Daughter of Helaman

Daughter of Helaman Fighting in Helaman s army is Keturah s deepest desire Certainly if God can protect a boy he can protect a girl too But making it into the ranks turns out to be the easy part and when Lamanite raide

  • Title: Daughter of Helaman
  • Author: Misty Moncur
  • ISBN: 9781599554976
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fighting in Helaman s army is Keturah s deepest desire Certainly if God can protect a boy, he can protect a girl too But making it into the ranks turns out to be the easy part, and when Lamanite raiders come to her village, Keturah must put her skills to the test With danger at every turn, this book will keep you caught up in the fray to the very last page.

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    1. First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.Misty Moncur’s debut novel, Daughter of Helaman turned out to be a very enjoyable, engaging read! I liked the time period that the book was set in—a kind of fantasy biblical time period. Really neat! I loved how she incorporated the lifestyle of the characters into the story. I felt like I was literally sucked back between a forgotten chapter of the bible. :-)The characters were all very likable. Keturah made for a very strong heroine and her confu [...]

    2. Win a copy until June 6, 2011 on our site fireandicephoto/2Keturah is a strong willed girl who believes she has a heart of a warrior. So when her brothers and closest friend Zeke begin training for war under the leadership of Helaman, she begins training of her own. Hiding away in the forest near the falls, she strengthens herself with a sword, an axe, the cimeter and a bow. The village would say that a young girl of the age to be betrothed has no place wielding a sword. Her mother would have he [...]

    3. I had a difficult time getting into this book, having just come off a massive dose of romance novels. Boy,I am so glad I stuck with it! By about 30% (sorry, I read it on a Kindle so I can't tell you pages!) I was hooked! I loved Keturah, she is my kind of female! I am just like that, wanting to be doing something that others tell me I can't based on my gender. I loved the struggles she was going through, and thoroughly enjoyed reading the battle training. The love interests were fun as well. It [...]

    4. I didn't realize until I went to write this review that this was the first in a series. I was disappointed that there wasn't the closure that I wanted, but I'm sure it will all be resolved in the third book, which has already been published.I enjoyed the character of Keturah. She is a head strong young woman who knows her heart and mind. She doesn't take the easy, safe, or conventional route. She knows that she is meant to fight in a war, but now she needs to convince every one else of that fact [...]

    5. I really liked this book. It was interesting and I think Moncur did a really good job of portraying the Nephite culture. Of course, everyone who rights a Book of Mormon novel, will portray the land differently, so far I've loved everyone I've read about. She has also done a good job with the love triangle. I'm really interested to see how that will develop. Keturah was also a very interesting heroine. I loved her whole warriorness, and that she wasn't ALL tomboy, and still liked house work an so [...]

    6. Absolutely loved it. I couldn't put it down. And when I did it was all that I though about. I thought it was an intriguing plot. A girl with a dream and passion big enough to go against the expectation of everyone and even the desire of her mother to push herself, work hard, and train so she can contribute to this righteous cause of protecting her people and caring for those around her despite her gender. Her confusion for her feelings for these two boys is almost aggravating because both are su [...]

    7. I thought this book was great right from the start. I enjoyed imagining what life was like for "every day" people during the Book of Mormon times. The story moves quickly and I couldn't put the book down.

    8. Omg, wow. The writing was amazing. I loved this book immensely. I can't wait to read the next one. (:#TeamGideon

    9. Love love love this book! Misty does a fantastic job of teleporting the reader back to Book of Mormon times! There isn't an easy way to describe how wonderful this book is!

    10. I liked this book. I wanted to really like this book. It had such great potential. For an author's freshman entry into the world of published books, it is well written and a great story.I felt that the character's complexities could have been developed more and illustrated. It was more like viewing the characters as a neighbor than being inside of their heads. Keturah is a complex teenage girl on the cusp of womanhood and fully eligible for marriage in her culture. She longs to protect her famil [...]

