Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon

Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon In the summer of a workman at the historic mansion of railroad baron James J Hill in St Paul Minnesota stumbles on a long hidden wall safe When experts arrive to open the safe and examine its

  • Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon
  • Author: Larry Millett
  • ISBN: 9780816674831
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the summer of 1994, a workman at the historic mansion of railroad baron James J Hill in St Paul, Minnesota, stumbles on a long hidden wall safe When experts arrive to open the safe and examine its contents, they make an astonishing discovery There, inside, is a handwritten manuscript bearing the signature of John H Watson, M.D.The manuscript contains the story of hIn the summer of 1994, a workman at the historic mansion of railroad baron James J Hill in St Paul, Minnesota, stumbles on a long hidden wall safe When experts arrive to open the safe and examine its contents, they make an astonishing discovery There, inside, is a handwritten manuscript bearing the signature of John H Watson, M.D.The manuscript contains the story of how Sherlock Holmes and Watson traveled to Minnesota to track a murderous arsonist known only as the Red Demon who is threatening both Hill and his Great Northern Railway Set against the backdrop of the real, devastating Hinckley forest fire of 1894, Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon is the tense and atmospheric first novel in Larry Millett s classic series of adventures that brought Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson to Minnesota.

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    1. Really a 2.5. The last fourth of this book were interesting, but unfortunately I had to slog through the other 3/4 to find it.A quick summary: Sherlock Holmes has been asked to catch the "Red Demon," a person sending threatening notes and setting fires around the railroads of American tycoon Mr. Hill. Assuming false identities, Holmes and Watson visit Minnesota to solve the case before the arsonist strikes again.Usually, the problem I come across in non-canonical Holmes stories is an out-of-char [...]

    2. *5 Stars* (I didn’t think it would make it based on the likely score I thought it would get)Scorecard: (Out of 10)* Quality of Writing - 8* Pace - 9* Plot development - 9* Characters - 10* Enjoyability - 8* Insightfulness - 9* Ease of Reading - 9* Photos/Illustrations - N/AFinal Score: 62/70 = 89%If I don’t start a series at the beginning, sometimes the previous stories don’t stand out in my memory, no matter how much I read them. This book suffers partially from this personal phenomenon t [...]

    3. I found this a fine example of Sherlock Holmes pastiche writing. Dr. Watson is the narrator who stays well in character. The time frame is appropriate, and the suspense holds up well as the story develops. Holmes and Watson are called to the U.S. by a railroad magnate to investigate threats from an arsonist who threatens to destroy the railroad. The story is written as Doyle would have written it, which is what fans enjoy. Recommended to all fans of Sherlock Holmes who have been dismayed at the [...]

    4. I was expecting it to be ok. But the author did an awesome job and stayed pretty close to behavior and wording of holmes and Watson. Kind of cool that it takes place in Minnisota.

    5. I really enjoyed this book. It felt like a Sherlock Holmes book. I appreciated the epilogue which tied up one final charter's role in the mystery.

    6. •••I listened to the Audible Audio Edition of this book•••Steve Hendrickson’s performance was incredibly engaging. It showed Watson's pique with Holmes in a very expressive manner as well as Holmes' brusque mein when dealing with things he found to be self evident. Their snarky and contentious relationship is what has always (in my mind) made them an excellent investigative duo. All the characters were well acted and I can't wait to listen to more offerings by this talented voice a [...]

    7. I was pretty blown away by this book. Sherlock Holmes is all well and good, but spinoffs of classics are usually decent at best. This was fabulous. Not only do we get Holmes, but a great history lesson, subtly woven in with fantastic plot and dialogue. I had never heard of The Hinckley Fire before this book. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series.As a wannabe critic I have to find fault, but the only thing I found mildly annoying about this book was the over use of the word "conflagrat [...]

    8. Deep in the Minnesota pines and railroads Holmes finds yet another mystery only he could solve!I really enjoyed this book for two main reasons:One, the writing style is like that of the originals, and it's always nice to find an author who can truly capture the Holmes character like Doyle.Two: this book has a grate plot, and like any well written mystery keeps you on edge as you try to solve the mystery before the end.I don't say this often; I couldn't put this book down!I really love how this b [...]

    9. "Sherlock Fans will enjoy"This review is for the Audio Book of Sherlock Holmes an the Red DemonIf your a Sherlock fan this book is for you. The story is very interesting an really keeps your attention. The narrator did an excellent job with all the different voices an accents. If your a fan of Sherlock Holmes an Watson or even if your not an just enjoy a great mystery then this is the book for you. I recommend this book highly

    10. An interesting take on Sherlock Holmes. He and Dr. Watson come to Minnesota at the request of James J. Hill to solve the mystery of who is trying to burn down the railroad in Hinckley. I always love a good Holmes and Watson story and it was fun to have it take place in my home state!

    11. Rarely have I read a Sherlock Holmes story that felt so little like a Sherlock Holmes story. I realize this is a pastiche, but the plot could hardly be less Doyle-like. There were moments that felt authentic, but few. Add that the book feels padded, very padded, and it was not a lot of fun.

    12. Read this in preparation for recording the audiobook. I'm very pleased with the result and hope other listeners will be too.

    13. This new take on the legendary detective, in the voice of Dr. Watson, was an entertaining page-turner, worthy of its title character.

