Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved

Mary Magdalene A Woman Who Loved Mary Magdalene was a woman whose life circumstances led her from demonic possession and prostitution to being the first witness of the greatest event in world history In an attempt to reconstruct her

  • Title: Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved
  • Author: Steve Copland
  • ISBN: 2940011184314
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Nook
  • Mary Magdalene was a woman whose life circumstances led her from demonic possession and prostitution to being the first witness of the greatest event in world history In an attempt to reconstruct her life, this book demonstrates her struggle as she confronts the patriarchal traditions embedded in first century culture, the hypocritical practice of condemning only one gendMary Magdalene was a woman whose life circumstances led her from demonic possession and prostitution to being the first witness of the greatest event in world history In an attempt to reconstruct her life, this book demonstrates her struggle as she confronts the patriarchal traditions embedded in first century culture, the hypocritical practice of condemning only one gender in adultery, her transformation as she finds grace, freedom and real love in her encounter with Christ, and her being chosen as the apostle to the apostles This novel takes the reader into the first century It delves into the personal lives of lepers, cripples and the sight impaired it goes on a journey from the battlefields of ancient Germania to Jerusalem with two Roman soldiers who end up initiated into the cult of Mithraism it explores the fears, prejudices and arrogance of the religious rulers of Israel, and the ambitions of Judas Iscariot it portrays the everyday struggles of first century people in an occupied land it looks behind the scenes at a woman who is seduced into committing adultery and used to test Jesus, and brings them all together beneath the cross of Jesus Christ.Mary Magdalene also answers a question which is so important to the church today Why would Christ choose this woman to be the first witness of the resurrection in a culture that considered a woman s testimony all but useless The answer lies in the parable Jesus told to Simon when a sinful woman was kissing His feet The depth of her love was measured by her gratitude In her incredible humility, she entered her enemy s home and in front of hundreds who despised her, she sought be made clean, to receive forgiveness and to know holy love This book seeks to entertain, enlighten and encourage Christians of all denominations, and to call them to the kind of love that Mary had for Christ It is powerfully emotional, deeply theological, and highly entertaining

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    1. Mary Magdalene or Mary of Magdala and sometimes The Magdalene is one of my favorite characters from the Bible. Her conversion story—testimony to the mercy of God—encourages me more than any other. Not only was she forgiven but she was also accorded the supreme honor of being the first (known) witness to Christ’s Resurrection. Steve Copland’s Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved is a fictional recounting of the familiar story of Mary’s life from prostitute to Pentecost. Copland offsets Mar [...]

    2. Mary is a woman, scorned and damned by her actions. She was the defiler of marriages, she was unclean, unholy, a leper without the visible signs of disease that identified. Her mind was at war with itself, good with evil wound within thoughts of self despair and self loathing. The book is uniquely written and its focus tends to drift off the focus of the main character and focus on a different variety of many characters that we know from the biblical stories of Jesus. John the Baptist, Herod and [...]

    3. Beautiful.I am a lover of historical fiction, especially bible-based. This novel touched me like no other. Mary Magdalene has been a topic of defamation in the past few years with various authors, but Steve Copland's novel keeps to the bible's account and shows the beautiful story of how a woman driven to despair finds freedom, love and acceptance as a disciple of Jesus.The novel moves through many of the well-known characters of the bible, those stories of lepers and blind men whose names are n [...]

    4. My apologies to all those who read the unedited version of Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved. Long story short, it was not suppose to be published in that condition. It has been proofread now and hopefully 99% of the mistakes have been corrected.This is a 'like or hate it' kind of book. For those who have decided that Mary Magdalene was something akin to the mythical character of Dan Brown's novel, my novel will be like a red rag to a bull. However, if you believe the Gospels to be accurate acco [...]

    5. I really enjoyed reading this e-book. I do not consider myself a Bible scholar, but I am somewhat familiar with the story of Mary of Magdalene. She was the woman in the Bible who washed Jesus's feet with her hair and poured the expensive oil on His head. In modern terms, she was a reformed prostitute. This story is a fictional account that includes Mary's meeting of Jesus, her reformation, and Jesus's crucifixion. I like how the author took well known stories from the Bible and retold them in a [...]

    6. I don't have words to describe how deeply this story touched me. Aside from the Bible, I don't remember ever reading anything that has reached into my innermost being as much as this story has. I LOVE this book. An inspiring and touching 'conglomeration' of stories & characters that all converge to tell the story of Jesus' ministry and the lives he touched. I know this book is fiction, but it really gives voice to some of the stories from the Bible. I just love it!

