chained Melody"by Debbie Martin.It is a fairly short book that moved me and it isnt a book for those offended by taboo or incest. The book is set in London in the 70s set in London written in the first person POV. The narrator Susie, is an introverted intelligent girl who has grown up pretty much without love and grows up obseseed about her father wanting t [...]

    2. I picked this book up in the library because the cover grabbed my attention and, when I read the back cover copy, I was torn as to whether to take it home. This book deals with the incredibly taboo topic of incest and so I knew it would be a difficult read, but something about the title and the description made me want to read on. So I decided to go with it.The first thing to say about this book is that the writing is beautiful. Such a sensitive subject could easily become crass, explicit and di [...]

    3. Fifteen-year old Susanna grew up with a sister who was ready to embrace her sexuality the minute she crossed that threshold and a mother who couldn't care less about what her daughters wanted or did. Her mother didn't have a great opinion of her daughters' father either, who she claimed was a womanizer and who wasn't around much. But Susanna was fascinated with the idea of her absent father. Having grown up on tough or no love, under a mother who is only focused on her own love life with a marri [...]

    4. The novel is divided into two parts. The first half of the book concentrates on Susie's childhood and how she then meets and seduces her father. The second part does not come a surprise to the reader, because by then Susie has already hinted many times at a "the end" of their secret affair. While in part one, she is but a quiet girl who is in desperate need of (parental) love and then goes at it in a way most people would never even contemplate, when the love of her father is taken away from her [...]

    5. Like The Kiss, but fictional and therefore not as shocking (The Kiss, for anyone who doesn't know, is about a woman who has a consensual affair with her father.) Part of what makes The Kiss such an amazing book is that though most of us have not had incestuous affairs, the story is instantly relatable to anyone who grew up with an emotionally manipulative parent, even if their own relationship never crossed that line. But in Repeat It Today with Tears, the father never knows that Susie is his da [...]

    6. Not an easy subject to tackle, I wasn't even sure that I wanted to read it but am so glad that I did.Susie seeks out the father she never knew and leads him into a sexual relationship without him knowing her true identity.So much about this book could have gone so wrong but rather than being voyeuristic and sleezy , it was a disturbing and uncomfortable read, yet also incredibly touching and poignant.Whilst admittedly there is a lot of sexual activity it very much takes second place to Susie's d [...]

    7. Firstly, this is a topic that is quite tabooI was quite shocked when I go to the point where it is revealed, although, there was a slowish buildup to it. I am divided on the book, I think that some will love it or hate it, depending on your personal values and morals. That being said it was well written, it was just the subject matter that was a bit disturbing.

    8. Deeply disturbing, beautifully written - my kind of book! Loved it, will be haunted by it for weeks to come. Having sickly strange dreams since I first began reading it. If only more books were this intense and affecting. This book is exactly what I have come to expect from the rock stars at Serpent's Tail - their titles rarely disappoint.

    9. I loved it, It was wrong but it was right, It made me cry and laugh and feel what the protagonist was feeling, I actually got into her mindset and understood her reasoning I'd read it all over again

    10. Was terribly difficult to understand why Susanna would want to have a romantic relationship with her own father.This is a nagging question till one reaches part two when things become a little more clear though I cant say that all the questions were answered even after the end.The author has chosen a controversial subject and all one can say is that all sorts of taboos exist but by reading about them one perhaps gains some kind of perspective on them even if one may not agree on them.I enjoyed t [...]

    11. if loving this book is wrong, i don't want to be right hahahahaha this story was beautiful, and beautifully told easy to see how a person would do something that seems so awful and transgressive and wrong, but also beautiful and deep and heartfelt and touching love is love, some say i had hoped for a different ending, maybe more fitting the depths of Susie's love, though i wonder if how she handled the tragedy wasn't altogether more fitting, or more realistic anyway

    12. Book ReviewTitle: Repeat it today with tearsAuthor: Anne PeileGenre: Slice of Life/Coming of Age/Older Teen/Romance/TabooRating: * * * *Review: Susanna is quite a secretive child, who upon hitting her teenage years, becomes increasingly distanced from life at home with her mother, sister and mother’s boyfriend. She becomes obsessed with her real father whom she has never known and determined to track him down, she finally discovers his address and observes him from a distance, unsure how to ap [...]

