The Horrible Science of Everything

The Horrible Science of Everything Taking a journey from the very small to the very big readers are given a tour of everything in science from the smallest thing ever to the horrible huge universe all in full colour

  • Title: The Horrible Science of Everything
  • Author: Nick Arnold Tony De Saulles
  • ISBN: 9781407115498
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Taking a journey from the very small, to the very big, readers are given a tour of everything in science, from the smallest thing ever to the horrible huge universe all in full colour.

    One thought on “The Horrible Science of Everything”

    1. The Stunning Science of Everything is a nonfiction book written by Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony De Saulles. It is most likely intended for children ages 7-11.Summary: Accompanied by goofy cartoons and filled with disgusting details, this book covers many different scientific topics including bugs, dinosaurs, weather, and the beginning and end of the universe.Evaluation: I rated this book 4 stars because it is a very informative book that puts otherwise confusing scientific concepts into s [...]

    2. Silly cartoons punctuate the scientific theories, discoveries, and explanations inthis volume full of the offbeat, thebizarre, and the just plain “gross.” Slime, disease, bloodsucking bugs, bodily functions, and more are all discussed in a fashion designed to get kids’ attention by exploiting the “gory” factor. The attention to detail makes this volume a bit much for kids who are not science buffs, and the lack of an index and resources make it virtually useless for reports, but if add [...]

    3. This book is the best. This book was so good a scientist (any kind of scientist) would be talking about quantums and quarks and hailstones affect the weather instantly. This book was a piece of cake when I read it. It had less pages that other "Horrible" books. My least favorite chapter was the end of the universe, because I don't want the universe to go away. I skipped the chapters I didn't like and I got through almost every single word. I skipped the End of the Universe and Dastardly Deadly D [...]

    4. Clearly aimed at the "we still find poop funny" age group, this book actually manages to lightly cover a wide variety of scientific theories. There's a tiny bit of ecology, biology, anatomy, quantum theory, and other ideas in the overly-colorful pages. There's also booger jokes. It's an interesting combination and the choice to live the British hummour and slang in (with a small, unnecessary "translation glossary" in the back) works well.

    5. A rather fun romp through all of science. A tad hyper for my weary, embittered adult tastes, but as a child I would have obsessively read and re-read this for the concise science facts and fart jokes.

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