The Woodlanders

The Woodlanders Tis a pity to let such a girl throw herself away upon him a thousand pities When country girl Grace Melbury returns home from her middle class school she feels she is now above her suitor the simp

  • Title: The Woodlanders
  • Author: Thomas Hardy
  • ISBN: 9781101199800
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook
  • Tis a pity to let such a girl throw herself away upon him a thousand pities When country girl, Grace Melbury, returns home from her middle class school, she feels she is now above her suitor, the simple woodsman Giles Winterborne Though marriage has been discussed between her and Giles, Grace soon finds herself captivated by Dr Edred Fitzpiers, a sophisticated newcom Tis a pity to let such a girl throw herself away upon him a thousand pities When country girl, Grace Melbury, returns home from her middle class school, she feels she is now above her suitor, the simple woodsman Giles Winterborne Though marriage has been discussed between her and Giles, Grace soon finds herself captivated by Dr Edred Fitzpiers, a sophisticated newcomer to the area a relationship that is encouraged by her socially ambitious father Hardy s novel of betrayal, disillusionment and moral compromise depicts a secluded community coming to terms with the disastrous impact of outside influences And in his portrayal of Giles Winterborne, Hardy shows a man who responds deeply to the forces of the natual world, which, ultimately, betray him In her introduction Patricia Ingham examines class and gender differences, the influence of Darwinism, Hardy s use of language and the symbolism of nature in the novel This edition also includes a chronology, a map of Hardy s Wessex, a list for further reading, appendices and a glossary.

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    1. ¡Qué bueno es este difunto escritor de otros tiempos! Su descripción de la naturaleza es minuciosa y desapasionada, acompañando los matices de la putrefacción de las hojas caídas durante el otoño y el invierno, y el despertar de la vida en la primavera. Una primavera con pájaros, pero esencialmente vegetal. Y los hombres y mujeres que viven en ella.Al acabar este libro, me doy cuenta de todo lo que me falta por saber de literatura británica. Quítame la novela gótica y los poetas romá [...]

    2. Update--May 7, 2011: I took Hardy's The Woodlanders with me on a recent week-long camping trip to Yosemite National Park, and re-read it while there. It was truly wonderful to sit in some of the most idyllic natural locations in all of the world and read this most amazing novel. If anything, I got even more from the novel this second time through, and highly recommend The Woodlanders to fans of the fiction and poetry of Thomas Hardy.***I am continuing on with my summer of reading the written wor [...]

    3. “This phenomenal girl will be the light of my life while I am at Hintock; and the special beauty of the situation is that our attitude and relations to each other will be purely spiritual. Socially we can never be intimate. Anything like matrimonial intentions towards her, charming as she is, would be absurd. They would spoil the ethereal character of my regard. And, indeed, I have other aims on the practical side of my life.”Oh dear, what a cad, and this is a Thomas Hardy novel, so it will [...]

    4. Another magnificent masterpiece by Thomas Hardy.This is the story of 4 people who lived in Blackmoor Vale.Grace Melbury falls in love with Giles Winterborne. However, his father George Melbury found that his daughter is more appropriate to be engaged instead to Edred Fitzpiers, a handsome and young doctor in Little Hintock. In the meantime, Edred falls in love with Felice Charmond. And then, their lives become inextricably intertwined.The movie based on this classic book The Woodlanders (1997) d [...]

    5. Apparently, this is Thomas Hardy's favorite of all the novels he wrote.My order of Thomas Hardy favorites is:MOST FAVORITE: Far From the Madding Crowd Tess of the D'UrbervillesReturn of the NativeThe WoodlandersUnder the Greenwood TreeTwo in a TowerA Pair of Blue EyesMayor of CasterbridgeThe Well-BelovedLEAST FAVORITE: Jude the Obscure (way too tragic for me)My 18-year-old son also loves Tess of the D'Urbervilles and took it to BYU with him in his suitcase, one of 3 novels he took with him to co [...]

    6. This is a very strong 4, closer to 4.5 stars. I really enjoyed reading this Hardy novel that I'd never even heard of until finding Katie Lumsden's YouTube channel, "Books and Things" (a link to her channel: youtube/channel/UCNBg). Katie loves Victorian lit and is so enthusiastic and passionate about it that I've caught the fever too. And I'm really grateful, because Vic lit is such a comfort read for me.This was an unpredictable love story that I really enjoyed. Thomas Hardy writes so beautifull [...]

    7. Primer libro que leo de Thomas Hardy y me ha gustado mucho, la verdad es que he ido posponiendo leerle por todas la referencias al pesimismo que rodean todas sus novelas y es cierto, y aun siendo esta una de sus menos pesimistas, realmente lo es, toda la novela destila pesimismo y aunque en ocasiones parece que haya alguna esperanza, el autor te las quita pronto Lo que más me ha gustado son las descripciones del bosque, realmente impresionantes. Lo que menos, para mi gusto le falta algo más de [...]

