Maigret and the Flemish Shop

Maigret and the Flemish Shop When a lovelorn factory girl with an illegitimate child disappears the townspeople believe Joseph Peeters the suspected father of her child committed murder to free himself to marry another Maigret

  • Title: Maigret and the Flemish Shop
  • Author: Georges Simenon
  • ISBN: 9780156551182
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a lovelorn factory girl with an illegitimate child disappears, the townspeople believe Joseph Peeters, the suspected father of her child, committed murder to free himself to marry another Maigret must use his instincts to disprove Joseph s alibi or explain Germaine s disappearance.

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    1. Most of the classical mystery authors I know about are either Americans or British. So discovering an author who's none of those two categories is always interesting for me. And this Belgium Author didn't disappoint me at all. A typical golden age mystery set in Givet, a small town which lies on the border between Belgium and France. The story revolves around the Peeters, a Flemish family who run a grocery shop and a bar, and who are accused of murdering a local girl named Germaine Piedbeouf. Th [...]

    2. Determined Anna Peeters, through sheer perseverance, gets Chief Inspector Jules Maigret to intercede in her family’s case. Located in Givet, a French seaport on the border with Belgium, the Peeters family runs a shop, the Épicerie Peeters (a.k.a. the Flemish House), on the French side of the border with Belgium, a large shop that caters to Belgian sailors who work on the barges that ply the River Meuse. Anna’s brother Joseph, a law student in Nancy 200 kilometers away, is believed to have f [...]

    3. Βαθμολογία: ★Η πρώτη μου επαφή με τον Simenon στέφθηκε με πλήρη αποτυχία. Θέλω να πιστεύω ότι σε μεγάλο ποσοστό ευθυνόταν η αγγλική μετάφραση ή απλά έτυχα σε ένα από τα «κακά» του βιβλία, δεν είναι δυνατόν να γράφει έτσι και να τον λατρεύουν τόσοι. Ήταν λες και το έγραψε 15χρονο μ [...]

    4. Very similar to a crime in holland, with Maigret brought in without an official role in the case of a missing woman feared murdered. The chief suspect is the son of a Flemish family and it his sister who apppeals to Maigret for help.This is the usual questioning of witnesses; distilling evidence and looking for character flaws as much as motive.The town of Givet is well described and the weather as usual plays its part; Maigret walking around in damp clothes doesn't lighten his mood. But it is t [...]

    5. Maigret arrives in Givet, a small town on the border separating France and Belgium. His is not on official business. A letter from one of his wife’s cousins has forwarded a request from her brother-in-law that he assist Anna Peeters, the daughter of a Flemish family that runs a grocery store and bar in Givet. The Peeters family, whom Maigret views as lower middle class, are considered rich foreigners in this small port city on the Meuse River. Joseph Peeters, Anna’s brother, has carried on a [...]

    6. Premetto che non riesco ad essere oggettivo nel valutare i romanzi di Simenon con protagonista Maigret: per me tutti meritano 5 stelle.Questo si caratterizza per un'ambientazione fuori Parigi, siamo a Givet, città francese vicina al confine con il Belgio attraversata dal fiume Mosa, un clima freddo e piovoso, un omicidio condizionato da miseria e pregiudizi sociali, un Maigret che opera in veste non ufficiale, ma più cupo del solito e un finale che un po' lascia sorpresi.Ma la grande abilità [...]

    7. A short take:Maigret solves a mystery by taking in the daily rhythms of the place where the crime went down; in this case, Maigret is in Flemish territory, and the mish-mash of French and Flemish culture in interwar Europe makes for a fascinating setting. I do believe that I adore this series and I am so happy that so many books remain.

    8. I can not imagine a more dramatic way of showing the difference in the expectations of the read of mysteries than to compare the Maigret series with the Deborah Knott series. Simenon has his hero just walk around the town or the community and watches. He seldom asks a lot of questions. He is rarely interested in the clues that his subordinates bring to him. There is a lot of description of facial expressions, body posture, sweating, and description of inter family reactions. In this one he paint [...]

    9. Another superb Maigret crime novel, and novel of character, time, and place.The adored son in a Flemish grocer family, whose business spans the French/Belgian border, and is in a small fishing port, has fathered a child with a local French girl. She has disappeared, and suspicion has fallen on the Flemish family of father, mother, and three daughters. Is this because the poorer French locals envy those more successful than themselves, or is there grounds for suspicion? Is the girl dead?Maigret i [...]

    10. Pur non coinvolto ufficialmente, e non è la prima volta ormai, ritengo che in questo episodio Maigret affronti l'indagine in una maniera più lineare (con tanto di deduzioni, prove, confutazioni durante il confronto con un ispettore locale) rispetto ai lavori precedenti, in cui - solitamente - poco spazio era destinato all'inchiesta e più allo studio delle persone coinvolte, aspetto quest'ultimo comunque presente.Per il resto Simenon ci porta nuovamente nei luoghi in cui è più usuale immagin [...]

    11. A wonderfully concise study of a small town and a family in crisis, but with an ending I couldn't quite figure out. Inspector Maigret leaves Paris and ventures out to a town on the Flemish border to assist in solving the mysterious disappearance of a young woman.He does this at the request of another young woman, Anna, who is bold and strong and organized, and who fascinates Maigret. She's seeking Maigret's help because her beloved brother is the chief suspect in the disappearance, because he go [...]

