Shelter from the Storm

Shelter from the Storm A page story from The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance plus excerpts from contemporary romance women s fiction novels by Patricia Ryan When a handsome stranger rescues Maryann from a storm she l

  • Title: Shelter from the Storm
  • Author: Patricia Ryan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A 24 page story from The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance, 2011, plus excerpts from contemporary romance women s fiction novels by Patricia Ryan When a handsome stranger rescues Maryann from a storm, she let him think she s a prostitute A night of abandoned, no strings lovemaking might be just what the jilted schoolteacher needs if only she can keep from falling for her sexyA 24 page story from The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance, 2011, plus excerpts from contemporary romance women s fiction novels by Patricia Ryan When a handsome stranger rescues Maryann from a storm, she let him think she s a prostitute A night of abandoned, no strings lovemaking might be just what the jilted schoolteacher needs if only she can keep from falling for her sexy rescuer.Praise for Patricia Ryan s romances Fresh, swift and sexy, Silken Threads strengthens Ms Ryan s reputation as an outstanding author New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney Patricia Ryan s Twice the Spice is a marvelous, fast paced, riveting romance New York Times bestselling author Anne Stuart Heaven s Fire is a splendid tale, and Patricia Ryan is a writer to watch New York Times bestselling author Patricia Gaffney A richly textured pageant of passion A grand adventure New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs on Falcon s Fire Once you start this nonstop read you won t go to bed until you ve turned the last page RT BookReviews on The Sun and the Moon In Hot Pursuit is impossible to put down Patricia Ryan knows how to capture a reader s attention and refuse to let it go Well done Affaire de Coeur Wild Wind was a blockbuster from the first page I quite literally could not put this book down, and was very surprised by the ending Romance Communications The Sun and the Moon is a real page turner I really wish I hadn t started it so late at night It kept me up way past my bedtime and there is no stronger recommendation than that Jean Mason, The Romance Reader Gifted storyteller Patricia Ryan holds us spellbound with her mesmerizing new love story, For the Thrill of It RT BookReviews Ryan has written a sensual, emotionally involving, and compelling story of forbidden love that readers will not soon forget Library Journal on Wild Wind Silken Threads is romance at its best This one goes on my keeper shelf The Romance Reader Ms Ryan breathes freshness into every page and enthralls readers with the power of her characters emotions and their intelligent handling of the complex situations She is a wonderful writer whose talent continues to enchant readers RT BookReviews on Secret ThunderAbout the Author Patricia Ryan has written than two dozen romances and mysteries, including the 1 Barnes Noble bestseller Still Life With Murder Her novels have garnered rave reviews and been published in over twenty countries A RITA winner for Silken Threads and four time nominee, she is also the recipient of two Romantic Times Awards and a Mary Higgins Clark Award nomination for the second book of her historical mystery series featuring Boston governess Nell Sweeney, which she wrote under the name P.B Ryan Pat s Evil Twin, Pamela Burford, is also a published romance novelist.

    One thought on “Shelter from the Storm”

    1. Not sure what was going on except a chick who looks like a kindergarten teacher and a man with lots of hair are constantly vacuum-sucked together by the quantum forces of lust.

    2. Marianne plans on surprising her boyfriend on their one year anniversary. In an effort to be more spontaneous and the sex kitten that Alan wants, she thinks dressing up and waiting in his bed for him to return from his Friday night poker game is the way to go. She isn't the only one who has a surprise. When she finds herself alone, and caught in a hail storm, a sexy stranger comes to her rescue. (Un)Fortunately for her, he mistakes her for a prostitute based on her state of (un)dress. He seems t [...]

    3. I actually forgot I read this book I started to read it again, and then was like: Oh yeah, I already read this!It really wasn't that memorable for me, obviously, and it's rather short.The premise is what really bothered me. "Nice", rich, cute. normal guy picks up a gal he thinks is a hooker because of her clothing. Now, if that isn't bad enough, shegoes along with it!OK, maybe I don't get the "I'd love to be a hooker" fantasy, I guess that is somebody's turn on, not mine.Then the plot just keeps [...]