    8. Thomas Hardy è uno scrittore che non conoscevo, forse sottovalutato, in Italia soprattutto. Scrisse nell’età vittoriana e i suoi libri contengono aspre critiche alla società del suo tempo. Come questo romanzo, Nel bosco, che, narrando una storia d’amore (infelice) tra Grace Melbury, figlia di un commerciante di legname, e Giles Winterborne, un giovane che vive nel villaggio di Hintock, ai margini di una distesa di boschi cui seguono ampi campi coltivati a meli, inserisce all’interno di [...]

    9. A brilliant Hardy, with wonderful characters and a brilliant engaging plot - full of that poignancy I so love in Hardy. For the majority of the book, I was thinking this might be my new favourite Hardy. I might be, although I'm still undecided as I didn't adore the ending. Nonetheless, a real staple Hardy and a brilliant brilliant book.

    10. The Woodlanders is the latest read in my on-going Hardy challenge. Several friends and I have been reading (or re-reading in my case) all of Hardy’s fiction in chronological order. I’m not sure why this is only the second time I’ve read The Woodlanders, as I remember been mesmerised by it when I was eighteen. I can remember clearly where I was when I read it – and despite always meaning to, I never managed to get around to re-reading it in the intervening years. I am so glad I left it un [...]

    11. As part of one of my groups, I am doing a Hardy project this summer. The Woodlanders isn't the first Hardy I've read - in 2015, I read Far from the Madding Crowd and I read The Mayor of Casterbridge some time prior to 2011. As is my custom, I saved the scholarly introduction for my edition until after I read the book.The Woodlanders is one of Hardy's later books, published in 1887, and is set in the woodland village of Little Hintock. It explores many of the usual Hardy themes: marriages (not g [...]

    12. 3,5/5Todavía no tengo claro hasta qué punto me ha gustado este libro Por una parte he disfrutado muchísimo de la prosa de Hardy, de ese bosque omnipresente y del transfondo moral/social, pero por otro lado no he llegado a empatizar con ningún personaje ni implicarme verdaderamente en la trama Aún así, una lectura deliciosa.

    13. Nel bosco” è la prima opera di Thomas Hardy che leggo. Pensavo di trovarmi di fronte ad un classicone di difficile comprensione, con un linguaggio artificioso ed arcaico e invece si è rivelato l’opposto. La scrittura l’ho trovata estremamente scorrevole e fluida, l’autore utilizza un linguaggio semplice ed immediato. Attraverso le parole, Hardy è riuscito a trasportarmi “nel bosco” grazie alle numerose descrizioni che si trovano all’interno del romanzo. Si è trattato di un roma [...]

    14. So I read this book because I love Hardy's work--Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Jude the Obscure, and Far from the Madding Crowd. The Woodlanders isn't as famous as these three. It's interesting to read Hardy and D.H. Lawrence together. Both focus on themes of marital/sexual alienation, discovery, and rebellion, and have great sympathy for women. Both were also poets, and Hardy went so far as to shun novel-writing for poetry later in his life, believing many of his novels, because they were serializ [...]

    15. You can’t be lily-livered and read Thomas Hardy. You have to have grit. This is equally true of The Woodlanders, written by Hardy in 1887 as one in the series of his Wessex novels. The Woodlanders is a “Gatsby-esk” look at class distinctions; how the privileged class invariably and uncaringly run rough shod over the lower and middle class – in this case in mid-19th Century England. Fitzgerald’s book followed some 38 years later and dealt with the same issue on American soil. Giles Wint [...]

    16. Stupendo! Il primo romanzo che leggo di questo autore,e non mi ha affatto deluso! La trama non è intricata,ma propone 2 o 3 situazioni davvero "complicate" a livello emotivo. Spesso mi sono messa nei panni dei personaggi,chiedendomi come avrei reagito a certe scene direi quasi "assurdamente realistiche",frutto di coincidenze che in effetti possono sempre avverarsi anche nella vita di tutto i giorni. Il "sentire"dei personaggi è altrettanto realistico,e trova riscontro nella mia sensibilità co [...]

    17. Da una parte gli esseri umani, chini sotto il giogo del destino, rinchiusi nelle scatole delle rigide convenzioni sociali dell'epoca, prigionieri delle proprie ambizioni e volubili passioni; dall'altra il bosco, antico e profondo, odoroso e scintillante di rugiada, che tutto vede e tutto nasconde, tutto tace e tutto sa. Da una parte quelli che nel bosco vivono, e del suo eterno sussurrare conoscono tutti i segreti, dall'altra quelli che la voce del bosco cercano di ignorarla, perdendosi in un mo [...]

    18. Every bit as lovely as I remembered it. My view of this as my favourite Hardy is only confirmed, even if my recent splurge of rapid reading slowed down dramatically as I was reading it. The first two thirds took a couple of days, the remainder has been spun over two weeks simply because of time pressures and because this is a book that demands not to be read superficially in small doses, but needs to wait for time to be allocated to it. It's less melodramatic than some of Hardy's better-known no [...]

