Dancer Taking his inspiration from biographical facts novelist Colum McCann tells the erotically charged story of the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev through the cast of those who knew him there is Anna Vasil

  • Title: Dancer
  • Author: Colum McCann
  • ISBN: 9780312423186
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • Taking his inspiration from biographical facts, novelist Colum McCann tells the erotically charged story of the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev through the cast of those who knew him there is Anna Vasileva, Rudi s first ballet teacher, who rescues her prot g from the stunted life of his provincial town Yulia, whose sexual and artistic ambitions are thwarted by her Soviet Taking his inspiration from biographical facts, novelist Colum McCann tells the erotically charged story of the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev through the cast of those who knew him there is Anna Vasileva, Rudi s first ballet teacher, who rescues her prot g from the stunted life of his provincial town Yulia, whose sexual and artistic ambitions are thwarted by her Soviet sanctioned marriage and Victor, the Venezuelan street hustler, who reveals the lurid underside of the gay celebrity set Spanning four decades and many worlds, from the horrors of the Second World War to the wild abandon of New York in the eighties, Dancer is peopled by a large cast of characters, obscure and famous doormen and shoemakers, nurses and translators, Margot Fonteyn, Eric Bruhn and John Lennon And at the heart of the spectacle stands the artist himself, willful, lustful, and driven by a never to be met need for perfection.

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    1. "Dancer" Colum McCann is a breathtaking tribute the Russian Ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyev I mean BREATHTAKING!!!!!This book is a novel, yet Colum McCann took his inspiration from biographical facts from Rudolf's life. WOW. and what a story!!! Captivating.spanning over four decades. The lyrically powerful prose is seductiveateer than life."dazzling"!!!!Right from the start when 'Rudik' was a child in the Soviet Union ( 1941-1956)we are transported back to the horrors of war. Injured soldiers were [...]

    2. " This is not a biography, it's a story, a novel, a tale. For a long time I toyed with the idea of calling it a false portrait"Taken from Colum McCann's interview online. This is the story of the life of Russian Dancer Rudolf Nureyev and the people that surrounded him and for me it was the surrounding characters that took centre stage in this superbly written novel.I have read a few of McCann's novels some I have liked better than others but this story from the first chapter where Russian Soldie [...]

    3. This is fiction, but based on the true life events of the famed Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993). Through fiction the author attempts to show readers not only the external facts of Nureyev’s life but also how he perceived his own life. We are not so much told his inner thoughts, motivations and feelings, but we watch what he does and follow the crazed, hyped celebrity life and the frenzied gay-scene that lead to his death by AIDS. He defected Russia in 1961. We see how this imp [...]

    4. This is certainly one of the very best biographical novels I've ever read. Truly unforgettable portrait of Nureyev and his passion and artistic drive.

    5. Very brisk and rather quickly read. I picked this up idly from a friend's bookcase after a night of drinking, since I love to sleep but don't like to surrender that easily, and got through the bulk of it in one extended recumbency (semester's over, not much to do, figure I'd tack another contemporary up while I've got the time). the narrative is ideally suited for this kind of thing. McCann writes with some distinct, succinct, almost punchy sentences which follow each other so fluidly that the r [...]

    6. I debated over 3 and 4 stars on this one. The result of reading this book is that I am now fascinated with Rudolf Nureyev, the man. After finishing the book, I was scouring the internet for more information. That alone is an indication that the book had a big impact on me. But there were parts of it that I didn't care for.What I liked about the book is that is wasn't just about Rudy, it was also about the settings (Russia, Paris, New York), the time period (WWII, Studio 54, emergence of AIDS), a [...]

    7. It's a fictional story about Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nurejev. From his humble and poor Tatar upbringing, to when he studied at the famous Kirov in St Petersburg, to his jump to the west where he was adored by royalty and celebrities. And to his ultimate fall, his love affairs which brings him to his deathbed in Aids.My problem with real characters is that I always have to google them, so yes I knew that he defected (not like I wouldn't have otherwise, he was too big for Soviet), and that he [...]

    8. I guess I'm just over the let's-analyze-a-genius genre, and have been for a while. I picked this up when it came across my desk at the bookstore, because I've loved other things McCann has written, but this . . . while it is undeniably beautifully written, and parts of it are quite compelling, it turns out he subject matter just didn't do it for me, and the main character -- real-life ballet superstar Rudolf Nureyev -- is such an irredeemable jackass that I had a hard time really caring about hi [...]

