The Five Books of Moses: the Schocken Bible, Volume I

The Five Books of Moses the Schocken Bible Volume I Widely acclaimed by Bible scholars and theologians of every denomination Everett Fox s masterful translation re creates the echoes allusions alliterations and wordplays of the Hebrew original Toge

  • Title: The Five Books of Moses: the Schocken Bible, Volume I
  • Author: Anonymous Everett Fox
  • ISBN: 9780805241402
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Widely acclaimed by Bible scholars and theologians of every denomination, Everett Fox s masterful translation re creates the echoes, allusions, alliterations, and wordplays of the Hebrew original Together with its extensive commentary and illuminating notes, this unique translation draws the reader closer to the authentic living voice of the Bible

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    1. I'm an atheist, but religion fascinates me, primarily as a manifestation of culture. I read the Torah as I would any ancient text, and found it an amazing and instructive document of nation-building. From the most pragmatic--laws and norms, historical lessons--to the most spiritual--a genesis story, a spiritual justification, a historical and cultural sense of the nation, what is the meaning of being human, what the limits, what the goals, what the good and bad relationships--, countless questio [...]

    2. Scared the heck out of my parents during the couple weeks I was reading this baby. Oh, I read the Large Print edition. Much easier on the eyes.From a literary perspective, it was in dire need of a good editor. I mean, every time God tells Moses something, we get the complete text of his speech. Then, we get the exact same text again when Moses tells everyone what God said. REDUNDANCY. Could have really tightened this piece up to make the plot move much swifter.Had problems liking anyone in this [...]

    3. I've seen the Torah/Pentateuch classified as an epic, but to me the genre seemed much less straightforward than in Homer. After Exodus, what story there is often gets lost in endless demographic info, rules for hygiene, and of course constant threats by god to kill everyone. All this has something to do with the forging of a collective identity in the desert. The making of a people is an extremely cruel and arduous process, and YHWH is not very helpful in this respect. He offers only brute domin [...]

    4. Pretty weird. Pretty boring. I️ would recommend everyone of any religion read it sometime before they die.

    5. this has seriously become my most worn-out resource for preparing sermons on my shelf! Generally, I use the computer Bibles to prepare sermons, but whenever I am getting into the first five books, I take the time to go out and sit and soak up this book for the passage I'm using. It often captures the Hebrew poetry and gives many new insights.I occasionally disagree with this choice of words, and occasionally he misses things that I would think are important, so 4.5. This book is a tremendous thi [...]

    6. I was going to add 'The Bible.' But then it came to which one. If you don't know, the Torah is the Old Testament and the common ground for Judeo-Christian-Muslim world. Simply put, it's the greatest story ever told. And it is retold on a weekly basis in synogogues and churches, and mosques around the world. It is the moral compass used to teach ethics. It is the foundation for our value system. The impact of this book is immeasurable and incomprehensible. Yet it is profoundly felt by all, whethe [...]

    7. Everything is G-dliness, G-dliness is Everything. G-d created the world from the Letters of the Torah.If you want to know what is happening in the world this day read the Torah parsha for this day, the day is woven from the Torah portion. Such insight to what we are experiencing every day.

    8. For all of you that think you know your bible. Don't take it for granted - really take the time to read this.

    9. This is the beginning and basis of all Western culture and literature. The book of Genesis is the richest and most complex writing humans have ever done.

    10. The Torah is also the first five books of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, the Pentateuch. From : Bereshit/Genesis (בְּרֵאשִׁית, literally "In the beginning"); Shemot /Exodus (שִׁמוֹת, literally "Names"); Vayikra/Leviticus (ויקרא, literally "And He called"); Bəmidbar/Numbers (במדבר, literally "In the desert [of]"); Devarim/Deuteronomy (דברים, literally "Things" or "Words")."I'm not going to rate or review holy books, but I will mention a few things most [...]

    11. Well that's the Torah. The first part of the Holy Bible. I actually read this years ago but stopped around the fourth book, Numbers. And look, while it's undeniable this text - even the Good News Bible translation which I read myself - gets pretty hard-going, the text as a whole was very, very good. Genesis and Deuteronomy were the best as they were the most straight-forward, without the insane details that make up most of Exodus, some of Numbers and all of Leviticus. Reading in modern times abo [...]