    14. This Sherlock investigation, set in America, is very engaging. My rating 4.5 overall; 5.0 performance.This story begins with an introduction that authenticates the event as a Sherlock Holmes investigation and the journalling as Watson’s account. I was fully drawn in and convinced.Holmes is approached by the executive to James J. Hill, an American railroad baron. The baron seeks to engage the greatest detective, Sherlock. Holmes of course, to find an arsonist who is threatening to burn a major [...]

    15. Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon by Larry Millett is the first book in the Minnesota Mystery series. Millett uses his own backyard as the perfect setting for the series. The upper Midwest of the United States in the mid to late 1890's was a corrupt lawless time perfectly in need of Sherlock Holmes. Millet uses historical figures of that area to add a level of believability to his narrative that needs to be there for a proper Holmes adventure. The characters have enough care and attention brough [...]

    16. Sherlock in Minnesota - what is not to like? This book revels in the nerdy obsession with Sherlock Holmes and Watson.Sherlock is approached at 221B Baker Street by an American in the employ of the Great Northern Railway owned by magnate James J Hill. Hill and his railway had recently received some threats. There had been a drought resulting in enormous forest fires and loss of huge sections of pines. The arsonist's letters threatened to burn down sections of the railroad. In fact, the arsonist h [...]

    17. I personally really enjoyed the book. I believe it was engaging, used a lot of interesting vocabulary, and displayed the characters in sense where I could feel the depth of their personalities and selves, almost as if I knew the characters and didn't just recognize them from the BBC show 'Sherlock', which I love. The author was really descriptive and told a good story. I hope to be able to read more of Sherlock and his other adventures later on, now that i know I enjoyed this book and feel I'll [...]

    18. This is actually my first Sherlock Holmes story and it definitely won't be my last. I'm looking forward to the next in this series. Since I'm unfamiliar with the original stories I don't know how true the timeline is but I did enjoy this book! The narrator does an excellent job with all the different character voices and accents.

    19. If one enjoys "historical" fiction and a good mystery, this series, which begins with this book, Millett's "Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon," is for you. I was unsure of a book which eventually put Holmes into an American setting; however, I was pleasantly surprised with this series and this book. Larry Millett's characters, setting and plots are believable! More importantly, his style seems to closely emulate Doyle's, which adds to the credibility of the novel. Also, the characters are develo [...]

    20. A top-notch Sherlock Holmes pastiche. The writing style is faithful to the Conan Doyle style with characteristics that are familiar for the personalities of both Holmes and Watson with possibly a bit more generosity of feeling from Holmes toward Watson. Their interaction is funny as well as clever, with good banter. They are enticed to go to Minnesota at the behest of a railroad baron to discover who is starting fires that threaten the railroad company. Surrounded by lumberjacks, Wild West lawme [...]

    21. Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon is a mystery set in with the real current event of the devastating Hinckley forest fire of 1894. Sherlock Holmes is hired by railroad tycoon James J. Hill. Someone known as the Red Demon is sabotaging his Great Northern Railway Company in Minnesota. There are the usual suspects that Holmes and Watson would eliminate before coming to the conclusion of who the culprit is. The story even brings in Tom "Boston" Corbett, who is believed to have killed John Wilkes Boo [...]

    22. Holmes and Watson come to Minnesota at the behest of J.J. Hill, in order to investigate threats being made against the Great Northern Railway. The book culminates in the Hinckley Fire, presenting it as an act of arson, and purporting to tell who set it. Millett captures Watson's voice quite well. I've read reviews of Nicholas Meyer's "The Seven Percent Solution," that say the same thing; I couldn't disagree more. Meyer's book reads like what it is: a 1974 knock off; Millett does a much better jo [...]

    23. Book Club selection. This is a who done it, and I couldn't figure how who done it! Very interesting. I know from other non-fiction books about the Hinkley fire that this story line stayed very true to the facts. Loved all of the geographic descriptions of areas of Minnesota that are familiar to me. This includes living in Milaca for a time, and attending school for a time at the old Duluth Central half way up the hill (where the teacher worked), and my mom's side of the family growing up in King [...]

    24. Another, interesting Sherlock Holmes mystery. You like how the story flows and the descriptive descriptions and some of the humorous situations. Like, when Holmes goes to check out the perfume scent that was found on the letter. The voice over artist characterization of Elsa, definitely put a smile on your face. You like Dr. Watson and even though Holmes was good, he could be exasperating at times. Only thing, the introduction as interesting as it was, was a bit long and probably could have been [...]

    25. This is my second read of the MN author on Sherlock. I liked that the author is local and can add historically correct settings and history of is so fun. I have toured the James J. Hill house which added to my enjoyment of the story. Most of the time I felt the depicted Sherlock was consistent with the original Sherlock by Doyle, except for one scene with Watson that jolted me; I thought this was not in keeping with the original. There enough turns in the plot that I didn't guess who was t [...]

    26. Took me a while to really warm up to this book. Way too much background on the area, the landscape, the trees, the career of Holmes to start the book. Once I really got into the story I enjoyed it, and having it set in nearby Minnesota made it that much more interestingHolmes is hired by a railroad exec (a real person btw) to find out who is threatening him and his railroad with fire - the kind of fire that will kill hundreds because it is the middle of summer and very hot. In 1894 Minnesota was [...]

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