    9. Colum McCann actually wrote an entire chapter without a period! Now, that takes guts. Before you call the MLA police, let me at least say that it was effective and created a fabulous tone for the coked-up hustler of whom the chapter revolved. That being said, he also chose to go in and out of first and third person narrative and changed narrators often and sometimes without provocation or notice. This wasn't as successful in my opinion. I only say that because I get confused easilyI'm a blonde. [...]

    10. I absolutely loved this book. He had me from the initial description of the Russian front and the building of the baths for the soldiers all the way through mid-70s gay life in NYC, a dancer's physical decline, and the end of several character's lives. I think McCann is an exquisite writer, and there were so many sentences that stopped me cold while I read the book, I had to re-read them, and then read them out loud to my companions.I knew almost nothing of Nureyev when I started this book. I ha [...]

    11. En biografi av Rudolf Nurejev-en av alla tiders största balettdansörer, eller snarare en roman om Nurejevs liv och konst. En rysk roman, egentligen, fast skriven av en irländare från New York. Colum McCann skriver om den unge Rudik som dansar för de skadade soldaterna på sjukhuset hemma i Sibirien. Om nittonåringen som dansar på Kirovteatern i Leningrad. Om avhoppet till väst 1961, om alla år när han var en av de största stjärnorna och de mest omskrivna personerna i världen. Men ä [...]

    12. A disappointing read by one of my new favorite authors, Colum McCann. I was so looking forward to an in-depth and colorful account of Rudolf Nureyev, the defected Russian dancer who changed the world of ballet like Jordan impacted basketball. Because his story is told through the perspectives of those who knew him, Nureyev was left undeveloped and the author didn't explore what was going on in Rudi's head. I felt as though I never really understood Rudi's view-- what went into the decision to fo [...]

    13. Dancer is a work of fiction about the life of Rudolf Nureyev. I am a balletomane. I first became enchanted with the art form when I read a book about Vaslav Nijinski in high school. Then my aunt took me to see the Royal Danish Ballet perform Coppelia at NYC's Metropolitan Opera House. I was hooked. While I never got to see Nureyev dance, SHE did. And seeing Nureyev with Margot Fonteyn was the catalyst that ignited HER interest in ballet. Today my son is training to be a professional ballet dance [...]

    14. Colum McCann, admittedly one of my favorite writers (Transcontinental, Let the Great World Spin), wrote Dancer in 2003, and a new paperback edition with was on my library's shelves.DancerI had never read this early novel of his—so I picked up the deckle-edged paperback, and I was blown away. This is the story of the great Russian dancer Nureyev re-imagined from his brutally rough upbringing in the Russian hinterlands (a city called UFA, where he grew up speaking Tatar), immediately after the r [...]

    15. "Танцовщик" представляет собой полувыдуманную историю Рудольфа Нуриева, от эпизодов его детства в Уфе до блестящих полетов по всем мировым сценам. Сразу оговорившись, что пишет роман, а не биографию, автор, тем не менее, проделал большую подготовительную работу, прочитал, у [...]

    16. 1. I know only a little about Nureyev (if you want, you can watch him on The Muppet Show, among other things), but while I think more knowledge would have enriched parts of Dancer, I am glad that I didn't know too much. It's an odd kind of historical fiction, not quite a biographical novel, but like one: the differences between fact and fiction are blurry. I really liked that experience, and I think it made the book richer.2. McCann mixes first and third person narrative passages very effectivel [...]

    17. Beautiful!!! That is the word which best describes this biographical novel of Rudi Nureyev the great Russian ballet dancer who began life as a boy in communist Russia to later defect and live a glamorous life of opulence around the world. Rudi's story is told from the point of view of those nearest and dearest to him and while at times he seems almost completely unsympathetic based on his compulsive and diva like behaviors, the author strives to find his most human qualities and paints a beautif [...]

    18. Fantastico! A brilliantly imagined story about the life of Nureyev. Well-researched and well-written, with all the historical details to flesh out his journey from a small Russian steel town to the Kirov to defection to international fame and finally, the agony of the deteriorating body. Had an all-encompassing sense of historical events shaping the world and Nureyev's life that I wish McCann's more recent book, Let the Great World Spin, had reached. As with other writers, he won the Book Award [...]

