If You Give a Dog a Donut

If You Give a Dog a Donut If you give a dog a donut he ll ask for some apple juice to go with it When you give him the juice he ll drink it all up Then before you can say Woof Dog is off on a backyard adventure The exuberan

  • Title: If You Give a Dog a Donut
  • Author: Laura Joffe Numeroff Felicia Bond
  • ISBN: 9780060266837
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • If you give a dog a donut, he ll ask for some apple juice to go with it.When you give him the juice, he ll drink it all up.Then, before you can say Woof Dog is off on a backyard adventure The exuberant dog who first appeared in if you give a pig a party is now the star of his very own book Written in the irresistible If You Give tradition, if you give a dog a dIf you give a dog a donut, he ll ask for some apple juice to go with it.When you give him the juice, he ll drink it all up.Then, before you can say Woof Dog is off on a backyard adventure The exuberant dog who first appeared in if you give a pig a party is now the star of his very own book Written in the irresistible If You Give tradition, if you give a dog a donut is another home run from the beloved team of Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond.

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    1. I really like the “If You Give a…” books, and I love dogs and (vegan) donuts and alliteration. I do like the books in this series where the animal and the item start with the same letter, and so far my favorite of the books is (I think) the first one I ever read: Moose/Muffin. So, I love Dog being coupled with Donut.I’m not sure this deserves a full 4 star rating, but I really liked it. The anthropomorphizing of the dog to the extent it was done didn’t really appeal to me. But, I love [...]

    2. Finally got around to reading this one. It was okay - if I had never read Numeroff's other books, I feel that I would have enjoyed it more. Unfortunately, this just pales in comparison to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. That said, it's still a cute book that my kids enjoyed.

    3. Great consistency as with the other "If you give" books. Sometimes I wonder if this pattern has been over done by Numeroff, but kids love the silliness of the needy animals as main characters. And older ones like me can try to figure out how Numeroff will trace the reader back to the original problem of giving the character something only to have him want more. Personally, I think I would be a great main character for a new story entitled "If you give your wife a $20.

    4. If You Give a Dog a Donut is a playful, sometimes funny book, with nice illustrations, but I can’t say I like it very much. Giving a dog a sugary donut, (okay, it doesn’t actually say sugary in the text, but most donuts have some) is not a good idea. The sugar is bad for their health. And even if this idea is presented in a playful, fantastical story I still think it should have been better to stick closer to what actually is good for dogs.

    5. If You Give a Dog a DonutLaura Numeroff Inc 2011, 29 pages, Children’s Fiction, grade level 1, Lexile Level 430, GR level: IThis book is another book in the series of “If You Give a…” written by Laura Numeroff. This version begins with a young boy giving a dog a donut and having the dog ask for juice to accompany it. The book then continues with the dog connecting the apple juice to apple trees and wanting to go pick more apples to make juice. When the dog is outside, it will want to pla [...]

    6. Summary: This book was very cute. Gives you step by step what happens when a dog asks for a donut. It starts with the dog asking for a donut and that leads to something else each time which eventually leads you back to donuts. It is a fun book that will keep you guessing!Activity: This book is for younger ages and I would do a sequencing activity. In this book, everything the dog does leads to something else. After we finish reading the book, I would ask them what the dog did next. For example, [...]

    7. This cute, sequential tale tells how a simple request for apple juice can lead to an adventure. In typical Numeroff style, an easily distracted dog takes the boy through a sea of seemingly unconnected activities. From playing baseball to treasure hunting, the exuberant dog jumps from one activity to the next, until finally ending back where he started, with a donut. The cute, cartoonish illustrations bring to life the fun and chaos of the dog's day. The craziness of the situation is seen more i [...]

    8. This book is about a boy who shares a donut with a dog and the outcome of that one donut opens a door of adventures. From apple juice to apple picking. From apple picking to baseball. Everything turns into another fun adventure. Once his kite gets tangled in a tree it reminds him that he wanted apple juice. Pre-k-4th gradeAny subject area is fine with this bookAny student would benefitSmall group work would be fineYou can use the whole class as wellSimilar books would be the “If you give” co [...]

    9. I think it was a good book but found it a little too simple even for a children book. The book starts out with what would happen if you gave a dog a donut? It eventually leads to other events after giving a dog a donut. After all these things are given to the dog, the story leads back to him wanting a donut. It had a charming but yet dull form of events that kept on leading on to a simple concept. "What a dog would want if you give him a donut" Besides that it is a very entertaining read!I would [...]

