M Is for Mama's Boy

M Is for Mama s Boy Led by Duncan Gluestick Dewey the NERDS team uses brain power and courage rather than gadgets when they face off against supervillian Simon his band of savage squirrels and Albert a middle aged co

  • Title: M Is for Mama's Boy
  • Author: Michael Buckley Johnny Heller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Led by Duncan Gluestick Dewey, the NERDS team uses brain power and courage rather than gadgets when they face off against supervillian Simon, his band of savage squirrels, and Albert, a middle aged computer genius who lives with his mother.

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    1. Rebecca Perry 6/9 October 20, 2010 Book Review N.E.R.D.S. M is for Mama’s boy # 2 Michael Buckley Sci- Fi Fantasy 5th Grader Duncan Dewey part of N.E.R.D.S. group. He is a secret agent. This is a book of transmissions about the N.E.R.D.S. adventure trying to stop their former teammate who is actually the villain the fought in the last book. Now their former teammate has some thugs and a 37 year old man named Albert who is a computer and comic book genius. When Albert creates a ray gun that k [...]

    2. The NERDS are back in action. This time they must go up against one of their former members. Simon was sure the team would join him in taking revenge against those who bullied them. He was wrong. Now he is out to rule the world. In addition to his goon, he has a new partner. Captain Justice is willing to help Simon because Simon promised him super powers to become a real super hero. Then there is Captain Justice's crazy mother who wants power and prestige. Throw all of these characters together [...]

    3. Tenia 18 años cuando leí el primer libro de Nerds y de inmediato me encanto , es genial la forma de imaginar a un espía siendo un niño el cual , bueno nadie se daría cuenta de que es un agente secreto así que guarda ese elemento sorpresa además de que todos los agentes tienen un defecto que mas que defecto se vuelve su poder y cuando supe que había salido el segundo volumen no pasaron muchos días cuando lo compre , después note que ahora la historia no era acerca de dientes de lata sin [...]

    4. I thought this book was boring in the begining. The most exciting part that wasn't very exciting was the climax.

    5. M Is for Mama's Boy by Michael Buckley is a great book because it talks about the downs of having a lot technology . It had a lot of shocking things just like the last book. Jackson's parents knows he is spie and his sister is now smoking with “bad boys”. Heathcliff is still alive and is now the master of the squirrels. He is now is ploting revenge agaist the NERDS. I recommend this book to anyone who loves suspenseful book and spies this book is for you.

    6. This is a fantastic book there is acrtually no other way to put it because the events and the props the characters use are really what kids imagine of being a secret agent. An example is the Benchley they use to get to places it is looks like a school bus but when need it it turns in o a jet that shoots up the stratosphere then waits for earth to turn to the spot they want to go then it soots back down. And this is just thee beginning of awesomeness,but the interesting part is how he (the author [...]

    7. The NERDS, the grade school heroes of the National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society, are at it again, fighting an ex-NERD who is using his super skills to try to take over the world while destroying part of it on the way. What I liked about the book: there's a lot of excitement and there is a clear message that technology can't do everything, that the kids need to use their brains and figure out alternative ways to win a battle when technology isn't available. What I didn't like about the [...]

    8. When I go into schools, these books have a request list a mile long for a reason. The characters are likeable, the tone of the books is hilarious, and it's all very accessible for grade school readers. With this second book, I feel the settling in of the trend in these books. Each about one team member at a time focusing on teaching that team member a lesson. A little repetitive for me as an adult but I remember that when I was a kid I read so many Babysitter's Club books that I have no leg to s [...]

    9. Over the top situations make this series a fun read. There's no logical explanation behind the bad guys reason to take over the world, it just is. He wouldn't be the bad guy if he was logical. Choppers is back and he wants revenge. Book one focused on Braceface, book two focuses on Duncan, aka Gluestick. When the enemies take the team offline, Gluestick has to "man-up" and realize that he doesn't need techonology to be a secret agent. I enjoyed this one quite a bit since it took you into Gluesti [...]

