Samantha's Cook Book

Samantha s Cook Book Easy recipes help girls make Samantha s favorite foods Tips for setting an elegant table and planning a proper Victorian tea party are included

  • Title: Samantha's Cook Book
  • Author: Jodi Evert Jeanne Thieme
  • ISBN: 9781562471149
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Easy recipes help girls make Samantha s favorite foods Tips for setting an elegant table and planning a proper Victorian tea party are included.

    One thought on “Samantha's Cook Book”

    1. I grew up on the American girl series! I loved the books and dolls and always wanted the cookbook. I think it is cool because even though the time of the American girls' fame is dwindling, the book is still cool without the connection. Bringing in the connection will make it a whole lot cooler. But the cookbook itself has history and pictures of the time period which is fascinating and you really get a taste of history.

    2. I love the concept of making an engaging historical cookbook for kids. Most of the recipes are very basic, but that's not exactly a big surprise considering the age range of these books. I honestly don't know how historically (and regionally) accurate they were but they seemed legitimate. American Girl seems good about getting the history down. It was cute how the pictures laid out a fancy 1900's style table-set. That makes the food more fun because seriously, the cheese omelette recipe would ha [...]

    3. I remember looking through Samantha's cook book when I was younger, and I loved it! I loved the fact that you were able to take recipes from the story of Samantha, and to actually make them for yourself. I found it fun to look through the pages of recipes and pictures, and find something new and fun that I had not tried before. I think that this book would be suitable for girls (or boys!) around mid elementary school, so that they can have actually read the stores of Samantha, and then to look i [...]

    4. I enjoyed reading this cook book. I really liked the recipe for Egg Salad Sandwiches, and we are making the Blueberry Muffins. There were many other recipes that I`d like to try, but others that I didn`t think that I would like. Most of them, though, if I tried, I would most likely like them. Most of the breakfast foods and favorite foods I would like. The lemon ice sounded like on of the best recipes out of the whole book!

    5. Found these American Girl cookbooks at the library. As a little girl, I would've loved to add these to my American Girl collection of stuff. Fun recipes and fun little tidbits of food history. I think I want to collect these, along with the paperdolls (I once had but are long gone), and the craft books.

    6. This is a cute cookbook that is based off of the American girl doll Samantha's time period. Each item not only has recipe instructions but a little snippet of information about the item or time period or something to relate. It is a great way to introduce children to older time periods and explain that things have not always been the same.

    7. I think that this book is a great for kids. It teaches them the history of what food they ate back when Samantha lived. They can even make the recipes and see if they like what they had to eat. I also like that they can learn the proper way to set the table.

    8. This is a fantastic cookbook! Not only is it nostalgic for anyone who read American Girl books as a child, but they also include historical information along with the recipes. It's a great opportunity for children to learn while they cook!

    9. I liked this book! I liked learning about how people set tables back in time and what kinds of food they liked to enjoy. Some of the recipes may not be so great (I don't know I didn't get the chance to try them) but I thought it was a cute idea!

    10. The recipes and history lessons were fascinating. Now I know how to set a proper table, and I understand the origin of a few of the dolls my grandma would get for me and my siblings out of the catalog. I really want to buy that book for some of the recipes, and for the way the book shows them.

    11. I loved reading through this. I actually tried out a couple of the recipes and it was amazing! Made me feel like I was part of that era. So much fun!

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