A Night of Scandal

A Night of Scandal Nathaniel Icon Celebrity Heartthrob But underneath his movie star good looks he s battling with the demons of his past No one knows the real Nathaniel they only see the pinup the illusion he preten

  • Title: A Night of Scandal
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780373130009
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Nathaniel Icon Celebrity Heartthrob But underneath his movie star good looks, he s battling with the demons of his past No one knows the real Nathaniel, they only see the pinup, the illusion he pretends to be.Then one night he is forced to rely on Katie Field, an ordinary young woman from a very different world She may be starstruck but she isn t blinded by theNathaniel Icon Celebrity Heartthrob.But underneath his movie star good looks, he s battling with the demons of his past No one knows the real Nathaniel, they only see the pinup, the illusion he pretends to be.Then one night he is forced to rely on Katie Field, an ordinary young woman from a very different world She may be starstruck but she isn t blinded by the bright lights of fame Can Nathaniel trust her enough to reveal the real man behind the mask Let the seduction begin.

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    1. I have no idea how I even heard of this book. I'm usually too embarrassed to pick anything up that has a cover like this:And the title: Seriously? I cringe even typing it. This book was released under a different title at one point: A Night of Scandal. Besides having nothing to do with anything in the story, it probably wasn't nearly sexy enough for the rest of the series.Here's the premise for the series: Eight (count 'em, EIGHT) siblings. Some full, some step, some half, all obscenely wealthy [...]

    2. Sarah Morgan has written a book that is both very funny and quite sad and poignant at the same time. She used the overlying theme of Nathaniel being an actor and built a whole story around it, including a lot of symbolism and motifs related to acting/playing roles to enrich this novel.You see, Nathaniel is not an accoladed, successful actor for no reason. Playing roles was a way to escape from his terrible childhood, in which he was treated in a way no child should have to experience by his pare [...]

    3. Absolutely loved the book,Nathaniel-Katie such strong adorable lonely people who have so many secrets fears and securities,both are quiet opposite of each other in every way but the only similar thing is both hide their real self-Nathaniel hides in his characters and Katie hides by sketches and designing ,both have suffered so much both ways physically and emotionally,Nathaniel prefers solitute and Katie is talkative(loved one funny moment where in Katie is so lonely that she is now talking to l [...]

    4. The Bad Blood Premiere… Featuring…a seriously sexy tortured hero with deep dark secrets, light and shade.Like the lovely easy-to-identify-with Katie, I wanted the real Nathaniel, the man behind the actor’s mask. And loved how she held out for him, and was instrumental in finding him.The strong characterisation is matched by the emotional depth and relationship intensity, and propelled by loads of meaningful dialogue and hero and heroine interaction.The ending made me laugh and cry. And lef [...]

    5. Tortured Rake is the first book about the Wolfe family. The family comprises of 8 siblings(not all share the same mother). The father Williams was psychotic, he beat his children, abused them and nearly killed his daughter. Protecting all the siblings was the eldest brother Jacob, who killed the father and then disappeared for 20 years. To say the Wolfe family is dysfunctional would be an understatement.Our hero Nathaniel is a Hollywood super-star who feels more comfortable as an actor than as N [...]

    6. A Night Of Scandal is the 1st book in the "Notorious Wolfes" miniseries of 8 books written by various HP authors.I loved this book,def 4.5 star read for me. The beginning 3rd of the book read like a romantic comedy ,it was funny and witty IMO.The middle of the book was the "romance" and getting to know you part and the last 3rd of the book was the angst that you would expect in an HP.This book had all the aspects that comes in a really good HP and I was hooked from the 1st page to the last. Ther [...]

    7. A good start to the Bad Blood Collection.Nathaniel is a good, and as the title say, tortured hero. His childhood was horrible, and his father was a real monster. Now, he's an successful actor, voted many times as the Sexiest Man Alive. But he spends all of his time acting, playing the role of Nathaniel Wolfe, the famous actor, and not being the man. He mostly manages to fool people, but Katie is much harder to deceive.Katie is a costume designer, and gets involved with Nathaniel accidentally. Sh [...]

    8. For me this was quite a disappointing start to the series. I am hoping that it picks up with the next one!

    9. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: June 21, 2011Publisher: HarlequinImprint: Harlequin PresentsAuthor’s Website:My Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 1, Notorious WolfesSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyNathaniel Wolfe is the Hollywood Hunk. Handsome, wealthy, and talented, he’s what many a woman (and man) dreams of. He’s also a coward. Nathaniel hides behind his acting, and has been ru [...]

    10. At the beginning of this book the hero Nathaniel, a world famous Hollywood actor, is about to make his stage debut. Before he even opens his mouth for his first line he is frozen in shock at seeing someone he didn't expect in the audience. He walks off stage and runs (literally) into the play's costume designer Katie, the heroine. He begs her to help him escape before being noticed, sensing his distress and desperation Katie agrees and takes him to her place. Nathaniel was shocked after seeing h [...]

    11. So because I have bought a kindle for Ilona, a kindle for my grandmother who must be close to 90 now, a kindle fire for Ilona and a kindle fire for kid 2, I get an email every time a book is purchased on any one of the aforementioned devices. Several months ago, somebody bought "Water for Elephants," and I was ready to make terrible fun until I talked to Me-maw and figured out it was her. She saw the commercials and while she will not go and see the film, she is an avid reader and bought the boo [...]