    11. Somewhere between three and four stars. Keturah is obsessed with joining the militia made up of young Ammonite warriors determined to defend their families and their liberty from the Lamanite Armies (60-something BC). Her only obstacle is that she’s a girl. What I liked about this book: Misty Moncur does a good job with the religious aspects of the story. Sometimes authors throw religion into the story and it bogs the plot-line down, but I felt the religion in this story added to the character [...]

    12. This is an exciting story of a girl who isn't content to accept her role in society--to become a wife and mother. Although Keturah is of marrying age, she wants to join her brothers and the other young men of their people as they form a rag-tag army and prepare to battle their enemies. Ezekiel, the boy who has been her friend all her life, wants Keturah to accept his offer of betrothal, and while she thinks she loves him, she can't help the rising feelings she has for Gideon, the only man who se [...]

    13. Daughter of Helaman is an fun story of a young Nephite girl who's only desire is to become a great warrior. At an age when marriage and raising a family should be foremost on her mind, she stands out among the other girls her age. Her brothers laugh at her, and Zeke, the young man who wishes only to marry and protect her, can't take her seriously. Frustrated and anxious to learn how to fight, Keturah enlists the help of a new solider, Gideon. She wants to prove herself worthy to fight in Helaman [...]

    14. Amazing! I would give this book 7 stars on a 5 star scale. I’ve read this book at least 8 times and I learn more about the book and myself every time. The Daughter of Helaman series by Misty Moncur is my favorite series.Based on a story in The Book of Mormon, these fictional characters are passionate, swoon worthy and righteous individuals. The read is engaging and introspective and as Keturah tries to fight her way into the all boy militia two of those warriors begin a fight for her courageou [...]

    15. this book was a pleasant surprise and found myself to really like the main character. it was good because it had something different from the books i have been reading lately. The book was a little slow and there were moments where I would hope the author would go into more depth about characters . the style of writing was also nice as but i also wish the historical part were better explain. Also i don't think the main character physical description stuck with me very well. I only care because w [...]

    16. I suppose I should be doing school right now, but I finally need to get my thoughts about this book down on here. School can always wait for :P, lol.This book appealed to me so much because of the cover. A girl with a bow and arow. Kind of reminds you of The Hunger Games, right? Yeah, that was what was so appealing to me. Then the description sounded like great battle scenes and romance! What more could you ask for, right? Well, there is, in fact more you could ask for.Pros: Setting (Ancient ti [...]

    17. All sequel books should have a warning label printed on the cover, such as: "Warning - This book has no ending - You must wait months/years and read at least another 200/500 pages to see how it ends." Aside from that - Fabulous title and creative premise! The main storyline and background stories moved pretty consistently, keeping my interest. Some very strong and compassionate characters; my personal favorites: Micah, Kalem, Leah and Seth. One of Keturah's strengths is that while she is stubbor [...]

    18. 3 out of 5So the book was okay. It's light and entertaining. But I can't bring myself to give this book more than three stars and a half. Keturah was a bit unrealistic with her enthusiasm for going into war. And the way she killed a man like it's not a big deal. I mean, she killed a man for crying out loud! It doesn't matter how much training she received, she should be at least shook up after slitting a throat. Another thing I didn't like was the way they talked. It was a bit too modern for bei [...]

    19. This was beautifully written and made me question my understanding of the book of Alma. But no, she took what as offered in the Book of Mormon and transformed it into a lovely, realistic portrait of ancient BOM life and the realism of war around them.I enjoyed the character of Keturah, and think girls will look up to her decisions and role model. I couldn't relate with her, because I am so wussing in nature, I would have just said YES and married and had babies and all that fun. I really liked t [...]

    20. WOW! I really liked this book! And it has nothing to do with the fact that I've known the author since Kindergartengood job Misty! (I feel like I'm in Mrs. Baughman's 7th grade English class, or in Mr. Hallstrom's 10th grade class (by the way, he told me that I should never consider writing fictionI'm glad he didn't tell you that) as I review this book). This was a great new twist on a familiar tale. I loved the characters, the story, the determination. I read the entire book in one day. I look [...]