    7. I read this book about 18 moths ago and the punctuation did bother me a little, so I appreciated the author's note. As he states, its a 'like it or hate it' novel, as many of the reviews show. I am in the 'absolutely loved it' category. Copland contrasts the story of two Roman soldiers seeking spiritual power and truth through mithraism, with Mary's story of spiritual freedom. The soldiers are drawn into a demonic cult and become slaves to the power of unclean spirits, while Mary finds forgivene [...]

    8. I started reading this book because of a fascination I have with the story of Mary Magdalene and the idea that she escaped to France and bore the children of Christyadda yadda yadda. I don't need to go into all that here, you have Google, use it. The book started off all right, bad editing aside. The character development was interesting and the overlapping plot lines were enough to keep my curiosity piqued for awhile. A few chapters in I began to find it harder and harder to read the book objec [...]

    9. I am not one to get into religious books, but this one I was just captivated. A bit on the heavy read side, but glad I took the time to read. While this novel is about Mary Magdalene it is also the path of Jesus to his crucifixion. It is by far not a happy novel per se, but one that touches the heart.

    10. I'd give this book 4 stars if it weren't so badly edited. A small amount of time with a person would have fixed many obvious errors caused by spellcheck. That said, the story is compelling, complex, historically detailed, and emotionally powerful. It deserved a far more careful edit than it received. Highly recommended.

    11. This was a very good story! This was the bible story of mary magdalene who although she did bad things she was forgiven by jesus and felt true love.

    12. So realistic I felt as if I was there. I could see everything she saw and felt as though it was happening to me. Very well written. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Jesus and wants to read more about the people around Him.

    13. Gave me a clearer meaning to what part Mary Magdalene in reference of her leaving her sinning life to follow Jesus. Very good book!

    14. I think this book's title is misleading because the story is split equally between many characters and is not focused on Mary as much as I thought it would be.

    15. This book suffers from all the problems facing Christ centered novels without any of the redeming qualities. It is trite and over written. Instead of focusing on Mary and her journey the author got so excited about the miracles of Christ that he lost sight of his heroine. There are too many characters making the story seem broken up and over done. Copland spends so much time building the background of the story (historical setting, religious background, geographical insights) that his characters [...]

    16. This book needed a good editor and a good proof-reader. the bookstarted as a retelling of Mary Magdalene and the last year of Jesus' life, death, and Resurrection. Mr. Copeland did a lot.of research into the Roman era; unfortunately, he tried to cram it all in and loses his focus. A bit maudlin and the characters could have used more fleshing out. Not bad, a fairly quck read, but not something I would have paid for.

    17. I did not care for this book, to many different people and you had a hard time keeping track of who is who. It just didn't flow right to me. The idea behind it was good and it brought a lot of good points as far as being saved and how to deal with demons and power of Jesus name. I just couldn't get the whole story with so many different chaacters. Would not recommend.

    18. A story of Mary in the lead-up to her conversion. Some very moving parts. Introduces several other actors on the stage of history.The story ends just before Jesus is arrested. Really felt like there should be another book to follow. Will have to check it out.

    19. I was a bit disappointed that this book was not just Mary Magdalene. However it had a game of thrones expected to the book. Told through many other people.I really enjoyed the book. I will be looking forward to more in this series.

    20. I found this extremely difficult to start. Several starts and lengthy stops. Finally finished.Found the ending to be extremely disappointing. Too contrived, and no finishing to the depth that had been developed within the middle.

    21. At almost 900 pages, this is a long book. In addition to the story of Mary Magdalene, it includes several side stories most which fold back into the main character's story. However, these make the book extremely long. A little more focus on Mary would have improved this book.

    22. Didn't care for it. It stopped being about Mary Magdalene and was more about some Roman soldiers and the devil.

    23. Interesting and some good writing, but at times it felt contrived with too many characters which were never fully developed.

    24. I am torn about this book. The writing would be great for pre-teen and up, but the emotions it evoked brings my rating up a bit. An FYI, we know what happens at the end.

    25. Actually a very nice view of the infamous story. Althougg the grammar should have been double checked it does not make the book bad. I enjoyed this!

    26. I bit disjointed but liked the historical fill in, with details of the Roman soldiers perspective and the Jewish culture. Disappointed where it ended and feel the title was misleading.

    27. I've arranged my thoughts on this. . ightly fanfiction-reminiscent novel into a haiku:"While not without lure,The only story endedWe already knew."

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