    12. I read this awhile ago - on Scribd when they had Harlequins. I'm writing this so I'll remember that I've read this. It's the first book in the Bad Blood series. Hero is an famous actor from a notorious family. Heroine is an ordinary gal who is in charge of the wardrobe of the stage play in which hero is appearing. Hero messes up when he sees his brother and he ends up with heroine on an luxury island to lick his wounds. Heroine is bubbly and talky. Hero is morose and hides behind various persona [...]

    13. All Harlequin Presents are over the top. I mean, that's why I read them in the first place. This one, though, soared to exciting new heights of melodrama and silliness, not that there's anything wrong with that.

    14. This was my first book by Sarah Morgan, and I really enjoyed it. I received it through netgalley.It had some great things going for it that really held my attention. It's not a particularly long book, although the length is, in my opinion, absolutely perfect for the story.What I really liked about this one:- The writing is great. Nicely descriptive, not too many words, not too few, grammar and spelling is good (I know, I know, I'm being a bit anal here, but I hate it when spelling and grammar ar [...]

    15. pertama tertarik karena co di cover nya ganteng banget 3 karena pengarang nya sarah morganrah ini kebanyakan tokoh utama ce nya masih vi.ceritanya ttg keluarha WOLFE di mulai dari nathaniel wolfe yang seorh aktor tampan dan berbakat pujaan semua perempuan.dibalik sifat angkuh dan percaya diri nya, dia damage di dalamalnya korban abuse bokap nya dan hampir di tenggelamin di danau waktu masih kecil sama nyokapnya sendiri yang sakit jiwa krn penghianatan ayah nyapanya si ayah ini gemar main perempu [...]

    16. Me encantan las series que cuentan las historias de varios hermanos, y un mismo hilo conductor para la trama!! Esos trabajos en conjunto de las autoras son geniales!La dinastía Wolfe promete mucho mas!El primer libro me gusto, una buena historia familiar, mucho dolor y sufrimiento.Hermanos marcados por un padre malnacido y distanciados por el dolor del recuerdo.Nathaniel es tan duro consigo mismo, me da tanto dolor. Pero en el fondo solo es por culpa del dolor que le causo su padre. Duele tanto [...]

    17. I like Sarah Morgan's writing, but I couldn't get "lost" in this story. I always felt like I was reading a book instead of feeling immersed. Katie is a likeable enough heroine, but I'm tired of women who think that having a figure means they're "fat." Nathaniel thinks about her "long, slim legs" so she can't exactly be pudgy. She feels she's unattractive because she's "padded," which in this case simply meant she had a bust line you could measure and she had some shape to her derriere. Nathaniel [...]

    18. i must be feeling rather particular today as i had trouble getting into the story on thisone. it's the first of 8 books about the wolfe family siblings and step-siblings and i sincerely hope the next 7 are more engaging in the first few chapters than this one.

    19. 3.5 starsNice way to spend an evening. This was high on the angst, but that was expected. I've come to really like Sarah Morgan's writing, a lot. She injects humor into it so the angst doesn't overpower it.

    20. This is my favourite book of the series and how do I explain my love for Nathaniel Wolfe <3 I cried, laughed. Enjoyed this one so much, read this multiple times. One of my favorite heroes <3

    21. 4,5 starsMemorable Scenes: - Nathaniel opening up to Katie about his family > throat lump moment- The days in Rio > with its high point: the sexy scene in the lift *fans self*Nathaniel Wolfe is a big Hollywood actor. He’s broody, sarcastic and guarded, hiding a vulnerable man beneath his outward bluster. He also lives up to his bad boy reputation with his naughty, bold remarks towards Katie.Katie Field is a costume designer. She’s down-to-earth, realistic and says what she thinks. She [...]

    22. What would handsome megastar action film hero Nathaniel Wolfe have in common with Katie, a frumpy but talented wardrobe mistress in a theatre. Two things in fact. They are both hiding something and they are both lonely. A match made in heaven you think? Or perhaps not. Because Nathaniel is hiding Nathaniel Wolfe and what ever else Katie wants is that the person she loves is a real person, not some caricature of a 'successful sexy movie star'. Katie isn't hiding Katie but she's carrying around so [...]

    23. What a good book!The sad thing was…it could have been a 5 star book.An actor? A tortured actor? Family secrets?A sunny heroine that was not a nitwit? A cute witty sunny one?Intrigue and Hollywood along with secluded islands?A worthwhile mix,if only it hand not lack the spark.Maybe some more drama? A surprise visit for the evil modeling sister?Some other woman, a jilted lover, ex wife?Bigger and really meaningful collision of the long lost brothers?Something. A flare. A rocky patch.Without that [...]

    24. I had to force myself to put this book down. We had a visitor turn up halfway through - how dare they ;-) and I was itching to get back to it. I am a sucker for a tortured hero and a good old Cinderella type story and this book delivers on both in spades. Nathaniel Wolfe, international movie star is certainly tortured and then some. Katie, ordinary young costume designer is just the woman to help him face all his demons. I loved the chemistry between them and how Katie fights her attraction, det [...]

    25. Who doesn't like movie stars? Loved that the heroine held her ownSynopsis from coverNathaniel Icon. Celebrity. Heartthrob.Underneath the movie star's good looks is a man battling with the demons of his past. No one knows the real Nathaniel, they only see the pin-up, the man he pretends to be. Until one night he is forced to rely on Katie Field, an ordinary young woman from a very different world to Nathaniel's. She may be starstuck but she isn't blinded by the bright lights of fame. Can Nathanie [...]

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