    13. In Repeat it Today with Tears, Peile takes the idea of an unloved person’s insatiable longing for love, and exemplifies it to stunning effect. The person is Susie, a clever but disengaged teenager living in 1970s south-west London. She tracks down her long-absent, artist father, Jack, to a street in Chelsea. He doesn’t know who she is, and she never tells him. She seduces him, and begins a sexual relationship with him.Susie’s interest in nothing but her father is immensely powerful. She ne [...]

    14. Susanna is a teenage girl who is obsessed with the father that she has never known. When she schemes up a way in which to meet him, rather than introduce herself as his daughter, she seduces him. Rather obviously, this is not a relationship that is going to end well for either party involved. This is the kind of book that I knew I wanted to read the moment I read the synopsis. I am a girl with an absent father. I can relate to Susanna’s longing and desperation for a relationship with her fathe [...]

    15. WHOA! This book was quite a deviation from what I typically read and although I thought the topic perverse and most definitely taboo, I also think it's good to push myself to have a wide range of reading variety. Without going in to too much detail, I will say that the 16 year-old girl, Susanna, is so hungry for her fathers love that she finds her father, who does not know her, and seduces him. I just kept thinking - No! No! No! What are you thinking Susie? Needless to say the things did not end [...]

    16. Not the first book I've read where I've thought "if this is love, I don't want it." Well, I mean aside from the father/daughter thing, which obviously adds a new variable to that equation. (Of course, it isn't actually love, but that's not really the point.) However, this one didn't quite resonate with me the way others have in the past. I was expecting a bit though I can't put my finger on what that more would be exactly. It was very well written though. I liked the way, especially the the seco [...]

    17. Despite the controversial subject matter, this book was beautifully written & thoroughly beguiling. It's not a long book, but I skipped through it in a couple of sittings. And despite the main character being a bit of a Lolita, she's still quite likeable. Even though her family are a bunch of misfits!I was actually gutted when part one ended, especially in the way that it did, but part two was an anticlimax for me and is what prevented me from scoring it 4 stars.

    18. Anne Peile successfully creates a disturbing character whose actions are at once incomprehensible and pitiful. A story of neglect that leads to an extreme, misplaced desire for affection, the calm attitude of Susie when relating her tale heightens the chilling atmosphere. At times I felt the diaogue was a little stilted, but even with that I found this to be a well-crafted novel, driven by the depth of character that Peile has portrayed.

    19. This review was deleted following 's purchase of GoodReads. The review can still be viewed via LibraryThing, where my profile can be found here.I'm also in the process of building a database at Booklikes, where I can be found here.If you read/liked/clicked through to see this review here on GR, many thanks.

    20. If you read one book this Summer, make it this one! And if you can, get someone else to read it with you. My Mum and I were both enrapt by the character of Susie and enjoyed sharing theories on why she carried out the actions she did. Our insights differed from each other's and we each picked up on things the other had not.I don't want to put forward any theories as I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but if you have any you'd like to share, please message me with them!

    21. "I knew, when I sealed this bargain, that I would have to make atonement" Outstanding! It's amazing how someone's actions can be so wrong, and yet you can understand them. Susie is a unique character; her logic for the decisions she made, was as questionable, as it was appealing. Such a sad but beautifully written story.

    22. Both profoundly disturbing and moving; I am grateful to the author for having such sure hands into which this material and these ideas were entrusted, for it is her sensitivity and brilliance with words which guides this book to the most delicate extremities of the human experience.

    23. Wow. Unputdownable, despite the fact that not a whole lot happens. (But what does happen is pretty intense, so there's that.) The writing is spot-on. I'm docking it a star because I thought the ending was weak, and not wholly plausible. But still highly recommended.

    24. wauw even een momentje stilte voor de indruk die dit boek heeft achtergelaten.wat een prachtig verhaal dit boek over susy en haar vader. Een controversieel onderwerp, maar heel mooi klein geschreven. aanrader!

    25. read it in chinese - horrible translation, but the original creativity of the author still shines through - sexy story-telling with experienced stream of consciousness - hard to believe this is a debut novel.

    26. dark and sinister book about one of the society's major taboos, incest and the major character susie who trapped her father into an affair without him realising its his own daughter and well written and all the interactions and the breakdown of susi. book is based in 1972 chelsea

    27. Took me a while to get into this book due to the style of writing, but I found it a fast read. Quite harrowing and disturbing through the majority of it.

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