    12. There is nothing like one of Georges Simenon's many Inspector Maigret novels to make me feel all Christmas-like on the inside. I don't exactly know why, but I like reading a good mystery just when the whether starts turning cold. Maigret and the Flemish Shop(1941) is a little gem. At Givet, a town on the Meuse along the French and Belgian border, a murder has been committed. A sluttish young woman who has captivated the well-off son of a Flemish shopkeeper and bore a son by him has suddenly turn [...]

    13. I have always enjoyed the laissez faire attitude of Maigret during his investigations and this one delivers to the same level as his preceding ones have. Enjoyable police procedural set at the France Belgium border - not a lot of action but enjoyable to follow along on his investigation of the disappearance of the mother of a child by a young Flemish man and the suspicion that his family killed her.

    14. Ce livre m'a vraiment déçu. L'intrigue est très simple, les personnages invraisemblables, le dénouement ridicule. La seule chose qui me fait prendre mon parti de ce roman, c'est la description vivante de l'atmosphère d'une petite ville semi-flamande qui vit de la fleuve y coulant en travers et de la contrebande que celle-ci permets. Certaines images laissent une empreinte dans l'esprit.

    15. Maigret is abroad again - on the French/Belgian border investigating the disappearance of a woman. The circumstances are odd - he has been asked by the family of a suspect for her murder to help in proving his innocence. He has no authority in the case, and is obviously a bit of an annoyance to the local police. Why he goes to Belgium, and how he proceeds in the case, isn't really explained. The story is simple - blue eyed and beloved son of well to do Flemish family of grocers gets local girl p [...]

    16. "Maigret tried to identify an impression that he had had since he arrived, but every time he thought he was on the point of reaching his destination, his thought became elusive. Something had changed. But he didn’t know what. And he was in a bad mood. He had the blank face, the stubborn brow of his bad days. In fact, he wanted to do something incongruous just to disrupt all the harmony that surrounded him."Maigret #14. So far the most consistent element in the Maigret novels I have read is the [...]

    17. Ωραίο ήταν. Δεν με ενθουσίασε τρελά σε σημείο που να μην μπορώ να το αφήσω από τα χέρια μου, αλλά το διάβασα πολύ ευχάριστα. Ήταν η πρώτη επαφή μου με τον Μαιγκρέ και νομίζω ότι θα συνεχίσω να διαβάσω και άλλες περιπέτειές του. Απ' ό,τι μου είπαν, αυτό το βιβλίο δεν είναι και από [...]

    18. I didn't think this was all that great. I have never been that interested in who done its. Either I totally missed the clues, or there were none - so there really wasn't much of interest to me in this book. I was thankful that it is a short book.Who knows, maybe if I could read French I would better appreciate it in its original language.

    19. The writing is very brusque, and often cuts off mid-thought. Definite economy of thought. Mostly I thought the mystery was just okay, though the explanation of a family's turmoil made sense at the end.

    20. Maigret seems to enjoy his Flemish rice tarts in this one but tells his wife he does not remember what he ate in the border town of Givet when he returns to Paris. For the sake of further analysis, I may have to bake up one of these tarts.

    21. Sometimes, I need a maigret. Not so much for the who dunnit, but for the atmosphere, the smells, the weather even. Some details remind me of my early youth: the small town talk and the eternal rumours as if some people had nothing else to do

    22. This one confused me a bit; I don't have a problem with how the storyline resolved and Maigret's actions so much as I don't understand it/them. In other storylines like this one, I felt like I had a better handle on the motivation for why things wound up that way. But I did enjoy it.

    23. As a favour for a friend, Maigret unofficially investigates a woman's disappearance in a border town, and the suspect believed to have murdered her.

    24. Certo che, per essere un commissario parigino, Maigret se ne va parecchio in giro: come nel precedente ‘Il caso Saint-Fiacre’, eccolo in trasferta (convocato là da una lettera anonima, qui direttamente da un’appartenente alla cerchia dei sospettati) a seguire nel tempo libero una non-indagine nella quale, almeno all’inizio, manca persino una vittima accertata. In un paesino sulla Mosa vicino al confine franco-belga – un posto umido e piovosissimo, va da sé – una giovane donna del p [...]

    25. She was not a feminine woman. She was large and solid, and not at all coy. Perhaps that’s why Maigret agreed to accept her request for help when she came to him. He would be functioning privately, not in his official capacity.Her name was Anna Peeters, and her brother, Joseph, was accused of murdering a local girl. Not just any local girl – the mother of his son and the one person who stood between his marriage with his beautiful cousin. Anna is as certain of his innocence as the townspeople [...]

    26. MAIGRET AND THE FLEMISH SHOP. (1941). Gerge Simenon. ***1/2.This Maigret novel was included in a collection of two of his novels, titled “Maigret to the Rescue.” Why the renaming of the collection, I don’t know. The other novelette included was “The Guinguette by the Seine.” The collection was published by Harcourt, Brace Publishers. In the first novel, Maigret is called in to settle a dispute that arose during a murder investigation. The reason for his involvement was that the murder [...]

    27. Inspector Maigret is called to Givet a small town on the border between Belgium and France by the Peeters family who are accused of the murder of Germaine Piedboeuf, a woman who has a child with the son of the family. The family are widely disliked in the town because they are wealthy and Flemish. Simenon builds up the atmosphere beautifully and I really liked the characterisation of the Peeters family, Anna in particular. The story also details the canal running through the town, which Simenon [...]

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