De val

De val In New York is iets vreselijk misgegaan Het virus dat ontketend werd in De Meester heeft de stad in zijn greep Te midden van de chaos leidt CDC inspecteur Eph Goodweather een groep die de plaag wil st

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  • Title: De val
  • Author: Guillermo del Toro Chuck Hogan Marjolein van Velzen
  • ISBN: 9789049500290
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • In New York is iets vreselijk misgegaan Het virus dat ontketend werd in De Meester heeft de stad in zijn greep Te midden van de chaos leidt CDC inspecteur Eph Goodweather een groep die de plaag wil stoppen Maar het zou wel eens te laat kunnen zijn.Ondanks al zijn kennis kan Eph zijn geliefden niet beschermen Zijn ex vrouw Kelly is door de Meester zelf besmet en is op jIn New York is iets vreselijk misgegaan Het virus dat ontketend werd in De Meester heeft de stad in zijn greep Te midden van de chaos leidt CDC inspecteur Eph Goodweather een groep die de plaag wil stoppen Maar het zou wel eens te laat kunnen zijn.Ondanks al zijn kennis kan Eph zijn geliefden niet beschermen Zijn ex vrouw Kelly is door de Meester zelf besmet en is op jacht naar haar zoon Zack Eph en zijn team, bijgestaan door professor Abraham Setrakian en Vasily Fet, moeten het opnemen tegen een vijand wiens ultieme doel verschrikkelijker is dan het uitsterven van de mensheid.In De Val, het tweede deel in deze bloedstollende trilogie, escaleert de epische strijd tussen mens en monster die begon in De Meester Nog nooit werd het einde van de wereld met zoveel flair beschreven.

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    1. WARNING: THERE ARE NO VAMPIRE KITTENS IN THIS BOOK4.0 stars. Let me begin by saying that I seem to be more impressed with this series than some of my friends who find the series to be too formulaic. Personally, I am really enjoying this series and think that this second volume did a great job of moving the story along. I didn’t like this installment quite as much as The Strain which I thought was just superb. I think part of the reason for the lesser rating on this book is that in The Strain, [...]

    2. When I read and reviewed The Strain, I took some easy potshots at Twilight and credited Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan with trying to rescue vampires from the clutches of teenage girls and turn them into monsters again. However, the book didn’t wow me, and I was hoping that the next one would be an improvement. After reading The Fall, I’m even less wowed and realize that a book can be much better than Twilight and still be very ‘meh’. So you’ve got a brand of vampires that are part [...]

    3. 3.5 stars!The Fall by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan (Audio) I liked this second entry in "The Strain" series!   This is the first book I've listened to narrated by Daniel Oreskes and he was fantastic.  I was worried that it would affect my enjoyment listening to the second book after reading the first, but it was for naught. First off, I probably couldn't have read this one right now, due to this stupid slump that won't let me get into anything. Second, I've been very busy at work with [...]

    4. 3.5 stars!I liked this second entry in "The Strain" series! This is the first book I've listened to narrated by Daniel Oreskes and he was fantastic. I was worried that it would affect my enjoyment listening to the second book after reading the first, but it was for naught. First off, I probably couldn't have read this one right now, due to this stupid slump that won't let me get into anything. Second, I've been very busy at work with a lot of mundane paperwork that doesn't require too much brain [...]

    5. Εξήντα μέρες. Μόλις τόσες χρειάστηκαν για να φτάσει ο κόσμος στο τέλος του. Το κακό εξαπλώθηκε. Η πόλη παραδόθηκε στον όλεθρο. Κι ο κόσμος ολάκερος μαζί. Κανείς δεν θεώρησε πιθανό να συμβεί ό,τι τελικά συνέβη. Στην εμφάνιση της πανδημίας η κοινή γνώμη αντέδρασε με άρνηση. Ό,τι [...]

    6. At first this seemed like one colossal boner - reading a book upon which the series I just finished watching is based. BUT, there were enough differences (some major!) to keep things interesting.There is much I love here - big, ugly, NASTY vampires - the way vampires are meant to be. And no fangs are necessary; they have disgusting, eel-like appendages that shoot out, dispensing vile, infectious worms into the victims they are feeding from. Yuck!I also love the urban setting for this series. The [...]

    7. Actual rating: 2.5 stars.In my review of The Strain, the first book in this series, I said that it started off well but quickly degenerated into an illogical mess. The Fall is the second book in what is planned to be a trilogy, and it starts in the illogical mess phase. Where does it go from there? Into an extended setup for volume number three. Reading The Fall, I felt like the only reason for this book's existence is to keep interest alive for the eventual release of the third book. The backgr [...]

