The Pack

The Pack Shep the German shepherd doesn t know why his family has left him alone nor does he understand the terrible shrieking storm that has torn apart his city He just knows that the new dogs he s met are

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  • Title: The Pack
  • Author: Dayna Lorentz
  • ISBN: 9780545276443
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shep the German shepherd doesn t know why his family has left him alone, nor does he understand the terrible, shrieking storm that has torn apart his city He just knows that the new dogs he s met are his best chance at survival especially now that they ve made enemies of the wild dogs in the city Can Shep keep his new friends safe until his family maybe returns

    One thought on “The Pack”

    1. Love!I'm not sure what to say about this. This book was quite exciting! Glad I finished it. Now off to read the last book

    2. I read this one with my 12 year old son. He loves dogs and is enjoying this series. #Warning a fair few dogs die in this book which was a bit confronting.

    3. Lorentz, Dayna. The Pack. (Dogs of the Drowned City #2), 1 May 2012 (paperback)Reviewed for Young Adult Books CentralShep, Callie, and the other dogs leave the animal shelter and meet up with Honey and Fuzz, a cat who can speak dog! Shep decides to let Fuzz into their pack because of Honey's attachment to him. The pack doesn't have a safe space to sleep, and when they finally find an abandoned boat, fights break out because of the crowded circumstances. There are problems with wild dogs as well [...]

    4. i think this book is good for people who like to read about dogs and survival because they all have to rely on one another to help out each other because if they didn't help one another they would start fighting and not being able to help each other and others in need like dogs who are in buildings who can't get out of the building they are trapped inside. they also need help finding food for one another because they are running out of food before they can do this they also need water for energy [...]

    5. Gritty, but still a good read. I dont think these books are aimed at children, there are a number of horrific deaths and violent scenes. I always think this makes animal literature more realistic and appealing. The world is naturally cruel, and animals often suffer in these situations. I really enjoyed this bridging novel, the second in the trilogy. There was plenty of action and excitement. This series is good for Erin Hunter fans,or better yet gritty animal literature such as Watership Down or [...]

    6. I read this book with my son for school. It reminded me a lot of Animal Farm but in modern day. It was funny, sad, and a great learning lesson for my son. If you have a 3rd - 5th grader, I think this book is a good one

    7. :( :( I couldn't find any sites to read this an i cant get the book please email me at canyouseewhatisee0123@gmail if u know a site.

    8. I loved this book but it was sorta depressing.Honey died, cheese died it was really sad.And then you know who comes back just to annoey me.Ugh just a sad sad world out there:-[

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