Rough Water: Stories of Survival from the Sea

Rough Water Stories of Survival from the Sea With this unique collection including Wouk s classic The Caine Mutiny you ll be on the edge of your seat as you listen to tales of men and women braving the elements confronting savage storms and

  • Title: Rough Water: Stories of Survival from the Sea
  • Author: Clint Willis David Lewis Herman Wouk Patrick O'Brien Frank A. Worsley Steven Callahan Lawrence Beesley Samuel Leech
  • ISBN: 9781885408341
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Audiobook
  • With this unique collection, including Wouk s classic The Caine Mutiny, you ll be on the edge of your seat as you listen to tales of men and women braving the elements, confronting savage storms, and battling monumental waves as they face the forces of nature

    One thought on “Rough Water: Stories of Survival from the Sea”

    1. These are short stories about survival at sea. Anything to do with the ocean and I'm in's a fascination for me.

    2. Love this series of books, it usually leads me to read the book that the excerpt is from. Clint Willis does a fantastic job at editing this series. Haven't read one that has disappointed yet.

    3. Rough Water ReviewBy Nate Henderson Rough Water by Clint Willis, is a thrill for anyone who is interested in nonfiction about survival against the sea. This exciting book is a collection of sixteen different stories about people who refuse to give in to the wrath of the sea, no matter how hopeless they seem. From being adrift in a tiny lifeboat with no rescue in sight to hopelessly dis masted in the Antarctic sea, this book gives a wide variety of stories so each chapter is a refreshing new sett [...]

    4. This book is an anthology of 16 stories about danger and the sea. Most of them are true, but two are fictional. There is the famous story about Captain Queeg and the Caine Mutiny, a section written by a deputy of Earnest Shackleton, a story about a battle between english and dutch frigates in the southern ocean, two or three stories about people shipwrecked on rafts for a long time, John McPhee's discussion of the shipping industry, and many other fascinating tales. The book goes a bit heavy on [...]

    5. This is a compilation of exciting excerpts from other books. I ended up adding a bunch of the books sited herein to my reading list because I enjoyed their sections so much. While I really enjoyed reading this, I would prefer to just read the whole stories, rather than just these little pieces. Still it gives you a chance to evaluate these other stories, pick the ones you like and ignore the others without investing too much time. The excerpt from The Caine Mutiny is the best, and I remember enj [...]

    6. Very weird editing by Clint Willis. A series of selections from other writers but Mr. Willis kept each story at about 20-25 pages regardless of the need to finish the segment. A survival at sea tale which merely deails seral days of the struggle at sea but never finishes with any indication of the final outcome. The Titanic survivors story was a good one but many of the others lacked completion which I found irritating.Clint Willis is definitley off my future reads list!

    7. overall good book if you're into this sort of thing. It's amazing that reading about people getting frost bite while antarctic gales knock their boats down, leaving them stranded off the coast of antarctica, thinking they're gonna die can make me want to go out sailing. so it is however. most of these stories are true but there are a few pieces of fiction thrown in.

    8. Like the other books in this series, a selection of excerpts from other longer books on the topic. But that lets him pick some of the best parts, without having to read the whole book. I didn't think this was as strong as the other two books of his I've read, but worth the read.

    9. Pretty much the usual collection -- a few were good, the rest were mediocre ranging on bad. My favorite ended up being the excerpt from Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost At Sea.

    10. Disappointed, not complete stories, rather partial from the full story in another book. When I read a survival story, I want to know how rescue came about.

    11. Some harrowing stories of survival. As readers know, the narrator can make or break the listening experience, and some of these narrators 'broke' it.

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