The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western

The Hawkline Monster A Gothic Western Richard Brautigan The Hawkline Monster New York Simon and Schuster First edition first printing Octavo pages The time is the setting eastern Oregon Magic Child a fifteen year old Ind

  • Title: The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western
  • Author: Richard Brautigan
  • ISBN: 9780671218096
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Richard Brautigan The Hawkline Monster New York Simon and Schuster, 1974 First edition, first printing Octavo 216 pages The time is 1902, the setting eastern Oregon Magic Child, a fifteen year old Indian girl, wanders into the wrong whorehouse looking for the right men to kill the monster that lives in the ice caves under the basement of Miss Hawkline s yellow hoRichard Brautigan The Hawkline Monster New York Simon and Schuster, 1974 First edition, first printing Octavo 216 pages The time is 1902, the setting eastern Oregon Magic Child, a fifteen year old Indian girl, wanders into the wrong whorehouse looking for the right men to kill the monster that lives in the ice caves under the basement of Miss Hawkline s yellow house What follows is a series of wild, witty, and bizarre encounters The book was originally published in 1974.

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    1. i am willing to give second chances.even if i am angered or bewildered or heartbroken, i am always willing to take stock of circumstances, offer up the opportunity for redemption, and allow someone back into the warmth of my heart. we should all be as emotionally charitable as me. just don't fuck up a second time.i read this brautigan novel with trepidation. that motherfucker burned me before. are you distressed that i have already used variants of the word "fuck" twice in the first fifty or so [...]

    2. "It just howls and pounds on the iron door that's between the ice caves and the laboratory. We've kept the door locked ever since our father disappeared.""What does it sound like?" Cameron said."It sounds like the combination of water being poured into a glass," Miss Hawkline said. "A dog barking and the muttering of a drunk parrot. And very, very loud.""I think we're going to need the shotgun for this one," Cameron saidd maybe a bigger boat while you're at itThis is a freaky acid trip of a "got [...]

    3. هیولای هاوکلاین یک روایت است که ماجراهای دو هفت‌تیرکش و قاتل‌ حرفه‌ای به نام‌های "گریر" و "کامرون" را برای مخاطب بازگو می‌کند اما در عین حال هیولای هاوکلاین تنها یک رمان درباره زندگی دو قاتل نیست و در لایه‌های عمیق‌تر تغییر فرهنگ غرب را به سوی مدرنیته بررسی می‌کند.در همین [...]

    4. Whatever Richard Brautigan wrote, his writings, despite their deceptive simplicity, possessed some hidden magic. And so it is with a playful gothic tale The Hawkline Monster.“They did not look tough or mean. They looked like a relaxed essence distilled from these two qualities. They acted as if they were very intimate with something going on that nobody else could see.” These are the heroes – the goodhearted killers for hire.“When they were a hundred yards away from the house, the air su [...]

    5. I grabbed this one because it said Gothic Western on the cover. It was a really odd one. The writing is simplistic but has a bit of a hypnotic quality. I'll read more Brautigan if I happen across them.

    6. The Hawkline Monster by Richard BrautiganMy rating: 3 of 5 starsA Gothic Western'This sure is a weird place,' Greer said.'It ain't any weirder that Hawaii,' Cameron said.As it turned out, Cameron was wrong.Blurb: It is the beginning of the 20th century. A huge yellow house stands in a field of frost in the Dead Hills of East Oregon. In the basement of the house are The Chemicals.The Chemicals were Professor Hawkline's lifework - but the Professor has disappeared and his lifework must be complete [...]

    7. A Gothic Western?Really? Pretentious much? What were you Brautigan, one of those writers who said ‘I write so-and-so books, but with a so-and-so twist’? I mean, seriously, give us a bre — oh! Hey, so yeah, a gothic western. Spot on. Who knew one could be so apt in labeling their work. My apologies. Well done.Having A Go at One of Those Superficially Clever, Show-offy-but-in-reality-rather-hokey-and-stilted-and-at-bottom-irrelevent Mash-up Comparative Descriptions That Critics Tend to Enjoy [...]

