Truth Lies Bleeding

Truth Lies Bleeding Four teenagers find the mutilated corpse of a young girl stuffed into a dumpster in an Edinburgh alleyway Who is she Where did she come from Who killed her and why Above all where is the baby to whic

  • Title: Truth Lies Bleeding
  • Author: Tony Black
  • ISBN: 9781848091894
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four teenagers find the mutilated corpse of a young girl stuffed into a dumpster in an Edinburgh alleyway Who is she Where did she come from Who killed her and why Above all, where is the baby to which she has obviously recently given birth Inspector Rob Brennan, recently back from psychiatric leave, is still shocked by the senseless shooting of his only brother HisFour teenagers find the mutilated corpse of a young girl stuffed into a dumpster in an Edinburgh alleyway Who is she Where did she come from Who killed her and why Above all, where is the baby to which she has obviously recently given birth Inspector Rob Brennan, recently back from psychiatric leave, is still shocked by the senseless shooting of his only brother His superiors think that the case of the dumpster girl will be perfect to get him back on track But Rob Brennan has enemies within the force, stacks of unfinished business and a nose for trouble What he discovers about the murdered girl blows the case and his life wide open.

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    1. Read the full review on my blog: justaguythatlikes2readspoInspector Rob Brennan is a damaged yet endearing protagonist. Despite being surrounded by cops he's very much the lone wolf, segregated by the ghosts of his past and haunted by the death of his brother. Called upon to identify the murder victim and bring those responsible to justice, Brennan not only faces adversary from public speculation but also within the police ranks as pressure builds from his boss and enemies on the force. When the [...]

    2. Really enjoyed this one - extremely dark and showing a side of Edinburgh that is kept hidden away most of the time. Some great characters not least DI Brennan himself. And almost every scene was somewhere where I knew in Edinburgh, even down to Brennan living in the same part of town as I do. Off to track down the next in the series.

    3. I don’t get out much these days. Three young children and working too hard tend to get in the way. On Friday night it was a rare treat to get on the glad rags and head into Dunbar for what promised to be an outstanding party – the birthday girl, Pippa, used to work in the music biz, so there was going to be plenty to dance to. The baby-sitter arrived at 8 o’clock and Isobel wasn’t going to get to the party till half past nine. You’d think I’d have sprinted off to get there early. Ins [...]

    4. Tony Black has a taken a break from journalist turned Private Eye Gus Dury in his earlier four novels to write a police procedural featuring Edinburgh cop Rob Brennan. Comparisons are obviously going to be drawn between Dury and Brennan so let's get them out of the way up front. Dury is an outsider, the sort of bloke that trouble will turn right across heavy traffic to have a go at. Brennan's a family man, albeit one that's been indulging in a bit of extra-marital with the police psychologist. O [...]

    5. Cliched crime fiction checklist:Hard boiled police detective with deep seeded neurosis and a conflicted love life who truly wouldn't know a clue if it smacked him in the face, also a glory hog who gets credit for the hard work done by other unnamed charactersAn eager "new recruit" who may or may not be on the main character's side but ultimately proves his loyalty, a bit like a puppyA domineering career orientated boss who doesn't understand/get along with the main characterBadly created charact [...]

    6. Tony Black's other anti-hero Gus Dury grew on me but i'm going to have to persevere with DI Rob Brennan. He's obviously got something against women he hate's his boss/wife/mistress and comes out with pearls like this "ironing shirts for a spouse was an act of love". Oh Really ?? I know what he'd be wearing first if he was my husband. He also sneer's & belittle's his colleagues, has delusions about his nouse as a policeman, has no respect and comes across as aloof, arrogant and rather petula [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book it is based in Edinburgh and made you feel like you were there. It is the first time i have read a book by Tony Black and i now have a second one of his to read as i enjoyed the first one so much

    8. I quite frankly am surprised I finished this book, even though I very rarely don't finish books. I absolutely hated the main character DI Brennan. It is rare that I cannot find anything at all to feel compassionate about for a character, but this guy is it. I am not opposed to unlikeable characters if they are enjoyable reads. In fact, some of the best characters are bad guys. But this guy is just an arrogant, rude, misogynistic, miserable human being. I hung in there with the book just to see i [...]

    9. Wasn't sure if I'd finish this one - the first few chapters didn't seem particularly encouraging. And reading a sentence that talked about "a lot that had went before" (p20) made me wonder whether the author was actually literate. The plot was fairly predictable - no really unexpected twists. But I stuck it out and got more interested in the story towards the end. It was ok, but I won't rush to read more by the same author.

    10. A Saturday Slaughters selection. Hated it but can't totally slate it as story moved right along! Level of misogyny too high for me to read anything else he has written.Couldn't find one character to like or at least empathise with.Only recommended for those who like gritty crime novels by handsome Scots.

