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  • Title: No Excuses:Existentialism & the Meaning of Life
  • Author: Robert C. Solomon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Unbound
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    One thought on “No Excuses:Existentialism & the Meaning of Life”

    1. ExistentialismA fantastic lecture series, where the professor explains existentialism with passion and vigor. One of the best lecture series I’ve ever listened to. Period.Basic points of Existentialism1. Embrace personal responsibility – Sounds so simple when explained, but here’s the idea. You make choices. You are responsible for these choices. It’s a virtue ethics approach, as opposed to rule systems, motivation theories, or consequential ethics. What matters is the action. You chose [...]

    2. I don't like existentialism philosophy, but I liked this lecture series. It allowed me to understand other philosophers through the lens of Existentialism, and I got to understand Kant, Schopenhauer, and learn learn more about Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Heidegger. I liked the hour and a half he devoted to Heidegger so much, I ended up buying "Being and Time" from . I would strongly recommend watching the BBC production of the play "Huis Clos" ("In Camera", or also called "No Exit") freely avail [...]

    3. رابرت سالومون با صدای عمیق و شمرده به واکاوی افکار و کتاب‌های چهره‌های برجسته اگزیستانسیالیسم می‌پردازد. درس با «بیگانه» آلبر کامو آغاز می‌شود هر چند او پیشگام اگزیستانسیالیسم نبود؛ اما بیگانه او مردی را توصیف می‌کند که در مراسم تدفین مادرش نمی‌تواند اشک بریزد. علاوه بر [...]

    4. I just finally finished reading Part I of this book, I had already read Part II last month. You just have to listen to this audiobook!, you must!-Heroic ascribing of meaning to our absurd existence (or, "Will you embrace your life gladly and fully even if you knew that it replayed itself endlessly into eternity, and in the face of that, defiantly shake your fists against Fate?"),-Freedom-Will-Choice-Responsibility- these are just some of the breathtaking existential themes explored by Camus, Kie [...]

    5. I'm so glad I came across this audio lecture series, I can't wait to see what else they have to offer! I saw it mentioned in a comment talking about Nietzsche, so I had to look it up. It's not only an incredible 12 hour crash course on the Existential philosophers (Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Hesse, Husserl, Heidegger, and Sartre) but it also gets into the authors which I have been reading (Camus, Dostoevsky, Kafka)! Diving into this branch of knowledge unaided and with no foundation has made me fee [...]

    6. It's striking how often scholars in the past two decades have said existentialism is so relevant to America and is a major problem for that society.

    7. A wide-ranging discussion of Existentialism and its history, this set of lectures also contains a very large number of literary reviews, of every novel by Camus I think, plus good discussion of Dostoevsky, Kafka, Sartre and others.I've been interested in Solomon for a long time, ever since I heard him declare, at a philosophical conference, "Sartre is the Socrates of the twentieth century!" I'm particularly interested in his theory of emotion, which he touches on in these lectures, and also writ [...]

    8. Mixed feelings here. Solomon is an absolutely fantastic lecturer, yet I feel like I know less about existentialism than I did before listening to these lectures. Sure, I now know much more about specific writers and philosophers identified as "existentialists" but I'm at a complete loss about why anyone would lump them together in any category.

    9. Great introduction to some of the more influential philosophers on existentialism, especially enjoyed lectures on Sartr, Heideger and Nietche, some of the books are going to reading list. Helped much as well structurize outlines for the lectures to get back to the subject of lectures.

    10. Brilliant covers existentialism as a responsibility to one's self to act in the face of absurdity. I focused a lot more on Sartre after listening to this on audio.

    11. Prof. Robert C. Solomon is possibly my favourite of all lecturers, to date, on my The Great Courses 'journey'. I've been purchasing the Audible versions to listen to whilst I work at my sewing machine, however, I'm listening at every free opportunity and particularly when listening to him. Bob Solomon is engaged and engaging and makes for easy and entertaining as well as educational listening. I'm becoming more interested in philosophy in recent years and have a couple of Bob Solomon's 'Great Co [...]

    12. Gave me an overview of the key players in Existentialismbut near the end, the lecturer stated that he couldn't really define existentialism, leaving an explanatory gap as to in what way the philosophy coheres. Choice, responsibility. I suppose that's as close as we get.Alsohis speaking style was really slow for me. I had to speed up to 1.5 just to feel like he was speaking at normal speed. Made me wonder if they slow'd it down to stretch the content out?