    10. If You Give A Dog A Donut is a cute and funny picture book. It talks about different sequences of events that will happen if you give a dog a donut. It is a very easy read and I highly recommend it to anyone of any age or gender. It has very detailed cartoony pictures that really give an explaination to what the story is telling. It is a short and sweet book that anybody would enjoy, just as much as I did.

    11. Reading this book to my kids brought back found memories of my mother reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie to my brother and I. She'd read it to us over and over, as many times as we asked. We loved that book just as much as my kids enjoyed this. I'll definitely be buying this one soon.

    12. This book introduces cause and effect by telling what will happen if you give a dog a donut. It encourages creativity and the release of imagination by showing many different activities all done in the backyard. I would use this book to talk to children about what dogs should eat and things that can be harmful for dogs. Students can share if they have a dog or pet at home. We can then write our own stories about what would happen if we gave our pet a donut, a waffle, or whatever they want.

    13. Once again, I am such a dork. I LOVE LAURA NUMEROFF's BOOKS! Haha. Okay that's out. Needless to say when my mom showed my sibs and I that she got this from the library, we all jumped for it, more like competed to read it. Well, being the big sister that I am I was able to wait while my sibs read it in like a minute, but I loved it. Haha. These books are the cutest. I think I'll write a tribute. If you give and Iguana an Ice Cream Cone. :D

    14. I don't know if this book really adds anything to the "If You Give a __ a __" series, but it is pretty darn cute. The illustrations are joyous, and, like the others in the series, it would be a delight to use with kids. The first time through it would be great for making predictions, and later readings would be fun for having kids recall what is next. And, as always, students can write their own stories, aiming to make them circular as well.

    15. My tutoring students were sleepy and distracted this morning, so I opened the session with a story. I like the "If You Give/Take a" series by Numeroff, even though they are very commericial, because they demonstrate bringing a story full circle, and If You Give a Dog a Donut was no exception. This was definitely at my students' independent level, though; I heard them reading along with me under their breath. A cute story.

    16. Audience: PrimaryGenre: Picture bookBook Share: Have you ever been on an adventure with your pet, a friend, or a family member? This book is about a boy who gives a dog a donut, and the dog takes the boy on an adventure! If you love funny stories and dogs, you would love this book. Read this to see what kind of adventure you could go on if you give a dog a donut.

    17. I thought this was good book for all ages. I read it with some students in my class. The pictures were nice, detailed and caught the reader's eye. If you like picture books and a nice easy read this book is definitely for you. The main theme of this book is that the dog gets the donut, but afterwords he wants other things. This book can definitely relate to people in real life.

    18. I just got done reading this book to my 4K class that came into the library. They really enjoyed it! They couldn't wait to find out what the dog would want next. This book brought up some great conversation about what dogs can/can't eat. Their take on the world is so cute! For those younger readers, books like this never get old.

    19. Meh. Maybe I'm just bored with this series, but it felt like Numeroff just needed to publish another book to please her publisher and grease the money wheel. Even the illustrations by Felicia Bond were lackluster, though I love her previous drawings in the Mouse and Pig books.

    20. I love the Laura Numeroff book series! I think this book could be good when you have doggie lovers in your classroom or if your teaching a lesson on alliteration. You could even bring in donuts and apple juice to share with the children for snack!

    21. Donuts and apple juice don't go well together. Lightly sweetened apple donuts with apple cider is pretty good, but not white chocolate with sprinkles and apple juice. The sweetness balance is all off. Also, this book encourages the use of questionable logic. The pictures were lovely though.

    22. This wonderfully illustrated book is part of our local library StoryWalk program. It is with a smile that we have observed the children as they walk around the pond and read the dog's quest. Donuts and apple juice - what a great combination.

    23. I'm very surprised with “If You Give a…” books, they can be fun and teach a lot. When I have kids in the future I will definitely buy the books from this series.

    24. Another fun read. Mostly just about how we get distracted by so many things and that's part of having fun!

    25. I would use this book as a way to see if students can place items in a sequential order as the book has done. Students can use picture cards to place the story in order and then retell it.

    26. I just picked this up today at the library and my four year old daughter has made me read it to her five times already. It's a cute book. However now, I want a donut. :-(

    27. An instant classic just as its "If You Give" predecessors. Would be great to have kids write their own versions of Numeroff's celebrated concept.

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