Turned at Dark

Turned at Dark Independent and strong willed Della Tsang did not believe in ghosts until she sees her dead cousin in a dark alley She did not believe in vampires until she turns into one Should she follow her vamp

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  • Title: Turned at Dark
  • Author: C.C. Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781429996471
  • Page: 301
  • Format: ebook
  • Independent and strong willed Della Tsang did not believe in ghosts, until she sees her dead cousin in a dark alley She did not believe in vampires, until she turns into one Should she follow her vampire cousin s lead and walk away from everything she knows, or join Shadow Falls, a camp for special teens This short story from C.C Hunter gives readers a look into Della sIndependent and strong willed Della Tsang did not believe in ghosts, until she sees her dead cousin in a dark alley She did not believe in vampires, until she turns into one Should she follow her vampire cousin s lead and walk away from everything she knows, or join Shadow Falls, a camp for special teens This short story from C.C Hunter gives readers a look into Della s history.

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    1. 4.5 StarsThis short but sweet novella gives an insight on how Della felt during being turned. In all honesty it sounds like a horrific experience and quite scary. Loved the fact that even though Della has just been through a living hell she remains stubborn and stands for what she thinks is right which is a good thing else she'd never have become best friends with Kylie and Miranda :)

    2. In Born at Midnight we meet Della Tsang, Kylie Galen’s vampire roommate at Shadow Falls camp. But Della wasn’t always a vampire. This is her story.***Turned at Dark is a quick, fun and at times humorous short story about how Della became a vampire and how she ended up at Shadow Falls. It is a prequel to the full length book, Born at Midnight, which will be releasing in two weeks.This is a great way to introduce this new series, get a feel for the author’s writing style and meet one of the [...]

    3. Having already read and quite enjoyed Born at Midnight, the first book in the Shadow Falls series, I thought I knew what I was getting into when I started Turned at Dark, a prequel short story to the Shadow Falls series. But really I had no idea.Turned at Dark tells the story of Della and her transformation from Asian American teen, under a tremendous amount of pressure from her pride-stricken father to bloodsucking vampire. I really enjoyed the realistic issues Della faced before her transforma [...]

    4. As you may know from reading Born at Midnight, the first book of the Shadow Falls series, Della Tsang is Kylie Galen's Vampire friend. Here, we learn how Della was turned into a vampire and how she came about Shadow Falls. We also go into a bit more depth of Della's life before Shadow Falls and a brief history about Supernaturals. Warning though: like Forgotten Lyrics by Amanda Hocking (which I'm currently reading), it's a quick read. Actually, even more quick since it's only 32 pages lon [...]

    5. I really like how this book tells the story of how Della became a vampire. I really felt bad for Della when she faced all the hardships. I thought that this story was sweet and that it really explained Della's previous life.

    6. 4 Stars for this Novella and Pre-Story forBorn at Midnight ! The perfect start in this series since it tells the story about Kylie's newfound best girlfriend Della and how she became a Vampire. Perfect to get in the mood, or if you are already read BaM and are now waiting anxiously for Awake at Dawn Woops, and did I mention it is a free download?? ;) :)

    7. This a short story in the world of Born at Midnight.We follow Della Tsang through her transformation into a vampire and her introduction to the worlds darkest creatures. Werewolfs, faes, shape-shifters, vampires, they are all there. The story was short and simple and after it I started reading the first few chapters of Born at Midnight, only to realise that the fear I had was true. These series isn't really for me. Maybe in the future I'll give it a shot, but not now

    8. Please, dear Lord, let the first book of this series be as good as this prequel novella was. Let the supernatural elements continue to flourish and have the characters be able to fully develop. Make the story interesting and have the settings put me in the mood, like I'm in the novel myself. Amen.

    9. I think it was good to read this short story, because now I feel I can understand much better the Della's behavior ,at first she seemed somewhat irritating, but after seeing what happened to her I can sympathize more with the character :)

    10. 3.5 It was good seeing where Della came from before Born At Midnight happened. I can see where she gets her pride from. It was a quick read, but it was a little fast at the end. Not too much info, just a quick insight into Della's past.

    11. Turned at Dark is a short novella/prequel to the exciting Shadow Falls series. It’s about 32 pages so I don’t want to give too much away. This novella is the story of how Della went from carrier to vampire in one wild night. She encounters someone she thought was dead who changes her life unintentionally turning her into a vampire. She will be forced to choose between faking her death or heading off to Shadow Falls. The choice is up to her and she’s running out of time.I actually read the [...]

    12. Della thinks she sees her dead cousin run into an alley. Rather than run the other way, she investigates. What investigation ever had a good ending that began with the sighting of a supposedly dead relative running into a dark alley? Exactly. Now Della has big problems.I liked this short story. It was a fresh take on the genre. I liked the inner turmoil of Della's character. Finally someone who doesn't see the glamour of vampires. There was a lot of character development packed into this short s [...]

    13. Turned at Dark is a novella for the Shadow Falls Series. Last week I gave you a bit of insight to Kylie’s friend, Della. Well this is all about Della!Della is such a character. The moment I read about her in Born at Midnight, I knew I’d enjoy her. So when I found out she had her own novella, I couldn’t wait to read it.Della is the resident vampire at Shadow Falls summer camp and like others. She’s learning where she fits into the world now that she’s been turned. Now Della wasn’t bit [...]

    14. That was a short story about Della Tsang, a normal girl who was turned to a vampire and introduced to a world that she never know it's exists. Nothing special about her before her cousin's dead: she had a human boyfriend and a severe father. But after two years from the moment when she saw her cousin's grave covering with soil, she saw his shadow after the corner. She was bleeding when met him - and that wasn't a good point.It was awesome to see the world through Della's eyes - the human Della, [...]

    15. This is the prequel to Born at Midnight, but it tells the tale of Della's transformation from human to Vampire.You really have to feel for Della in this tale, how her world turned upside down and she no longer knew who she could trust.Chan was really nice with her 'turning' but he was trying to force his own beliefs onto her without letting her choose.A very good insight into Della.

    16. This is a short story from the Shadow Falls series. This gives the expanded background story on Della, and how she ended up at the camp. It's nothing vital, considering she explains what happened to her in the first book. However, it was short and free. So, definitely not a bad thing if you want to kill ten minutes.

    17. Finally got to this one! I honestly don't know how I managed to go this long without reading this chapter in the Shadow Falls world - especially since I'm obessessed with it! This was a really nice glimpse into Della's life before and during the change; it explains a lot about her family issues. My sole complaint is that this novella/short story was entirely too short.

    18. I thought this was really good but the best park is that it was free!! In Turned at Dark, you get to really know what happened between Della and her brother. I don't want to spoil it. But if you have read born at midnight or if you haven't started yet, this is a great way to learn more in depth things about della, who is a character who really plays a part in this book. :)Read it!

    19. Quick read. Was good enough for me to read the teaser of the full book that came after it. Decently written, believable characterization for a 16 year old girl to fight the truth until she couldn't anymore. The last sentence was golden. I wouldn't mind reading more about her. Not bad. 3.5 stars.

    20. I really enjoyed reading about Della. You can feel the dilemma inside of her as she goes through it. I'm glad we had this ebook to tell us a bit about Della's history.

    21. This was a great start to the series. It gave me a great feel for the author's writing and (hopefully) for the world that she created.I look forward to reading the first book in the series.

    22. Great insight into Dellla becoming a vampire. It's nice to see a bit of a connection between her and chan and hear a bit about her and Lee & her family life prior to the change.

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