    4. ~*Short & Sweet*~This was a quick sweet read. The only thing that I could not get passed was how Marianne and Rob met and hooked up. A stranger follows her, pulls up in a car and the next minute it's hailing outside and they are having sex in the car. In my opinion it just did not fit their personalities, occupations or who they were. Other than that, Marianne and Rob had very intense chemistry from the very first touch.

    5. I'd of given this four stars if it wasn't ridiculously corny! Although, I have to say, I probably laughed more than I should've of given the sheer nature of what was going on. I justuldn't.eve LOL!

    6. Ugh. Give me a break. Maybe I read this at the wrong time because Marianne just pissed me off something terrible. This book left me so irritated. Marianne seemed a little weak-minded, naive, and immature. She catches her boyfriend screwing another woman when he's suppose to be busy with work. Obviously that relationship is over, and on the way out the door she promises herself to never let jump into a relationship so fast and with the wrong guy again. So then why in the hell does she jump in the [...]

    7. Short story where a girl dresses up to surprise her boyfriend - except she's the one who's surprised when she finds him playing dominant to someone else. So she runs out into the storm -- it starts hailing and a regular nice guy offers her a ride. They're grew up in the same part of the state. Of course it's a romance and he turns out to be a very rich nice guy and pays her $14,000 --- well, she did price herself at $10K. But all ends well because he finds her at the school she's teaching and sh [...]

    8. This was a great little freebie. A shy school teacher decides to spice up her sex life and surprise her boyfriend only to find him with a woman tied to his bed. All tramped up she runs down the street and runs into a guy who thinks she's a hooker. LOL. Okay so the story is a little far-fetched, but if you can suspend reality for a little while and get lost in the story it is actually quite good. :)

    9. This was a cute story about a woman who went to seduce her boyfriend only to find him dominating another woman. She meets a guy who thinks she's a prostitute because of the outfit she is wearing. They have lots of sex and feel a connection. It needed to be longer because when you are just getting into the story BOOM " the end" !!!! WTF!

    10. Marianna was a twenty two year old virgin, until she met Alan.She had a big surprise for him only to be the one surprise, when she see him in bed with another woman.She run out into the storm where she meet Rob.This little short read little pretty woman, only she was pretenting to be a hooker.This was kind cute, but to unreal.

    11. This was a sweet short story, a good read if you're stuck waiting somewhere and need a distraction.Despite the somewhat overused "ooops, i thought you were a prostitute" trope, the story was sweet and very hot.

    12. Picked this up as a freebie. Its okay, Maybe 20 percent is actually the story and the remainder is excerpts of other stuff (which I skipped, If I want commercials, I'll watch prime time TV. The story was not very remarkable, it was predictable. Not bad, but nothing to recommend it either. Mehh.

    13. 3. sweet stars I liked the short read, yes it's not very realistic but it's called fiction and that's why I read it.It's a very fast moving storyline, girls bf cheats, girl gets mistaken for prostitute I enjoyed it.

    14. Ohhhh I loved this shorty!!! What a great little story. Loved Rob and Marianne. I don't know what to say I just really enjoyed is book. Who wouldn't want to find an awesome guy like Rob and ALL that comes with him!!! Love!

    15. I really enjoyed this short story. I expected more "using" in an encounter like this, but the characters were very life-like and the ending was sweet. I would highly recommend the fun, fantasy reading!

    16. I wish there was more I feel like I was teased! It was cute and of course one of the to good to be true but you know thats what ur gonna get with books like this so ots not a big deal. I just wish there was more.

    17. Quick intro. Unsure about the characters first encounter and how it unfolded. All in all pretty average! I am yet to be blown away by these short stories. A recommendation would be lovely - must fall under the romance category with a powerful storyline.

    18. A really great hot short read. It was funny that he thought she worked the streets just because of the outfit she had on. I guess she could've told him the truth but who wouldn't want to live a different and life for one night and forget their problems.

    19. Short, very short, but nice and well written. I thinks I would like to read something full-lenght in similar style from this author.

    20. Benar-benar cerpen yang sangat padat dan tidak bertele-tele. Bisa dijadikan panutan untuk membuat cerpen romance! :)

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