The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous

The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous Lysander Hawkley combined breathtaking good looks with the kindest of hearts He couldn t pass a stray dog an ill treated horse or a neglected wife without rushing to the rescue And with neglected wiv

  • Title: The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous
  • Author: Jilly Cooper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lysander Hawkley combined breathtaking good looks with the kindest of hearts He couldn t pass a stray dog, an ill treated horse or a neglected wife without rushing to the rescue And with neglected wives the rescue invariably led to ecstatic bonking, which didn t please their erring husbands one bit.Lysander s mid life crisis had begun at twenty two Reeling from the deatLysander Hawkley combined breathtaking good looks with the kindest of hearts He couldn t pass a stray dog, an ill treated horse or a neglected wife without rushing to the rescue And with neglected wives the rescue invariably led to ecstatic bonking, which didn t please their erring husbands one bit.Lysander s mid life crisis had begun at twenty two Reeling from the death of his beautiful mother, he was out of work, drinking too much and desperately in debt The solution came from Ferdie, his fat, fast operating friend if Lysander was so good at making husbands jealous, why shouldn t he get paid for it Let loose among the neglected wives of the ritzy county of Rutshire, Lysander causes absolute havoc But it is only when he meets Rannaldini, Rutshire s King Rat and a temperamental, fiendishly promiscuous international conductor, that the trouble really starts The only unglamorous woman around Rannaldini is Kitty, his plump young wife who runs his life like clockwork Soon Lysander is convinced that Kitty must be rescued from Rannaldini at all costs, even if it means enlisting the help of the old blue eyed havoc maker Rupert Campbell Black.

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    1. Always fantastic. I liked how Lysander's trendiness and tenderness was evinced by his propensity to preface honest statements with 'basically'. I liked the puppy-dog disposition of his character, that matched the roiling bubble of fluff that was Kitty. As always, I tend to gloss over the details about horse events, because they're beyond me. I love reading the word 'chukka' though. I like the descriptions of clothing: silk camisoles, polo shirts. I love how everyone is always 'drenching', 'dousi [...]

    2. One of my all time favourite books. Lysander is the sweetest character, utterly swoonworthy. As with all of the Rutshire Chronicles it's full of laugh out loud moments, over the top characters and is a great book for miserable days. Always cheers me up.


    4. This is probably my favorite Jilly Cooper book, even if it isn't one of her most famous ones. It's just so funny and sweet and with a creeptastic undertone and I adore the protagonists.Lysander Hawkley is gorgeous and ridiculously nice. He's also not the sharpest tool in the drawer, can't read or write in any coherent matter due to dyslexia, and is incapable of holding down a job or even function much in real world due to just losing interest and not keeping track of anything. Luckily, his fed-u [...]

    5. Here we go again with another hefty tome concerning rich people, fast lifestyles and rampant infidelity. In fact, infidelity is rather the theme of the book - Lysander Hawkley is making a living from lonely housewives in the village of Paradise, improving their appearance, making them desirable and encouraging their husbands to come home. The problem is, he never anticipated falling in love with one of themI have a lot of issues with this book, hence the low rating compared to the other novels I [...]

    6. Trashy romance novel on the surface. The premise was that desperately unhappy wives whose husbands were straying hired a man to hang around, get them exercising and fit, update their hair and wardrobe and moon over them in their husband's presence in an attempt to make the husband jealous and give up his mistress. Cute premise, highly improbable.Two interesting story lines were also included. One was music, mostly opera and orchestras, but also one rock star. Lots of singers and musicians and a [...]

    7. This is the fourth in the Rutshire Chronicles, and the only one in the series I hadn’t yet read. And it is by far my least favourite. This book is nothing but sex. Lysander, hopelessly gorgeous and in desperate need of cash, is persuaded to ‘pretend’ to date married women to tempt their cheating husbands back home. Usually it’s successful, but usually there is little pretense behind Lysander’s relationships either. Randaldinni makes his first proper appearance, but I found I detested h [...]

    8. Lysander Hawkley doesn't have a lot going for him - apart from his looks. Dyslexic, reeling from the death of his mother, unable to talk to his father and hopeless with money, even his best friend, Ferdie, despairs for him. But Ferdie comes up with a brilliant plan - there are a lot of cheating husbands in Rutshire. With Lysander hanging around their wives, getting them fit, making them look good, the husbands soon come back - and the wives will pay for it. Lysander is too soft, falling for each [...]

    9. I bought this book after watching the film and fell in love with the lead character. You really need to read all the other books that revolve around these characters. Although each book stands on its own, reading the other volumes help expand each of the characters and you will end up understanding why certain characters are the way they are in this environment. It is based on the horse crowd in UK and takes in a concert pianist and his troubles and other offshoots such as a self-made millionair [...]