    13. Robert Solomon is the next best lad on the block after Jordan Peterson. I listened to the audiobook and it was a pleasure to hear Solomon's enthusiasm on the subject. He made a tonne of references to countless existential titles, so I was able to make connections. A pleasant overview of existentialism for the intrigued nihilist.

    14. clarity and fullness of details are highlights of this lecture series totally made husserl, heidegger, camus, and satre accessible for the non-philosophy person who nonetheless has burning curiosity about all things existential highly recommended

    15. A good course for a broad overview of the existentialism. The lecturer goes through each important author, Camus, Nietzsche, Sartre and so on, and makes you end up with more questions and books to read afterwards. But that's a good thing!

    16. A wonderful series. Interesting perspective primarily focused on Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, and Camus. Worth a listen.

    17. This is a remarkable set of lectures. The course is entertaining, informed, and reminds me why I reread Being and Nothingness 13 times over 'll of those years.

    18. A great book. One of the most fluent reads. I loved it. Yet I didn't love Existentialism. It raises some great questions and ideas, yet it is a bit bitter and I cannot find any good reason for that. The good thing about it was that I understood that I have to read more of Nietzsche works, and don't waste much time on Sartra any more.

    19. This is a decent introduction to the philosophy of existentialism, but I would not go so far as to call it a "great" lecture series.[return][return]Solomon begins with Camus, as a good entry point into existentialist thought. Then he goes back to Kierkegaard (often considered the first existentialist thinker) and proceeds chronologically from there, covering Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Sartre. He briefly discusses a few other figures in relation to these, such as Husserl's influence on Heidegger, [...]

    20. Well now I know existentialism and it's proponents so it accomplishes what it intended. For moments a bit slow, but only because it tries to explain it thoroughly.

    21. Who are we? Why are we here? I am rather new to philosophy, but in my quest for the meaning of life, I listened to this Great Course on Existentialism. Who can resist a course that purports to understand the meaning of life? Robert Solomon was a listenable professor, and spoke clearly and well about this fascinating but complex subject. This is a 12 hour course taught in 24 lectures, I've had it in my car for the last few weeks.I was glad that Solomon started at a point I understood, Albert Camu [...]

    22. The biggest failure of the lecture series is its inability to really answer what binds together various philosophers that are branded existentialists apart from a very rudimentary premise.The meaning of life is beyond reason and rationality - this is at the base of the work of the four major philosophers covered. In other words, the belief is that our passions, emotions and actions are supreme in defining the essence of existence and the rational philosophers were mistaken in ignoring them. Assu [...]

    23. (I was listening to the Audible version of the book)Provides a good overview of existentialism by going through works of many philosophers. Ends with comparison with structuralism and post-modernism, and a justification that Americans need more existentialism (sense of self-responsibility) in our days.For a person who has little to none background in the area, this was very educational and super interesting. I can also see where many teachings in the mental health psychology and therapy are comi [...]

    24. The Existentialists discussed here often fell out - they didn't see themselves as all belonging to the same school of philosophers. So if you're looking for an easy grouping or simple set of common ideas you won't find it here. But when you boil it down Existentialism is almost by definition individualistic - the freedom and responsibility of the individual to decide what meaning his life will have. Some of these philosophers wrote against the backdrop of WW2 - mass slaughter and hideous atrocit [...]

    25. This was a bizarre presentation of the material. It's not that what the professor talked about was wrong or uninteresting, but in opposition to the title, it seemed he was making a lot of excuses to dwell in trivia and avoid talking about the meaning of life. He goes out of his way to cover writers tangentially related to Existentialism (Kafka, Dostoevsky, etc.), and he tends to focus more on literary angles of novels, and on philosophical jargon than on real-world implications. For example, for [...]

    26. I’m not sure what to say about this course I will try to be short and to the point:The subject of Existentialism is too unidentified to keep it restricted and so this lectures scratch a bit and there from the idea of the great philosophers of Existentialism.The lecturer presentation skills are ok, sometime he get boring.A lot of the discussion on this driven by the point of the lecturer I don't think he was objective looking at him the end the ideological interest of idea presented vary betwee [...]

    27. Is this going to be on the test?This is a lecture series on existential writers. Rather than focus on the throry itself, the professor giving the lecture treats this as more of an introduction to the existentialists and their master works. Because of this, I feel that the series was misnamed as almost no time is spent discussing existentialism as as a workable theory. That is not to say that I didn't learn anything. To wit: Heidegger was a Nazi and kind of a dick; Kierkegaard may have been in th [...]

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