    8. I'm not even sure why I read this, since the first book (The Strain) was mediocre at best. I guess I'm just a sucker (heh) for anything that combines vampires with apocalytpic plagues (my two favorite things!). In a nutshell, an ancient parasite resurfaces and takes the world by storm, turning people into vampires (of a sort), while a ragtag group of good guys forms a resistance and tries to save the world. In this book, the planet's infrastructure begins to collapse as the parasite takes hold. [...]

    9. This second book is chilling, the virus is here now and the threat looms. The fate of mankind lies in hand of those who have a certain book and the Hunters, you have mortals, hunters and ancients in the fierce battle against the Masters own plan set out. The story is action packed and really this book leaves you with loads to look forward to the third installment of The Strain trilogy. I have a feeling the third book has been set up to have all the ingredients of a humdinger of battle for mankin [...]

    10. --- Achtung! Evtl. kleine Spoiler zu Band 1! ---"Das Blut" schließt direkt an den ersten Band an.60 Tage sind seit den Ereignissen im Flugzeug vergangen und die Stadt New York verfällt immer mehr dem Chaos.In den Nachrichten wird die Katastrophe noch immer als gefährlicher Virus eingestuft, doch der Epidemiologe Ephraim, der Kammerjäger Vasiliy und der alte Pfandleiher Abraham wissen genau, dass dieser Virus von Vampiren verbreitet wird: die Saat des Meisters scheint aufzugehen.Meine Meinung [...]

    11. Wow. Just wow. I wanted to give this 5-stars, as the ending is powerful. But I only gave The Strain 4-stars, and this isn't better overall. The ending of this book is much better, but The Strain is better from cover to cover, despite its own weak ending. Definitely looking forward to The Night Eternal. I could see the series getting a 5-star out of me though the individual books are getting 4. More than the sum of its parts, and all that. But that will depend on how the authors wrap up the trilo [...]

    12. Here's something that almost never happens to me: I gave up on this book. Why? Because, quite simply, it is one of the worst-written novels I've ever encountered, regardless of genre. Honestly it's horrifying, and not even a little bit in the sense that you'd hope a global vampire apocalypse novel would be. I could try to explain (in painful detail) just how awful it is, telling you about the amateurish plotting, the paper-thin characters, the abject lack of subtlety and grace and elegance in th [...]

    13. Book Two of the Strain is a lot of fun to read. It is, in my opinion, better than the first book.The Vampire Outbreak has turned into a plague in New York. Book Two continues the story of our intrepid heroes and their struggle against this modern day vampire plague. Book Two delves more deeply into this vampire lore and I really enjoyed Chuck Hogan fleshing out the bare bones background of the first book. Now it starts to make sense why the Master's thinking might have become warped, and his vis [...]

    14. "New York has gone bye-bye and the rest of the world, apart from Britain. Vampires can't cross water obviously"Here we are with book two of The Strain series called The Fall. Aptly named as civilisation is screwed. A famous philosopher once said that during a symposium you know! The second book has improved, there's a lot more for the reader to get their teeth into. A lot more background fluff is introduced into the characters past, such as Eph and Abraham Setrakian is explored further. The old [...]

    15. Disclosure: Review based on book I received from Vine in exchange for an honest review. I've read this book twice.My Synopsis: The vampires are spreading; the government is denying any problems in an attempt to avoid “panic.” Ephraim, Nora, Vasiliy and Dr. Setrakian continue to work together to try to stop the Master, and to keep Zach safe from Kelly, Ephraim’s ex-wife, who is focused on claiming the boy as her Dear One. Meanwhile, Eldritch Palmer continues to plot and plan, entirely focu [...]

    16. If you're thinking of reading "The Fall" then you probably already know about "The Strain"d if you've read "The Strain" and are thinking of reading "The Fall" my only advice would be that you would read it only if you're the type of person who likes to watch B-movies and figures, "I've already watched half an hour, I might as well finish it to see how it ends." I'm that type of persond because I love B-movies, it probably has a lot to do with why I'm still reading this series.**SPOILERS** My rev [...]