    8. وقتی شروع شد با خودم گفتم به نظر کار ضعیف‌تری میاد. ولی هرچی جلوتر رفت بیشتر جذبش شدم!به شدت خلاقانه‌س و فانتزی و جذاب، طوری که اصلن نمی‌تونی حدس بزنی چه اتفاقی داره میفته و گاهی چیزایی توش رخ می‌ده که از شدت سادگی و احمقانگی قهقهه می‌زنی!عالی!

    9. My first experience with Richard Brautigan was not a positive one. I dislikedA Confederate General from Big Sur. Karen a similar bad Brautigan reaction to her first book, but she was convinced to give him another try with this book, and I was given the task of taking it out of the library for her. She read it and gave it four stars. Since it's my job to return it to the library, and because she asked me to, I give Brautigan a second chance. It was ok. I found it enjoyable and it read quickly and [...]

    10. A miniscule, oddball masterpiece. Essentially functioning as one extended deadpan joke, "The Hawkline Monster" is a strange story told straightforwardly. Structured in Brautigan's characteristic fragmentary chapters (which average about two pages and sometimes contain little more than one singular thought), the plot begins with contract killers Greer and Cameron being approached by a stranger named Magic Child. She has a job for them: come to Hawkline Manor, a house in eastern Oregon but near no [...]

    11. a phenomenal book i keep carrying around with me and dipping into over and over again. i read it twice the first time i read it which is always the hallmark of my great favouritese simple story really sort of sketches in a lovely series of scenes that play out in a matter of fact way that always hints at poetry, and engages my imagination so that i can see everything so vividly. i love everything about these characters: they are so real to me, natural and uttterly charmingough it's supposed to b [...]

    12. کتاب‌های براتیگان همیشه و بی هیچ دلیل واضحی خوش‍خوانن و احتمالا این به نثر روون کتابهاش و طنز ظریفی که به کار می‌بره برمی‌گرده. شاید این کتاب بهترین اثر براتیگان نباشه و در مواردی خواننده از بی‌اتفاقی و خط داستانی مستقیم و بی‌فراز و نشسیب اون کسل می‌شد اما حرفی برای گفتن د [...]

    13. Video reviewA postmodern House on the Borderland. If you thought Cortazar's "House Taken Over" was already that, hey you're good, and also, that's intellectual postmodernism; this is the crazy hippy variety.Guns, laughs, random sex and an actual monster: what else you need?

    14. i can't even really begin to think about understanding why this book is so great. on the one hand, it's simplicity itself; on the other, it's a big shimmering cloud of mystery that floats through your eyes and into your brain and then turns to diamonds when you close the book. so, yeah, i liked it.

    15. My first exposure to Brautigan, although I have one of his trilogy collections in my stack. I wasnt ready to dig into that so when I came across this little volume I snatched it up. A very light read, its only about 150 pages or so and Brautigan uses a very minimalist, trimmed down language in this dark story. You could easily put this down in half a day. Not only does this style make it extremely easy to read, it aptly sets the mood for the story through the eyes of the stark, simple, no-nonsen [...]

    16. Hawkline Monster - Purchased this book with tax payer dollars soon after becoming director, ("chief, cook and bottle washer") of a then 12,000 population "Cowboy" county library. I enjoyed Brautigan's creativity. Sometimes felt it justifiable to buy other books by him, for a limited audience of local readers. Trout Fishing, anyone? It is mountainous timber and ranching territory with a single small city, located about 35 miles northeast from Bend, Oregon. Near Bend, one of the places I enjoyed v [...]

    17. A book I bought by chance after seeing it in the display cabinet of one of my favourite used book stores. It happened that Sep was Western genre month so this being a 'gothic western' and liking the cover, I decided to give it a chance. A very easy, flowing read and a quirky interesting story. The gist being that two gunslingers are hired by a young woman to come to Oregon to kill a monster that resides in the ice caves below their house in Oregon. Many, many strange occurrences, which I'll let [...]

