I Speak English for My Mom

I Speak English for My Mom Lupe a young Mexican American must translate for her mother who speaks only Spanish until Mrs Gomez decides to learn English in order to get a better job

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  • Title: I Speak English for My Mom
  • Author: Muriel Stanek
  • ISBN: 9780807536599
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lupe, a young Mexican American, must translate for her mother who speaks only Spanish until Mrs Gomez decides to learn English in order to get a better job.

    One thought on “I Speak English for My Mom”

    1. Stanek, Muriel. I Speak English for My Mom. (1989). Lupe and her mother, Rosa move to Chicago from Mexico after the death of Lupe’s father. It is her father’s dying wish that Lupe and Rosa start a new and better life in America. Life in America has been difficult for both Lupe and Rosa. Rosa found a job in a factory where everyone speaks Spanish but Lupe must acts as the translator when they visit places that require English. For example, Lupe must translate at the doctor’s office, during [...]

    2. Lupe and her mother are dealing with the death of her father. It is extremely hard for Lupe's mother because she does not speak English. Lupe is the translator for her mother. She said, "I tell her in Spanish and then answer for her in English. I feel grown up." Eventually, her mom realizes that in order to get a job, she needs to learn some English. This book highlights the fact that many children in bilingual families are often used as translators. There is some Spanish in this book that is tr [...]

    3. When I first saw the title of the story I thought about some of my ESL students and that they may have an added responsibility as translator for their family. I figured that the story would focus how important it is that the younger generation of immigrants try to bridge the language gap when they come to America. I was very surprised when story focuses on the fact that the narrator's father has passed away and her mother might lose her job in the factory because she cannot speak English. These [...]

    4. Lupe lives with her mother in Chicago. It's just the two of them since Lupe's father died. Lupe has a very important job in the family since she speaks English and her mother does not. Lupe translates at the doctor's office, at parent-teacher conferences, and on the phone. Sometimes Lupe would rather play with her friends than go everywhere with her mom, but she knows that her mom is afraid to go without her.It's okay. There's nothing extraordinarily good or bad about this story. It's pretty ave [...]

    5. I thought this was a good book, especially if you are working with students who have parents who do not know English. Not all people understand how it feels to have parents who do not speak English. I thought it was encouraging that her mother did eventually learn how to speak english, because it gives hope to others who have similar problems. I would even recommend this to students who do not have a situation like this so they could get a feeling for what it would be like.

    6. This book is perfect for the students who are ELLS and that their parents are first generation of the family. I was able to relate to this book as I always helped my mother. This book was something that I was able to make a personal connection. This book will be great to teach personal connection with English Language Learners.

    7. This book shows how much the Spanish speaking mother relies on her child to function in the world. Could help to explain this situation to a classroom of dominant English speaking children.

    8. This is a great book for older students that allows for them to relate to and allows for others to see from their perspectives. I would use this book in a fourth or fifth grade class.

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