    17. I really wanted to enjoy this more than I did. I tried like crazy to care about the people in the book, to care about their families, their friends, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, I felt the writing was a bit on a half-assed side. The entire book read like it was a mediocre half price bin thriller. I was never completely engrossed into the story. In fact, some pages I can say that I skipped. Mostly the pep talk Eph gave his son Zach which is nice but it did not move the story forward one [...]

    18. Vampires haven’t had a very good decade. Not naming names or anything, but Stephenie Meyer is completely to blame. I’m a 40-something heterosexual male, so right there that tells you a lot about me, I’m sure. First of all, I’m nowhere near the intended demographic for Meyer’s ridiculously popular Young Adult series of books about teen vampires and the vapid emo-girls who love them, Twilight. Second of all, (based on the market research, anyway) I shouldn’t be reading much of anything [...]

    19. I had immensely enjoyed The Strain, which was the first book of the Strain trilogy (review here ) when I had read it late last year. So, I was really excited to see how the story would be moved forward in the second installment. And I'm pretty pleased with what I got.The Plot:The vampiric strain which had been unleashed by the Master in the first book has taken over nearly half of NYC. It rests on the hands of a few to stop it's spread before its too late -- before the world gets destroyed. And [...]

    20. Low to mid 3 stars. This continuation of the story from The Strain definitely provided more insight into a lot of different aspects of the story, and, if one extrapolates a bit, explains some things that were left unexplained in the first book. There was a lot of action, and a lot of gore and a lot of tension, and a whole lot of things-not-going-well-for-humanity-in-general, but all that being said, I didn't like this one quite as much as the last one. I felt like some things were very inconsist [...]

    21. La historia sigue siendo atrapante, la tensión x saber q ocurre no decae en ningún momento Los personajes están bien definidos, incluso los malosExcelente historia!!Recomiendo toda la saga

    22. 8/9 - I'm sorry, book, it's me, not you. I still liked the continuing story of the fall of Manhattan to the vampire plague, but I lost interest in the middle and ended up taking a month to finish it (three weeks longer than the first book in the series). I didn't feel as connected to the characters as I had in the first book. It also felt like Eph, Sertrakian, Fet, and Nora (and the new guys) were fighting a losing battle - what can four adults and a teenager really do against almost all the res [...]

    23. When I first read The Strain, back before I started doing my reviews on , I posted about it on my Facebook page, saying something along the lines of "Twilight, this ain't. It's a edge of your seat, find your happy place, whimper in your sleep, kind of vampire story." I even think I gave it a 9/10, a score I reserve for only the very best. So, The Fall, book two in the series, has been on my wishlist for some time now.Finally, I got around to reading it and perhaps my memories of The Strain have [...]

    24. In the first book, The Strain, the human race was attacked by a weird parasite. The parasite caused an unusual effect on humans turning them into vampires. The first book ended with readers being introduced to the Master. The second book, The Fall continues right on from the first. The Master is out roaming the world, trying to control the vampires and make more. It appears that there is no one that can stop the Master. Even the “Old” vampires are fighting with the “New” vampires. Eph Go [...]

    25. Het boek kwam wat langzaam op gang, vooral in vergelijking met het eerste deel. Even was ik bang voor second book syndrome, maar naarmate het boek vorderde kwam er ook weer wat vaart in het verhaal. Eigenlijk wilde ik het boek 3* geven, maar het einde zorgt ervoor dat ik het toch 4* geef.

    26. Yes, this is different from the show, and yes it is way better too. Don't know how soon I will read the 3rd and final book, but I am not sure how that will be considering how this one ended.

    27. The Fall. To what does the title refer? The fall of vampires? The fall of civilization? The most pumpkin-centric season known to man?No. It is none of these things. After reading this book, I can say with reasonable certainty that it was named after the fall that Del Toro and Hogan took right before they started writing. I’m assuming that the two of them were tossing around good ideas (you know, the type of stuff we saw in The Strain), then simultaneously tripped and stumbled down a flight of [...]

    28. Едно "падение" в качеството усетих - оригиналната идея, добре развита в първа част, тук нещо почна да буксува - не, че не беше четивно и развлекателно, ама някак преливане от пусто в празно се получи накрая Да видим №3!

    29. To say that reading The Fall would remind one of the movie 28 days and 28 days later but with a “Bite” is perhaps close to how reading the book would feel but of course any cinematic medium still can’t compare to the cinema of images and sound that runs and rules the mind when gripped by a good book. Such, for me, is this one. Following the events detailed in the first book, The Strain, its sequel, The Fall aptly titled, metaphorically works on different levels for the reader upon finishi [...]

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