One thought on “A Welsh Witch”

  1. Adored this for all the reasons I adore Sylvia's Lovers. The setting of the Welsh coast made for such a beautiful element of the plot - the landscape having a deep relationship with the characters. Loved that this also had some humor in it. I also loved how well we got to know Catrin and Yshbel - the two female protagonists. It's also full of beautiful and reflective passages that I love so much - reminding me of Hardy. Definitely a new favorite!

  2. A Welsh Witch is one of Allen Raine's books that hasn't been reprinted and isn't available as an ebook, and isn't even in the university library. I was lucky to be able to borrow it.Most of it is, for Allen Raine, totally unsurprising. The trope of the mismatched romantic pairs, the idyllic scenery -- if I accuse Richard Llewellyn of sentimentality, how much more must I point my finger at Allan Raine. But, for the most part, I did enjoy it, even if I wanted to wring most of the characters' necks [...]

  3. thoughts to come after reading groupwell, everyone enjoyed this in reading group and I did too, although I did find it a little too long and a little too romantic for my tastes. It's pretty cosy and gentle stuff (I found myself hoping something bad was going to happen especially down the mines), but it's also really easy and nice to read. I was mainly interested in it in a historical sense - it's nice to read books set in wales in 1902 with lots of welsh words too (i'm trying to bring 'Caton Paw [...]

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