The history of Herodotus — Volume 1

The history of Herodotus Volume This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery

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  • Title: The history of Herodotus — Volume 1
  • Author: Herodotus G.C. Macaulay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

    One thought on “The history of Herodotus — Volume 1”

    1. In Volume 1, the reader is taken through the history of Egypt and the near east. Herodotus cites his sources and expresses his disbelief at some of the history that he is told, but he relates everything as he has seen it himself or heard it from each of the peoples that he researches. An essential read for those interested in the history of Europe, Northern Africa and the Near East.

    2. (Translation version by George Rawlinson, book one, Clio)The first book dealt with the origin of Greco-Persian War, which started around 499 BC, possibly still within living memory during Herodotus’ own lifetime. Historians think this book is written around 440 BC. The immediately useful insight from reading this first book is to see the human life pattern in contrast with that of Bible’s narrative. Raiding parties, slave trades of conquests, consultation of oracles, beliefs in revelations i [...]

    3. Herodotus's skepticism of the supernatural and received tradition make him a trustworthy teller of ancient Mediterranean political history; his frequent digressions make for a sometimes colorful, if noticably long, read.

    4. This is fantastic historical information written in a quite engaging way. I have to admit though, and I did not realize an historical work really needed one, there is no real start nor end to it. A kills B kills C kills D etc. By the end - when a persian mutilated himself as part of a ruse for Darius to retake Babylon, I had had my fill. While i do not regret starting and finishing this, i will not be reading volumes 2 or 3 anytime soon. Which is a pity, because there is so much drama and lore l [...]

    5. Everything that has ever happened has already happened. Oh and what better could a woman want than to see her sons die in battle while they're still young and pretty?

    6. There was the nagging sensation that I probably should be reading a better translation than the free out-of-print one on the Kindle. I think I'll try someone else for the second half.

    7. Worth reading!A very good look at mankind in general. Even back then men wanted and strived for the same things. Well written and easy to understand for the most part.

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