    11. Wow. I wanted to give this book five stars but I recently thought about five star ratings and how they should be for books that I love, books that I want to read again the minute I finish them and books that everybody should read. And really this book was just an excellent crime thriller that I couldn't put down. I would usually give a book like this five stars but as I said I'm trying to save that rating for amazing books (that said I'm sure people will look at my five star rated books and see [...]

    12. I'd have to say I haven't read a huge amount of Police Procedurals in my time. Those I have read, I've mostly enjoyed, but my reading tends to veer more towards the noir end of the crime/noir spectrum - tales from the wrong side of the tracks, as it were. So, opening up TRUTH LIES BLEEDING, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. What I got, within the first three pages, were three young girls finding the dismembered body of another young girl in a dustbin.A bowl of cherries, this would not be. J [...]

    13. DI Rob Brennan is in his mid 40's and has just returned from six months leave following the murder of his brother Andy. His relationship with his wife Joyce and daughter Sophie is collapsing, and his affair with the lovely Lorraine is in meltdown and under immense strain especially as she has just disclosed to him that she is pregnant with his child. His attitude towards his "career orientated" Chief Superintendent Aileen Galloway is at best confrontational and he is viewed with great suspicion [...]

    14. At first I found the authors style of writing quite a challenge as it was a lot more clipped and staccato than other texts I had read. However once the story got going that wasn't an issue. I felt that the main character of Rob Brennan wasn't as well developed as that of the supporting characters, maybe because he was one of the few good guys. The characters of Devlin, Barry and Vee were very well written and for the most part their actions were realistic. The book is very dark and although the [...]

    15. Giving Gus Dury a day off, Old Tone introduces us to hard boiled beaut of a Scottish Detective, Rob Brennan. Fresh from psyche leave after the shooting of his brother, Brennan is hurled into a case involving the brutal murder of a young girl. Brannan does the best he can to keep a professional head on things but the vicious nature of the crime and his brother not yet cold in his mind, the psychological torment he suffers is wonderfully illustrated. But being an Old school cop in a new school wor [...]

    16. As a result of reading this book, I have read every available book written by this author. I love crime novels and suspense. This man is a genius. I love his gritty style and his way of weaving a story filled with suspense to the bitter end. The characters are just so real and you cannot read his books without becoming fully immersed. What I liked about this and his other works is that his characters are flawed and real. I love that they are not fictionalised. I came to love them in spite of the [...]

    17. Scottish crime writer Tony Black takes a break from his terrific series about chaotic, drunken amateur sleuth Gus Dury to write this police procedural. His new hero is Inspector Rob Brennan, recently back on duty after the murder of his brother, a killing about which he feels guilty. He is thrown into a tragic, brutal killing of a schoolgirl and recent mother, found dismembered in an Edinburgh bin. Brennan is very different to Dury. He is a man with a complicated personal life but, while he is r [...]

    18. Great title, great premise, but I struggled with this one. It just didn't hold my interest enough to overcome my somewhat fractured mind at the moment. I did finish it, but the conclusion left meh. To be honest this was like reading Stuart MacBride's Laz McRae series after a psychotic, evil editor told him to remove the humour, the horrendous lack of political correctness, the gore and pretty much anything else that makes those novels standout. I didn't like the detective in this one. His mandat [...]

    19. DI Rob Brennan has just returned to work following his brother's killing. He is thrown into a case of a murdered teenage girl found in an alleyway with her limbs removed. This is the first book in the Rob Brennan series and the character develops nicely as the book progresses but like all fictional detectives he clearly has some personal baggage! This doesn't dictate the story though and it moves along at a good pace. Very readable especially if you like Scottish detectives! Will be hunting out [...]

    20. Thoroughly enjoyed this book - great story line, some twists and turns - some predictability, but a good read. To me, DI Rob Brennan is a likable character - a bit gruff, has flaws, and leads a difficult life and tormented life.I will continue to read Tony Black's DI Rob Brennan Series as long as he writes it.Two thumbs up for this book!

    21. Just all a bit too stereotypical. Screwed up cop fighting with his ambitious boss and colleagues. Sigh, read it all before. The plot was also a bit too grimy for my liking, with nothing else about the book there to make it stand out from a very big crowd.

    22. Enjoyable piece of tartan noir. The Edinburgh setting inevitably invites comparison with Rankin:- The city is not brought to life as effectively as in Ian Rankin's novels but the gutsy and determined D.I. Rob Brennan is an interesting character who I would like to meet again.

    23. Well, what can I say, this novel just proves what I knew already, Tony Black is a genius.I am looking forward to much more from DI Brenan and co and it just so happens I have the next instalment "Murder Mile" right here on my desk

    24. Tony Black is a sensational writer. This book was a terrific read. I don't delve into the narrative -- you can get those details 800 different ways. What you want to know is: should I read this. Answer: YES.

    25. Didn't really grip me. So glad I read the 2nd book first or I would have been turned off trying others in the series.

    26. A fantastic read! I really enjoyed this. the characters were well written and some great dialogie. a cacking mystery with a satisfying conlcuion. looking forward to the next one :)

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