Ocean City

Ocean City A bold new series about friends and strangers sharing a beach house for one intense unforgettable summer Kate wanted to put bad love behind her Chelsea wanted to find real love Grace wanted to forget

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  • Title: Ocean City
  • Author: Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780061067488
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • A bold new series about friends and strangers sharing a beach house for one intense, unforgettable summer Kate wanted to put bad love behind her Chelsea wanted to find real love Grace wanted to forget her haunted past and Justin just wanted to sail away from it all But you can t always get what you want.

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    1. Katherine Applegate, Making Waves (17th Street Press, 1993)I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I read this-- fifteen-year-old girly teen fiction? It's like picking up old Sweet Valley High books and reviewing them. Worse, this is (as of this moment) an eleven-book series (I had thought it four), which means I've probably locked myself in for at least a year and a half, because yes, I'm going to see this bad boy through all the way to the end. Why? Because as silly and stupid as it is, I certain [...]

    2. A nice blast from the past I found through Kindle Unlimited. I was glad this series was not updated and remains set in the 90s. This series is soapy but also had “after school Special” storylines that just as relevant today such as alcoholism and Connor’s fears that INS will find deport him.

    3. Okay, yes, this series has aged quite a bit since I was a teen, but I'm honestly surprised by how the characters and dialogue have held up. For 1990s YA, the Ocean City series (which I think has been renamed Making Waves?) dealt with some pretty heavy issues. Kate is a golden girl (and totally the reason I switched from Katie to Kate when I started college), smart and motivated. But she's steal dealing with her sister's suicide, which is explored more in other books.Justin is a high school dropo [...]

    4. I bought this series book by book with this first one being one of my favorites as you get to meet the characters. After I finished the fifth one I went back to buy the next book because #5 ended with SUCH A CLIFFHANGER and then found out this publisher wasn't printing anymore of the books. It wasn't until many years later that I found the original series printed under a different name (Ocean City) that I was able to purchase the rest and finish them. I had a lot of fun reading these when I was [...]

    5. This review is for the whoe series. The series has eleven books and was also published as "Ocean City". The re-publishing as 'Making Waves' is a bit confusing because I think this is what the 'Summer' series used to be called.Anyway.I am far too old for these books but I love them. This seems to be one of the less well-known series by Katherine Applegate but I think it's much better than 'Making Out'. I just wanted to go reading the series forever, although really enough had happened to the char [...]

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