    21. I just read this book again. I originally gave it 4 stars because I was frustrated by the ending. . . It was not a bad ending just one that made you crave more! After contacting the author and finding out she had written a sequel I was so excited. However, the publisher hasn't committed to publication yet. This made me crazy! If you, as a publisher, are going to print a book with that kind of ending you should have already agreed to print the next one. Otherwise we are just left hanging!!! I hop [...]

    22. I really should have read the Stripling Warrior after this one, because it really messed with what I already knew! I like the fact that she is a girl that is trying her best to be a woman and a warrior, because she feels like she can do both, and why not? Yes, it does seem a little modern, but maybe it was then. I don't know! I liked all of the random healer info. It makes me want to learn more about herbs and differnt plant's healing properties! Either way, I really enjoyed this book and am loo [...]

    23. I really enjoyed it. But I was disappointed when I realized I have to wait to find out what happens. I hate waiting.The writing is well done and the story engaging. What I thought while reading: Doing what you think is right while everyone around you thinks you should be doing something else. And of those, the ones who support you and the others who try to talk you out of it. Receiving personal revelation for yourself. Support of family and how that makes all the difference. Teaching your childr [...]

    24. The feminist in my while I was reading this book:Yeahh girl Kenturah is 15 years, (I think) when the story starts, she want desperately to be a boy, no she’s not a transgender. Kenturah wants to fight, protect her family and village, her believes and kick some ass.But this is the time off family arranged marriages and believes are strong, so I think this 2000 years ago.Bummer right.Kenturah is strong female character and I loved her, she was torn between what what’s expected and what she wan [...]

    25. I loved this book! I love all the choices that Keturah needs to make - staying home and being a dutiful daughter or trying to join Helaman's army; being true to what people tell you that you should do or to what the spirit tells you in your heart is right; choosing between two very different, very perfect young men, either of which would make a wonderful husband. It's a book about growing up and making choices, figuring out who you are inside, with a little romance thrown in. It's a wonderful bo [...]

    26. Overall I liked this book, it was fun and I liked the characters. It is hard because I kept comparing it to "The Deed Of Paksenarrion", a totally amazing book about a female warrior, that I read earlier this year. This book fell short in a head-to-head comparison. Although, I did enjoy Daughter of Helamen. It was a fast read and I might read the sequel (depending if it is released while I still remember the first book.) It is annoying that the story did not end, I am curious to see what happens. [...]

    27. Daughter of Helaman tells about a young woman who desires to join a militia with her brothers to help fight for their religious freedom. Although an unlikely tale, I was caught up with Keturah's battle. I liked her strong character and couldn't help rooting for her.I really enjoyed this debut novel of Misty Moncur's . . . right up until it ended. It's not that it had a bad ending, it just didn't end (such a disappointment when you aren't expecting that). Hopefully there is a sequel in the works. [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the plot development and the characters. It is very well written, with enough description to help you understand what is going on, but not so much that you feel as though the author is trying to up the page count. The ending was good, but I wanted Keturah to tell Zeke that she didn't love him in the way he wanted her to. I wanted her to end up with Gideon. He was a better person for her. That was my only "beef" with this book. I hope in the future, there will [...]

    29. Daughter of Helaman is now one of my most favorite books. Definitely more a chic book than not. The characters were not only believable but lovable and endearing. I honestly cannot wait until the next book is published. I hope I don't have to wait too long.This book is uplifting in a way to give strength and courage to those who have a love and desire within them. No matter what it is that is in us, we are strong enough to do it. Girl or boy. Exciting, uplifting. I laughed and cried. Wonderful!! [...]

    30. This was a fun, interesting read. There has to be another one coming??? It didn't really end, just left it hanging as they head off to war. I really liked how strong of a character Keturah was, her faith, and desire to do what she felt was right no matter how it looked to others. This book was obviously fictional, but based on events that I know are true. It was a fun way to get my mind and imagination thinking about what it would have been like to live in Book of Mormon times. Quick, fun read.

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