    19. Colum McCann's novel on the life of Rudolf Nureyev, one of the most famous and lauded ballet dancers of the twentieth century, brings the biographical and the fictional into an intimate embrace. We begin in the hellish snow-covered battlefields of the Second World War and over the course of 333 pages watch Rudi as he grows up in the struggle-ridden landscape of Cold War-era Communist Russia. His discovery, learning, and eventual mastery of ballet are a beautiful evolution, as is his transformati [...]

    20. Colum McCann imagines the life of Rudolf Nureyev from poor kid in Siberia to spoiled international man/boy. It's believable - the angle the author took. It was not what I expected from the author of Let The Great World Spin.SPOILERS AHOY!The author took care to show a caring, deeper side to a man whose behavior was painted as a hell raiser by the media of the time. The reader gets a good look at what may have motivated some of Nureyev's outbursts. This man's life was not easy. He was actively pe [...]

    21. Kolams Makkens ir sarakstījis vienreizēju un aizraujošu stāstu „Dejotājs”, kurš ir aizrāvis daudzu lasītāju sirdis. Grāmata ir biogrāfisks stāsts par krievu baletdejotāju Rūdolfu Nurijevu un viņa apkārtējiem, tuvajiem cilvēkiem, par mākslinieka dzīvi, ceļu uz panākumiem un traģēdiju. Sākotnēji stāsts risinās Krievijā, taču vēlāk tā darbības vieta mainās.Stāstā „Dejotājs” galvenais varonis iet savu dzīves ceļu. Tā sākumā Rūdolfs Nurijevs ir mazs [...]

    22. Colum McCann is a brilliant Irish writer who, fortunately for his readers, is a compassionate, vivid and above all, wonderfully adept at bringing his characters to a wonderful life."Dancer"if a biography, to my knowledge, McCann's first, Back in the early 60's the first Russian ballet dancer to defect away from the dead cultural life of the 50's-60's Soviet Union, Rudolph Nureyev. Rudy was desperately, dirt poor, but despite everything he had going against him. Rudy's passion and unlimited talen [...]

    23. Books about the Soviet Union are always fascinating to me. Scary but fascinating. Groving up in Poland, I distinctly remember my parents quiet conversations about politics, always telling us not to repeat anything and to be careful because "walls had ears". And Poland was nothing compared to USSR. There, you either supported your Motherland 100% and did whatever you were told at all times, or you were a traitor. The book tells a story of one of their traitors, an iconic ballet dancer, Rudy Nurey [...]

    24. I feel like I've had a love affair, or that I've spent a large portion of my life, loving a dancer who would never love me and detested my affection. It might not be love at all, but the projection of my feelings on a leader or a guide who can show me how to live an artful life. Anyone can start living an artful life if they only pick up this book. McCann has written semi-fiction, which I've seen before in a book called "Beautiful Ruins," and "Dancer" is based on the life of Rudolph Nureyev. And [...]

    25. Colum McCann's Dancer is a thinly fictionalized biography of the great Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, narrated by dozens of different people (some real, some fictional) who knew Nureyev at various points in his life. Nureyev was a fascinating and notorious man, but of course, the reason anyone cares about his life wasn't just that he was really good-looking and per Richard Avedon, hung like a horse :P It's that he was one of the great ballet dancers of the 20th century and one of the grea [...]

    26. I thought this was going to be about Nureyev, the great dancer/cheographer; instead it was mostly about his promiscuity and gay lifestyle. The story starts in war torn Russia, then post war Russiaif this part of the book was a color, it would be the color of dirtay, dismal and heartbreaking.There is a brief description of early dance lessons and ascent of Rudolf as dancer and his subsequent defectionbut from then on you are given to believe his life is one orgy after another. After awhile I real [...]

    27. Third book I 'm reading by McCann. I 've read these books with no particular order and now I 'm noticing that I began with a new and perhaps his most well known "Let the great world spin" which was a great introduction to the author, then I continued with an elder novel "Zoli" which was quite good but not that good one like the previous, and this "The dancer" which was written chronologically in the middle was my last by him. It's a fictional biography for the well known Russian dancer Rudolf Nu [...]

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