Desire's Edge

Desire s Edge Giving into desire As a lawyer Kara Crawford knows how to keep a secret especially after being spurned by an ex for revealing her sexual needs Kara doesn t expect to find anyone who can fulfill her

  • Title: Desire's Edge
  • Author: Eve Berlin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 470
  • Format: None
  • Giving into desire As a lawyer, Kara Crawford knows how to keep a secret, especially after being spurned by an ex for revealing her sexual needs Kara doesn t expect to find anyone who can fulfill her, until she experiences one of the most incredible nights of her life with a man she s always admired from afar can set you free Dante De Matteo knew Kara back in highGiving into desireAs a lawyer, Kara Crawford knows how to keep a secret, especially after being spurned by an ex for revealing her sexual needs Kara doesn t expect to find anyone who can fulfill her, until she experiences one of the most incredible nights of her life with a man she s always admired from afar can set you freeDante De Matteo knew Kara back in high school, and he never imagined her darkest fantasies would align so perfectly with his The lovers don t expect their passion to last than a night, but when Dante s new job turns out to be at Kara s law firm, they find themselves confronted daily with the sparks of their blistering chemistry but only if you give yourself completely.As intense desire draws them closer, deep rooted fears threaten to pull them apart, unless they can learn to embrace both the pain and pleasure of love

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    1. "Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success."- by Bo Bennett -1 1/2 stars.I am so proud that I could finish this book. It was painful and frustrating in a very bad way, and in the end I think this was a personal success because I was bored to the core. Desire's Edge couldn't live up to my expectations. Not by a long shot. I'm extremely disappointed.Dante De Matteo is a Dom. He likes to have everything under control, and he prefers to not get em [...]

    2. 3.5 starsThis review was posted at My Secret RomanceI love when it rains. The sound of rain drops splashing on the tops of roofs and against the thin glass of cheap windows does something for me. I swear I could watch and listen to the rain fall for hours.Kara Crawford and Dante De Matteo (what a great name he has!) are both at a mutual friend's house for a dinner party one night. They haven't seen each other since high school. So when Kara sees Dante across the room, all grown up, looking more [...]

    3. Grade: C-Reaction. Reading this book was like trying to watch a show behind a thick pane of glass. What do I mean by that? (Because what a weird metaphor). Basically, I felt like I never really got what was promised. I was given this potentially interesting story, but it was always a little out of reach, always only skimming the surface. Some of Kara’s and Dante’s issues were never fully explored and we’re given pat explanations for their feelings and actions.There also weren’t any to-do [...]

    4. Desire’s Edge by Eve BerlinContemporary Romance -Sept. 6th, 20114 starsDesire’s Edge is the second in this author's BDSM, erotic series and does not need to be read in order. (The first book was Pleasure’s Edge.) In this book, the unattainable Dante finds love unexpectedly with a woman who is more than his match.Dante De Matteo is a master of control and he likes it that way. He loves his dominant role at the Pleasure Dome where he can play out his fantasies and not become emotionally invo [...]

    5. I wasn't expecting that! I was like I WISH someone loved me the way he loves her *crying*I can resume this in one word

    6. I'm disappointed. The sex scenes were awesome (and plentiful). But the emotional angst just didn't hold my interest for 170+ pages. He's afraid to love, she's afraid of rejection. Boo Hoo I held out until the very end to get something that would make me care about the emotional vacuum these two created for themselves.I would have liked to see more of Alec and Dylan from the first book. The two very brief scenes that included them felt awkward. I was particularly frustrated with the bar scene whe [...]

    7. This is my second time through the majority of this book, but the first time I finished it. The reason I cast it aside the first time was because it didn't seem much like erotica to me. It's your basic romance passing as erotica BDSM but is bdsm (definitely lowercase) is pretty tame. So this your run of the mill romance with two characters who have the oddest rationales for why they he is D and she is s. Dante had an overbearing father who browbeat and then physically beat his wife and insisted [...]

    8. La segunda parte de la saga El Límite me confundió, al final no sabía si me encontraba con un libro nuevo o con la copia del primero con profesiones y nombres nuevos, pero con la trama exactamente igual. No me gusta hacer reseñas que siento que finalmente terminan siendo iguales a otra, pero resulta que este libro finalmente es lo mismo.La historia comienza cuando dos adultos se reencuentran en una reunión social, en la que resultan ser viejos compañeros del instituto que se atraían mutua [...]