    10. Lysader Hawkley a gorgeous young man who cannot resist anything in trouble,be it an ill treated animal or a helpless mistreated woman he had to help them all,oftentimes getting himself in trouble.He finds himself at 22 dealing with the death a a mother he adored,out of work,drinking to much and in debt.His friend Ferdie comes up with a plan for Lysander to get paid for making these husbands jealous.They go to ritzy Rutshire and set Lysader loose.The problem is he falls in love with the women who [...]

    11. Only Jilly Cooper could write about sex using the analogy of an otter frolicking on a riverbank and joyously plunging into Anyway, perhaps addressing the fact that her previous books were called rather racy, this book is all about sex. Some romance, a fair amount of deception, and lots of bantering betweek sparky characters. And just one or two ponies.The characters are engaging, and despite both Rannaldini and Hermione being grotesque caracatures, utterly believable. You become drawn into their [...]

    12. If you like ridiculous trash or wasting your time or are at all interested in casting off a few burdensome IQ points, this book is for you. Though it's not even well-done, rollicking fun, wholesome-guilty-pleasure ridiculous trash, like Cooper's other book I read, Riders, which is like Pulitzer worthy compared to this soppy, far-fetched, ponderous behemouth. Still, I finished it -- read all 700+ pages, because I actually cared how it turned out for some strange reason.The inferiority of this boo [...]

    13. If you enjoy broad satire, have a bit of a clue about the British class system and are open to novels that lead you on goose trails with hijinks and shenanigans all the way to a neatly and delightful ending, you can't do better than Jilly Cooper. Her books are, to use the English expression, "a lark ", filled with high comedy, pretentious snobs, salt of the earth types, love stories, romps, successes and rightful devastation of the villains in the plot. The plot, however, is always so serpentine [...]

    14. Was a great read. Although, I know it's something that Jilly Cooper does, but the over description of a lot of things was slowly starting to drain me. And trying to follow on of some of the storylines, did become a bit labour some. However, that being said. I really did fall in love with some of the characters like Lysander! Bring on the next Jilly Cooper book to grace my kindley suggestions?

    15. I know there are die hard Jill Cooper fans out there, and I was convinced I would be one of them, but no. I tried and tried to get into this book but couldn't. There aren't many books that I can say I have started and not finished, but this is one of them. I just really didn't like the style, storyline, anything. Sorry!

    16. Hi,This book was my best friend for almost a month :D cause I just started to read books in English, and man, this book was not a very simple for me though, I enjoyed it so much! even when I wasn't reading it I thought a lot about characters, what will happen more. so, to conclude, I had awesome time with this book, which I named "my not little dirty book" :DD

    17. I read this book only because my best friend begged me to. I hated it at first, mostly because it is just not the sort of book I would normally read. By halfway I wasn't sure I could be bothered finishing but I concede now that towards the end I found it hard to put down. Yes it's a trashy romp, but if you expect nothing more than that it's a fun read!

    18. Disclaimer: I am NOT a fan of the Jackie Collins, Danielle Steel type of book. When I picked this up at a used bookstore in Toronto a zillion years ago or and looked at the back I thought it might be a fun summer read. Well it was a total blast--lots of crazy self-absorbed characters but also some down to earth ones as well. Layers and layers of insanit. Great beach trash!

    19. Re-readAs with all of this series, Jilly Cooper manages to capture thd readers attention, with incredibly realistic characters, intriguing plots and just a little bit of cheese.I would highly recommend her books to anyone who enjoys reading without taking themselves too seriously.

    20. this would be the book i was in the middle of reading when i told a guy in the middle of hooking up (as i was semi-dozing) that i knew about him and my mother. wow. very good, not my favorite of the series. still worth the read.

    21. Glad to have finally finished this book. I didn’t think it was as good as the other Jilly Cooper novels I have read as I thought it dragged on a little in some parts.Jilly’s books are always enjoyable and I recommend to anyone who enjoys books of the chick lit genre!

    22. A slow start and then ended quickly with rushed updates on people, but still enjoy Jilly's books nevertheless. I really enjoy the scenic descriptions, when absorbed in the book, I can almost imagine I'm there!

    23. Liked it but not as much as the others, couldn't get over the fact that someone could get on a crazy horse and ride to her lover, personally would just go in the car or take to safe nag.

    24. I can't begin to tell you how much Jilly Cooper counts as the Grande Dame of BonkBusters.Simply put she is Number One.I love this book, I love her characters. She Rocks.

    25. Light humorous hearted and humorous romance novel . Some characters such as Sir Roberto and Hermione stand out. It offers an introduction to the world of Opera, conducting and Polo.

    26. Another romp through the Rutshire country side with Jilly Cooper. Though not as good as the first 3 in the series (Riders, Rivals & Polo) still a fun read.

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