    19. Le occhiate occasionali che la gente comune rivolgeva a quel meraviglioso mondo di linfa e di foglie chiamato bosco di Hintock, erano state invece per quei due, per Giles e Marty, un nitido e continuo sguardo. I misteri più profondi di quei boschi erano talmente radicati in loro da esser diventati come luoghi comuni; essi leggevano quei geroglifici come se fossero normale scrittura; per loro le immagini e i suoni della notte, dell'inverno, del vento, della tempesta, in mezzo a quei rami fitti c [...]

    20. If it's a Thomas Hardy novel, it's a tragedy. *sad face*I was first exposed to Hardy in high school, being assigned Jude the Obscure for AP English. Entering the Navy, I was determined to continue to read, read, read, both -brow high and low, and eventually made my way through Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Return of the Native, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Far from the Madding Crowd. The Woodlanders was never on my radar, though, and it wasn't until I went on a "free for Kindle" purchasing binge, [...]

    21. He tardado tanto en leer este libro que casi me da vergüenza darlo por terminado cuando he estado a punto de dejarlo on hold más de una vez. Y no precisamente porque no me estuviera gustando, sino porque es uno de esos libros que hay que leer con mucho tiempo libre en las manos y no es mi caso. La moraleja para la próxima vez es que a Thomas Hardy hay que leerle en vacaciones y de relax porque si no, la cosa no funciona.El libro me ha gustado mucho y también me ha hecho enfadar mucho. Me exp [...]

    22. “The Woodlanders” 1887. La dignitosa vita contadina si contrappone alla superficialmente solida esistenza dell’aristocrazia di campagna, diffidenti l’una dall’altra, un limite inviolabile che osserviamo dal margine del bosco.Da esso percepiamo gli amori contrastati, i tradimenti, i desideri repressi; un piccolo villaggio rurale e la giovane Grace, protagonista di un ciclo di quotidianità del quale fanno parte anche altri brillanti personaggi, il buon Giles Winterborne, la dolce Marty [...]

    23. AcknowledgementsGeneral Editor's PrefaceChronology: Hardy's Life and WorksMap: The Wessex of the NovelsBibliographical NoteIntroductionFurther ReadingA Note on the History of the Text--The WoodlandersAppendix I: 1895 Preface; 1912 PostscriptAppendix II: The Location of 'The Woodlanders'Appendix III: The Law, Marriage and Divorce in 'The Woodlanders'NotesGlossary

    24. This book is like nothing else I have ever read. Characters, relationships, and landscape twist and turn, "branch" out in a new direction, send out new shoots of life. Much of it, for me, was laugh-out-loud funny. Much was mythical, with many references to Norse and Classical mythology. The prose changes constantly--lyrical and descriptive suddenly becomes stilted and awkward. The title is bang on. A village of people harvesting trees live in a different dimension, and outsiders disrupt the flow [...]

    25. The things I loved about The Woodlanders are the things I love about reading Hardy: the beautiful description, the characters who are believably from country life, the persistent resonance of actions and choices. But it's just so Hardy that I feel like the characters and storyline will blend, in my memory, into all the others. If it doesn't, I'll come back and add a star.

    26. One of the joys of reading an early book by an author famous for later works is recognizing the intimations of the greater novels in the lesser. In this sense Woodlanders is a lavishly illustrated seed-catalog of Hardy classics.The novel begins with one of the most desolate passages in literature, and one that succintly summarizes the novel’s theme of happiness just out of reach:“The physiognomy of a deserted highway expresses solitude to a degree that is not reached by mere dales or downs, [...]

    27. I have a thing for Thomas Hardy. Maybe my husband should be worried.Normally mothers have to take the blame for everything, but this novel is about a father and his love for his daughter. It compels him to give her a good education at a finishing school: when the girl returns to her hometown there is nowhere for her to show her accomplishments or use her skills. It also makes her grow apart from her childhood sweetheart, the man her dad would like her to marry. This is the paradox at the heart o [...]

    28. L'ho detto e lo ripeto: Thomas Hardy meriterebbe una fama maggiore nel nostro paese, dove in pochi lo conoscono e, fra questi pochi, un esiguo numero ha letto qualcosa di diverso da Tess. Per questo apprezzo particolarmente la decisione della casa editrice Fazi di riportare in libreria Nel bosco, una delle opere meno conosciute, in una nuova moderna edizione la cui copertina è particolarmente adatta a rappresentare l'atmosfera bucolica che è parte integrante del romanzo.Pur facendo parte dei r [...]

    29. Throughout this novel I was taken by the way Hardy visualises scenes either through subjective viewpoints, showing us what specific characters see, or choose to see, or from the eye of the omniscient observer, the author. Some of my favorite novelists - Graham Greene is another example - excel in the art of sequencing, chosing the most telling scene to establish theme, character and setting and advance plot. Hardy displays a similar knack here, with each episode bearing its own strength and unit [...]

    30. Jo, que historia tan triste Se nota que Hardy era un ilustrado, porque su obra rezuma de inteligencia, buen hacer y muchas alusiones a la literatura y la religión.

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