    9. Tohle je zářný příklad naprosto zpackaného českého překladu, který neuvěřitelně sráží celou knihu. Už od prvního dílu mi bylo jasné, že nepůjde o nic převratného, ale mezi nejhorší knižní kousky série rozhodně nepatří. Proto mě mrzí to, co se stalo s překladem. Ten je naprosto katastrofální.Netuším, co přimělo nakladatele vyměnit překládajícího, ale kvalitativně to šlo naprosto z kopce. Zatímco první díl jemně a hezky přeložila žena (co si t [...]

    10. This story is similiar to Pleaser's Edge but with less edge in it for me. It was fairly predictible which isn't always bad but nothing about the characters really kept me incredibly interested. I think I liked Dante more in Pleasure's Edge with his incredibly limited presence there than I did here - not that I didn't like him here but there just wasn't enough development for me. The writing style is easy to read and is R-X rated in the sex scenes with BDSM - nothing too serious. In this story, a [...]

    11. "No limiar do desejo" não é muito diferente do livro anterior, pecando por isso, mas também não é pior, o que faz com que a sua leitura seja uma mais valia para quem gosta deste tipo de livros ou para quem queira experimentar este mundo pela primeira vez, sem entrar em séries e trilogia dependentes.Opinião completa - algodaodoceparaocerebrosp

    12. Maybe I'm just too vanilla to like this book but this whole spanking thing was just not for me. Sex scenes are too repetitive and frequent without any real plot between them. Characters were not really likeable. I would not recommend this book to anyone who actually enjoys good books.

    13. Dante and Kara both had crushes on each other in high school, but fate had not allowed them to act on their attraction. Years later they meet as adults and are able to act on them. However, life had taught both of them to distance themselves from another person and that they "are not relationship people". Desire's Edge explores their relationship in spite of their fears of actually letting another one in. Honestly, I had high hopes for this story, it had all of the elements that could have pulle [...]

    14. Un poco decepcionada la verdad, me costo mucho leerla y me entristece porque el inicio del libro fue candente y me atrapo, pero el libro va cayendo en una rutina y se convierte en un cliché. Para comenzar siento que todo pasa demasiado rápido, los personajes cambian demasiado y no me gusta que a los personajes les cueste tanto darse cuenta de lo que están sintiendo.Dante por otro lado, me gusto muuuuucho, a pesar que por momento siente que perdía su caracter y ya no era el personaje del que [...]

    15. Kara Crawford has lots of experience when it comes to not being good enough. She could never be exactly what her parents expected her to be, although she gave up her dream of being an artist for them. And her last boyfriend left her as soon as she shared her kinky fantasies with him. By this stage in her life she has accepted that she will never live up to whatever expectations others may have of her. And if that means giving up on the dream of love and security, so be it. Not chancing her heart [...]

    16. Rilettura. L’erotico che ha come tema centrale dominanza e sottomissione inevitabilmente tratta di sentimenti e sul finale Eden esagera, rendendo la trama stucchevole. Non fosse per questo si meriterebbe una valutazione a cinque stelle. I personaggi sono affascinanti, il rapporto che cresce fra loro intriga e nonostante io non sia esaltata da certe pratiche riesco a leggerne tranquillamente per la bravura dell’autrice di narrarle con il giusto mix di esagerazione e vibrante necessità. Consi [...]

    17. La primer novela de esta trilogía El límite del Placer, me gustó mucho (reseña aquí). No fue la octava maravilla pero entre todas las novelas que leí sobre BDSM en ese momento, me pareció de las mejorcitas. Entonces, no dudé en comprar este libro y el tercero (aunque me lo tuve que pedir a amazon porque aquí no ha llegado). Cuando inicié con esta novela, no le vi nada del otro mundo Kara y Dante ya se conocían desde la preparatoria, habían dejado de verse muchos años, ella siempre e [...]

    18. 4.5 Stars – Desire’s Edge is an erotic romance by Eden Bradley, writing as Eve Berlin, and the 2nd book in her Edge Series.Kara Crawford is a confident, successful attorney who as a child dreamed of going to college to obtain an art degree. Her mother, owner of one of the top architectural firms in Seattle, had never had time for more than one child. Her father had his own law practice. They were absorbed in their work, focused to the exclusion of anything else. Six months ago, Kara’s rela [...]