    12. The Old Testament is the only book of scripture I have not read straight through. My 90 year old mother has done so several times. I decided I needed to follow in her footsteps. It is slow going but I finished Deuteronomy this past week. I didn't know how to document it for but found this entry and it works! I do wish I could count them as 5 separate books for my reading challenge.

    13. I must confess that I haven't read the whole thing. Most of the stuff you've heard of happens in the first book, Genesis. I read a bunch of that at my Bar Mitzvah. I did the section where the main character (G-d) told Abraham, his biggest fan, to kill his own kid. Messed up. It reminds me of the time that Don Shula told me to burn down my neighborhood to prove how much I like the Dolphins.It's not clear what G-d was going for here much of the time. I think the book is supposed to convey some sor [...]

    14. Recently a friend asked me if I ever skimmed when reading a book; I have to say that the book of Numbers really demands some skimming! I think you'd have to be so devoted to the sacredness of scripture to read every word in the Torah that you could compete with an Orthodox rabbi. Having naturally read these five books as part of the OT before, I thought it would be fun to read a self-contained translation of these scriptures as the Jewish Torah - sort of a companion to the Koran or the Gospels. [...]

    15. Genesis has some fine myths and fairy tales, rivaling the Norse and Greek in content if not in style. There is no humor in here, very little irony and the poetry feels stale.The Torah is mostly interesting in a meta way, it does not give wisdom directly, but pondering the specific kind of ignorance that characterized the Israelites is informative.None of the Jewish scripture in the bible except Syrach and Solomon, seems written to give wisdom. Instead it is built up out of myths, fairy tales and [...]

    16. I really liked this in addition to reading my bible. It really gave me more information and more background of what I was reading. It helped me understand what was going on better. You can read it and not read your bible that is how detailed it is, but I advise reading after you have read the chapters or that day's reading on your bible then reading the chapter in this book that coincides with what you've read. Great book!

    17. Oh goodness, I finally finished this after almost a year. No wonder religious people never read this stuff, it's either boring as hell (minus one star) or psychopathically brutal (minus two stars). Plus it was supposedly written by Moses but it talks about Moses' death. How is that believable? Minus one star.Now, on to the rest of the old testament, it will probably take me another year.

    18. I just want to clarify that I did not actually read this translation. I needed a way to put that I read the first five books (Torah/Pentateuch) so they would count as a book for my ' 2013 goal. I also finished them months ago but since I don't remember when, I'm just setting the date to today.

    19. I really liked reading this English translation by Jewish scholars. The book said that they translated from the Hebrew to English. I felt that this translation gave some cultural context to the first five books of the Bible.

    20. Basic introduction to the Pentateuch. Solid resource for someone with little biblical knowledge who wants a conservative introduction to the story of Genesis - Deuteronomy.

    21. I used this book to help me through my morning Bible Reading of the Pentateuch this year. I ended up not just referencing it, but reading thru it completely. The simple terminology was so appreciated, perfect for the lay person. The charts and summaries helped give the overview of the book. So often we skim thru Numbers and Leviticus and miss the forest for the trees. This year I wanted to try an exercise for myself in writing down my own gleaning from these books in a more devotional form some [...]

    22. I am Muslim, I've read the holy Quran now finished the Torah then I will be continuing with Psalm and Bible as well. Firstly I need to say that as a pillar of Islam, we have to believe all the holy books that were revealed by Allah. In our belief( Islam) the 3 books were changed by people thats why the last one Quran was revealed and Allah has given a promise that he is going to save it until the doomsday (nobody will dare to change it) After these informations, my evaluation about the Torah is [...]

    23. Unless Moses wrote about himself in the third person and had knowledge of events after his death, this book was not written by Moses. It is more accurate to say it a collection of documents written by anonymous people than the divinely inspired word of God transmitted through Moses. These human opinions are often at odds with the laws of nature, the rights of man, and at numerous times contradict even themselves failing to provide a cohesive ethics. What follows is an inconsistent ambiguous dogm [...]

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