    18. I read The Hawkline Monster as part of a collection of three of Brautigan's short works, but we're having our book club meeting about this tonight, so I want to put some thoughts down now.The Hawkline Monster is a book that the enjoyment of which depends a lot on what you read and why. This can be said of a lot of works, sure, but in particular a book like this is going to disappoint or satisfy based on what you come into a book looking for.When I read, I want to be entertained, first and foremo [...]

    19. The Hawkline Monster BluesTHUD. THUDUDUD. Thud Whack Ping. Thud Whack Ping.Thud Whack Ping.Thud Whack Ping.Thud Whack Ping. rest. Thud Whack Ping. rest. (view spoiler)[Verse 1 (hide spoiler)]La da da-da-da da.Thud Whack Ping. rest. Thud Whack Ping. La da-da-da Da. Thud Whack Ping. rest. Thud Whack Ping. Said, LA DA DA-DA-DA DA!Thud Whack Ping. rest.Thud Whack Ping. LA DA-DA-DA DA!Thud Whack Ping. rest. Thud Whack Ping. rest. LA DA DA-DA-DA DA DA LA-DA DA DA DA DA. Thud Whack Ping. rest. Thud Wha [...]

    20. This little gem is is for all of you who love pure imagination accompanied by a wickedly dark sense of humor. Its a metaphorical masterpiece.

    21. The bottom line here is that I really want an elephant foot umbrella holder.This is another of Brautigan's parodies and is more absurdist than, say, Dreaming of Babylon and The Abortion. It's a good ride, though, if you suspend any concept of reality you may have and sort of let the story take you along. There are many darkly comic elements throughout - on one end of the spectrum, you have the Frankenstein-ian tale of the monster overtaking its creator, while on the other end, you've got two cow [...]

    22. Kind of a cross between True Grit, Frankenstein and a psychedelic hippie folk tale. It is a very humorous quick read. Plus, it is set in a haunted mansion on top of some ice caves in the high desert of Eastern Oregon in 1902.

    23. نخستین برخورد من با جناب آقای ریچارد براتیگان شهیر، برخورد بسیار دلپذیری بود.تا جایی که اطلاع دارم این کتاب جزو بهترین کار هاش نیست، اما با این وجود فوق العاده بود.داستان بسیار هوشمندانه بود، قلم نوشته به حدود عالی ظریف و لطیف بود و نکاتی که میشد توی متن پیدا کرد، خواننده رو ت [...]

    24. Brilliant. Just brilliant.This is, hands down, the best Brautigan book I have read so far. Did you ever see or read The Shining? Well, in some ways, this book is like that, but with a lot more comedy and less nail-biting tension. In fact, I wonder if Stephen King ever read or was inspired by Richard Brautigan's work - it seems like a great book to draw spin-offs from. At other times, this book reminded of William Burroughs, The Place of Dead Roads, with two killers as the protagonists. So what i [...]

    25. Well, this is a really really bad 'novel'. I wouldn't ever have finished it if it weren't written by Brautigan. But because Brautigan wrote it I don't particularly mind the shitty parts and rather focus on the small things. There are some really nice passages, take a look at these:The road was very bleak, wandering like the handwriting of a dying person over the hills. There were no houses, no barns, no fences, no signs that human life had ever made its way this far except for the road which was [...]

    26. A brilliantly hilarious and strange 'weird Western' from Brautigan. A short books, as are all his books, it nevertheless inhabits its own length perfectly. It is the fifth Brautigan I have read so far and probably the best (I can't decide between this one and Sombrero Fallout). The story is absurd and clever and has a lunatic charm. The eponymous monster really is something new and delightful in a world of fiction where monsters have become somewhat bland. This monster is unlike any other and it [...]

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