    19. A review for The Romance Reviews.Emotional, intense, sexy and sensualDESIRE'S EDGE was all that and more. I was literally glued to my kindle the entire time.Kara has dark desires that she knows to keep to herself after being spurned by a former lover. But when she sees her former crush from high school, Dante, she decides to end her self-induced celibacy to explore the attraction they obviously have for each other.Dante was attracted to the high school Kara and is even more attracted to the grow [...]

    20. Desire’s Edge - Two fearful-of-love adults realizing that they aren’t perfect, but loving each other is Whereas Pleasure’s Edge was “knocked out of the field” (see my review posted below on book #1 in this Edge-y series) book #2, Desire’s Edge, was a Home-Run! I’m performing a standing-O for Eve Berlin! Dante and Kara are just the kind of characters you fall in love with right from the start. They share a strong mutual attraction many years since last seeing one another, “normal [...]

    21. Kitty's review posted on Guilty PleasuresDante and Kara's story.A Sadistic Dominant. A fearful but strong Submissive. Two Attorneys. Friends from the past. Put all of this together and you have one explosive story about lust, love and sexual attraction that will keep you turning the pages and wanting more.Dante and Kara knew each other in high school. She always had a “crush” on him especially after he saved her from a bad boyfriend experience. Dante always knew that he was a Dominant and ne [...]

    22. Reviewed By: IveReview Copy Provided By: ARC copy from AuthorWe all have sexual fantasies but can we really be honest with our significant others about what we want sexually without being judged? Kara Crawford has just been thru a bad break-up because she did just that. She told her boyfriend what she wanted to experience sexually and he flat out called her sick and disturbed. Kara never wanted to experience humiliation like that again. Dante De Matteo loves to play dominant games and when he se [...]

    23. Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews5 Kisses, 2 Peppers (M/F BDSM, oral sex, anal play, public sex)Dante and Kara knew each other back in high school, and they both had secret crushes on each other. Now they've bumped into each other at a party and they feel an instant and almost overwhelming attraction to each other. Dante is a sexual dominant, and Kara has always secretly craved submission. Her last boyfriend told her she was a freak for wanting those things, but for Dante she's the perfect woman. But [...]

    24. Kara a Dante se po milionech let potkávají na večírku u společné známé a oba dva hned vědí, že se chtějí. Kaře ztroskotal předchozí vztah, protože chtěla po svém partnerovi, aby jí splnil nejniternější přání - pěkně jí při Tom nařezal. On ji za to odsoudil a opustil. Kara žije celý život v domnění, že není pro nikoho dobrá. Není dobrou dcerou svým geniálním rodičům a tak se vzdá své vášně - malování, a vystuduje práva jen proto, aby se jim zav [...]

    25. I'd been looking forward to reading this a lot, but didn't really end up enjoying it as much as I though I would. For starters the BDSM/erotica aspects weren't as intense as I'd like them and although the book started really promisingly I just didn't get involved enough with the characters and what was happening. After a while the sex got repetitive and sure, every now and then Dante and Kara would do something a little different but it wasn't really explored further. In fact as Dante started to [...]

    26. Lembram-se de «De Olhos Fechados», a primeira obra da autora protagonizada por Alec e Dylan? Se gostaram de Alec com certeza agora iram apreciar Dante, o seu melhor amigo com quem já temos algum contacto nesse mesmo livro. Agora «No Limiar do Desejo» deparamo-nos com um grupo de amigos já dos tempos do secundário que se voltam a reencontrar depois de terem seguido caminhos diferentes antes da formatura. Muito tempo passou, mas uma coisa é certa, a atracção que sentiam na altura não de [...]

    27. Assim que terminei o primeiro volume da "Trilogia Edge" peguei logo no segundo de seguida para o poder ler o quanto antes pois estava realmente curiosa para saber o que iria encontrar - e ainda bem que o fiz, pois deparei-me com um livro fantástico!Apesar de a estrutura da narrativa ser semelhante à do primeiro livro, com a acção a girar em volta da relação íntima entre os protagonistas, não é por isso que esta deixa de ser uma obra repleta de sentimentos fortes de luxúria, desejo, ami [...]

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