Wolf At The Door

Wolf At The Door Being an ex teen vigilante comes with its own set of problems Housewife ex teen vigilanted shape shifting wolfJan Xu has enough problems without adding her sister s to the mix Marianne is returning t

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  • Title: Wolf At The Door
  • Author: J. Damask
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: ebook
  • Being an ex teen vigilante comes with its own set of problems.Housewife, ex teen vigilanted shape shifting wolfJan Xu has enough problems without adding her sister s to the mix Marianne is returning to Singapore and she s filled with strange ideas She s also not alone She s coming home with a new boyfriend who has a dark agenda of his own With sibling rivalry tBeing an ex teen vigilante comes with its own set of problems.Housewife, ex teen vigilanted shape shifting wolfJan Xu has enough problems without adding her sister s to the mix Marianne is returning to Singapore and she s filled with strange ideas She s also not alone She s coming home with a new boyfriend who has a dark agenda of his own With sibling rivalry threatening the inevitable a battle to the death with fang and claw, Jan and Marianne must overcome their issues if they re ever going to find peace within their troubled relationship.Content warning Violence, fang and claw fighting.

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    1. I am Jan Xu. Mother, ex-teacher, daughter and wolf. My family is all Lang, Mandarin Chinese for "wolf." We live among the human population of Singapore, looking like any ethnic Singapore-born Chinese. We have adopted the culture of our human counterparts, becoming human. Yet in our chests beat the hearts of wolves, our voices the howls of distant hunters.An urban fantasy by a Singaporean author who may be known to you by her real name, Joyce Chng. While A Wolf at the Door had some problems, it w [...]

    2. An Urban Fantasy of sorts that isn't set in the US or the UK - Set in Singapore (Mostly), this is a story about friends, family and pack (It's main characters are Werewolves) and the ties that bind them as well as the strains upon those bonds.Singapore is almost a character in its own right as this story and the setting is so descriptive.I found the pacing to be hit and miss depending upon whereabouts you were reading, and the multiple time frames that were switched between could be sometimes co [...]

    3. I like to think of this book as a world/concept outline rather than a simple novel, and it is for that I give it four stars. The feel of the setting--natural, cultural, and most especially edible (you can tell J. Damask appreciates food)--was lush and it was lovely to read an urban fantasy set somewhere other than the U.S. The history of the Gang of Four deserved its own book, for the flashbacks kept the main conflict between Marianne and the protagonist much flatter than it could have been. The [...]

    4. I read this for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. Apart from the names and country it was set in I didn't really notice anything different from other fantasy I've read. Next time I'll have to find something that focuses more on the culture of the writer. The storytelling jumped about a bit and I sometimes struggled to keep track of characters. The overall plot of two sisters and dealing with family issues was interesting. Didn't inspire me to read the rest of the series.

    5. Wolf at the Door opens with the return of Jan Xu’s sister, Marianne, who has been abroad studying law. There was conflict between the sisters when Marianne left, and that conflict has survived their years apart. Marianne brings with her a boyfriend who is more, and less, then he seems, and he settles into day to day life with alarming ease. Jan Xu will need to fight fiercely to protect her pack, her territory, and her friends…while trying to figure out exactly what she is protecting them aga [...]

    6. Although it was a touch slow to start, I found myself thoroughly drawn into the world of this story. It's set in Singapore, and the detail of the setting is beautifully rendered, the various cultures vivid and alive. I also liked the feel of the book. It is not your typical urban fantasy, and there was a gentleness to the story, a practical, real life feel that was refreshing and felt honest.I also enjoyed the wolfishness of the wolf characters. Often werewolves are just humans with the ability [...]

    7. Wolf at the Door is my first story from J. Damask, and while it won't be my last, I've decided to put this book down after four chapters and one page from chapter five. This review is not representative of the complete work.I'm not opposed to slow introductions, but Jan, the narrator, starts with "My little sister is coming home," and then spends three chapters repeating this to other friends, conveniently allowing for a flashback background check on the friends.Here, the narrator makes a misste [...]

    8. Jan Xu’s sister is coming home. It should be a reason to celebrate. They were very close when they were younger, but then Marianne left, headed to London to study law and Jan has seen her in years. Marianne didn’t even come home when Jan got married, or had her two daughters. And that fact hurts.Jan Xu lives in a Singapore, she is one of the Lang a Chinese werewolf. Well, her family were originally from China but they have lived in Singapore for many many years. Her parents are the alphas of [...]

    9. I loved Damask's ideas in theory, but in execution there was a lot to be desired. Her world is a very cool idea. And I enjoyed the diversity of the characters and the setting (modern-day Singapore); it could be a great urban fantasy setting. But the storytelling was often incomplete, confusingly organized (jumped a lot from present to past, without clearly marking which was which), and even occasionally contradictory. In addition, I didn't think the antagonist's motives and multiple changes-of-h [...]

    10. it's always refreshing to find a story with a non-traditional protagonist cousin, who agrees, recommended this to me to support the writing efforts of a friend. Singapore is as modern as you'd expect, but it's also populated with plenty of half-magic & magic creatures -- most keep to themselves, but sometimes things can get out of hand. this is first in a series about a Jan Xu, who is Lang, meaning a wolf that can wear human skin. she's now a wife and mother, but isn't that far from her teen [...]

    11. I found this rather disappointing, and a bit of a difficult read - I came close at several points to abandoning it, and continued really only because of stubbornness and that it's quite short.The story wasn't horrible, but the plot felt rather thin, with lots of padding from info-dumps and flashbacks. The flashbacks got a little disorientating - it's a device that I don't usually have a problem with if it's well-written but this wasn't, it just felt all over the place. The info-dumping was reall [...]

    12. This Singaporean-influenced take on werewolves and other paranormal fantasy staples was interesting and had some really cool concepts (The ancestral forest that seemed to function almost as a connective dreamspace being just one of many) but was hampered rather by some awkward transitions and jumps between a past-tale and a present-tale that didn't quite gel. I did like that the MC was not some teen warrior princess, but a mother of two, married and a leadership figure to others in her community [...]

    13. Promising premise, very slow start. However the rich descriptions along with Joyce's natural voice for fairytale/legend style writing should appeal to fantasy readers although it might be a tad bit of a slow burn for the usual urban fantasy reader in which genre tends to have a more urgent pacing. Author does make a valid argument for her universe and the setting seems very authentic and true to the locale.

    14. Woman of color as kick-ass protagonist? Check!No whitewashing of cover? Check!Takes place somewhere other than the U.S.? Check!Must buy now? Double-check!

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