    10. Cute! I didn't like the set up in this one quite as much as the first book (it was so cheesy you could make fondue), but once we got to the meat of the story it was all systems go. I really enjoyed seeing the characters grow, and I thought the message - "Man Up" (A.k.a. believe in yourself, trust in your abilities, don't be lazy,stop depending on outside forces) - was presented well, if a little heavy handed at times. I also liked that the spotlight was on a different character this time around, [...]

    11. I thought it was really good because all of the action ,like when duncan did not have his upgrades and he still beat simon the trader, was awesome and the comedy was super funny ,like when tanisha ,duncans sister, has a boyfreind and she uses benjamin the blue orb to spy on him and she finds out he is cheating she turns him into the fbi as a wanted criminal eventhough he isn't after she tried to shoot a neaukular missle at his house!!!!!

    12. This was the best book ever! Mysteries and cliff hangers (literally) are every way. Plus you get to learn how to crack codes (no pun intended). This is probably the best book I have ever read. Do they get a new team member? Find out by reading the book. P.S. Don't share this with anyone this is top secret files okay?

    13. Albert always wanted to be a superhero, he read comic books, novels, and TV shows. So one day, when he was at the store, he found a super villain. The super villain needed help Albert, so they super villain offered him superpowers. I liked this book because it has more than 3 characters in the book. I recommend this book to the 6th graders because it really good start for reading fiction books.

    14. I loved all the action and humor like when it shows all of albert nesbitt's weaknesses. I like when "Gluestick" kicks Choppers or Simon in the face. I would reccommend this book to 5th graders who love adventure with a touch of humor.

    15. I thought “M is for Mama’s Boy’ was an amazing book because it was action-packed and suspenseful. There was one good cliff hanger which kept me guessing. I’m going to get book 3 of the series tomorrow!

    16. good book, altho it had a predictable plot. Four supper nerdy kids kids with powers( powers like inhalers that fire weapons, braces that can turn into almost anything ) go on a mission to save the world. One character faces a lot of struggles, as he embraces him self. Also very interactive

    17. This book is awesomeI really like this book how could anyone hate it? This book is funny and is full of adventure. I really like how there is a unique cast of characters.

    18. I think it was good i liked it because I like action. And I like books with like tool and weapons and people that create weapons.

    19. The NERDS are always defeating villains trying to take over the world. However, what happens when the evil villain their up against this time is there previous teammate? The genre is action and adventure. I think that this is a really great book that follows the life of 5th grade nerds that are spies in disguise.This story takes place in South Arlington, Virginia. The nerds have to defeat Simon without any of their powers since they were taken away because they were taken away, so that they can [...]

    20. This sequel was just as exciting as the first book. This time, Duncan is the main character and Jackson is more in a side role. Wondering if the other books will focus on some of the other members of the NERDS team. This would be a great series for reluctant middle grade readers."NERDS combines all the excitement of international espionage with all the awkwardness of elementary school, and the results are hilarious. A group of unpopular fifth graders run a spy network from inside their school. W [...]

    21. This is my reveiw on Nerds m is for mama's boy. It had a really good story line I really loved it it was focused on my favourite character Duncan Dewey code name agent Gluestick. Gluestick can stick to walls and shoot glue out of his finger nails. His best friend Heathcleaf hodges code name choppers had betrayed the team and became an evil mastermind. So they of course stop him. My favourite parts was when duncan sneaks into a secret mission, and when duncan punches heathcliffs big teeth off his [...]

    22. The second book in the series lived up to the promise of the first (a rare feat in any kind of series). Once again, it was a fast and fun (and funny) read. I particularly enjoyed that the story focused on my favorite of the NERDS, and that the author added a host of interesting secondary characters to expand the universe. Highly recommended - now on to Book Three!

    23. i tried to read something new and i didn't like this book. i couldn't understand what was going on in the beginning.

    24. My kids are loving this series. They're begging me to start the next one, and are loving all the extras online. Super fun.

    25. How can I start? First I think most people will agree when I say this book was all over the place. Next, a new villain is on the rise. Lastly, Duncan and the team face a mystery. All they need to do is break into one of the best bases of Simon without their powers.Duncan started sixth grade great. He is still part of N.E.R.D.S, a secret agent society, where the best agents are kids. Duncan is one of them. His upgrades allow him to stick to walls and shoot glue that dries faster than concrete. H [...]

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