Puppet New York Times bestselling author Joy Fielding is the mistress of the taut suburban thriller Kirkus Reviews Now Fielding unnerves readers with a richly layered page turner that swings from haunting in

  • Title: Puppet
  • Author: Joy Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780743488013
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Joy Fielding is the mistress of the taut suburban thriller Kirkus Reviews Now Fielding unnerves readers with a richly layered page turner that swings from haunting intrigue to electrifying suspense in the space of a heartbeat PUPPET Living a no strings attached life in glamorous Palm Beach, beautiful, steely nerved criminal attorNew York Times bestselling author Joy Fielding is the mistress of the taut suburban thriller Kirkus Reviews Now Fielding unnerves readers with a richly layered page turner that swings from haunting intrigue to electrifying suspense in the space of a heartbeat PUPPET Living a no strings attached life in glamorous Palm Beach, beautiful, steely nerved criminal attorney Amanda Travis knows exactly what she likes spinning classes, the color black, and one night stands Here s what she dislikes the color pink, nicknamesd memories Which is why she has shut the door on two ex husbands, her estranged mother, and her hometown of Toronto Then comes the news that will shatter Amanda s untouchable world her mother, who has always held a strange power over everyone she encounters, has shot and killed a complete stranger Forced to return to Toronto, Amanda must confront her demons and unravel the truth behind her mother s violent act while the taunting, teasing name from her past dances in her headPuppetling her that someone else is orchestrating her fate Includes an excerpt from Mad River Road, Joy Fielding s riveting new novel coming soon in hardcover from Atria Books

    One thought on “Puppet”

    1. I liked the plotline behind this book but I found the main character annoying. She is a man-stealing emotional cripple who constantly plays with the emotions of pretty much everyone around here and then has crying pity fests over how messed up she is. I found it hard to connect with that although I suppose it worked as far as the "big picture" of the book was concerned. I liked her ex-husband (the first, not the second) much better. Actually, I liked pretty much everyone else better, and I felt [...]

    2. I wasn't really expecting much of this book. I mainly chose it to have an easy read to make a plane flight go by faster and because the setting is Toronto, and it is always fun to read something happening on the streets that one is very familiar with. I am also not a book snob, and do find a few easy read literature that I find amusing and greatly entertaining. This was not the case here. The crime part was alright. Nothing high class mysterious, but not too bad. The twist at the end was nothing [...]

    3. Een leuke thriller. Het boek las vlot. Het mysterie was interssant en het einde verrassend. Ook sprak de hoofdpersoon mij aan. Zeker een aanrader. Mijn eerste boek van deze schrijfster, maar zeker niet mijn laatste.

    4. Amanda Travis is a beautiful and successful twenty-eight year old defense attorney living in Southwest Florida. She has spent the last ten years creating a different life for herself, far away from the difficult memories of her childhood in Toronto. There she remembers an alcoholic mother who either ignored or verbally abused her and a father who neglected her. She has subsequently learned to be careful to keep people at a distance and never to let anyone get too close. Repeated and mindless sex [...]

    5. I was given this book without one word of review. I can see why.The mystery itself is actually sort of compelling, but what drags this book down is the introspective crapfest surrounding the main character. I found myself skimming those portions of the book just looking to get to the meat of the story.It didn't help that Amanda was a most unlikable character.Methinks this is an author I won't be reading again.

    6. In this novel, Amanda Travis is an emotionally-closed-off woman in her late 20s working as a criminal defense attorney in Florida. When Amanda gets an unexpected, urgent phone call from her ex-husband, she is shocked and dismayed to learn that her estranged mother has shot and killed a man in her hometown of Toronto. Her ex urges her to come home and assist in dealing with her mother, who appears to want to plead guilty and go directly to prison. Amanda wants nothing more than to hide in Florida [...]

    7. RE: _Puppet_ by Joy FieldingAn easy read. Good plot, excellent ending, but gets a bit boring in the middle. Sometimes I found it annoying when the protagonist talked to herself too much. It's not stream of consciousness; somehow it just seemed sophomoric at times. (The following GR reviewer calls it an "introspective crapfest". LOL : ====>/review/show/Also, the author wastes time on boring details which aren't relevant to the story. They seem like mere fillers to make the book longer. So I sk [...]

    8. Well it speaks to the storyline and gripping writing style of this novel that has me finished in 8 days. Yes, it was a quick read. The fact that the story had me guessing and flipping pages trying to put the pieces together in this murder mystery, i'm delighted to have had a chance to read this book.I didn't like the main character's whinny, over the top personality. It prevented me from really sympathizing with her much. Sure she had a rough childhood and the truth that rocks not only those in [...]

    9. The mystery wasn't bad, but the main character was so awful that the book was a challenge to get through. Add to that a plethora of annoying fantasy sequences, and I had to give one star to an author I have previously enjoyed.

    10. A fast fluffy read, the writing trite and predictable enough to elicit eye rolling. The mystery part of the story line created enough tension to keep me reading.

    11. 3.5 stars. In Florida, criminal attorney Amanda Travis lives life just the way she wants it without giving too much thought to others. Her first ex-husband Ben calls to tell her that her mother shot and killed a man in a hotel lobby in Canada. Amanda has only bad memories of her mother and reluctantly travels to see her since Ben can't get her mother to talk about what happened. Once in Canada, Amanda is forced to deal with her past as she investigates why her mother is so determined to plead gu [...]

    12. I have loved all the books by Joy Fielding that I've read so far, but this one didn't do much for me. So much of the book was spent on the horrible behavior of the main character. It was hard to feel any sympathy for her or to even get that absorbed by the book. I'm glad her other books have better characters and plots

    13. 3 STARS"Puppet features the beautiful Amanda Travis, a successful twenty-eight-year-old criminal attorney who wins just about every case for her less than admirable clientele. A Florida transplant, Amanda races through her glamorous life, her only concerns being herself, a good bottle of red, and her pristine Palm Beach condominium. Her estranged mother, dead father, two ex-husbands, a love that once consumed her, and countless one-night stands have since lagged far, far behind. But when ex #1 w [...]

    14. This book is about a woman named Amanda. She lives in Miami as a lawyer. One day gets a call from her ex husband Ben telling her that her mother murdered a man. Amanda then hesitantly flies back to her home town Toronto, Canada to help Ben (her mothers lawyer) solve the mystery of why she murdered this man. Throughout the book, they unfold more and more revealing quite a bit of Amanda's past that she had never imagined. In the end, the two figure out that there was more to Amanda's childhood tha [...]

    15. I enjoyed the mystery, but I also enjoyed the static of the mother-daughter friction that was an interesting undercurrent of the story. Though Amanda may seem cold and in a sense, uncaring and rebellious toward the first half of the book, I was intrigued by the way Fielding gradually "warmed" up Amanda's personality by unveiling things from her past that explains where she's coming from and why she is the way she is, to a certain degree. As I got to know more about Amanda and her relationship wi [...]

    16. The need to find your origins is such a compelling one for the one who had an unusual childhood. The driving force behind the book is childhood really defines the person you are and the bad things that happen to a person might result in catastrophic events.Joe Fielding is a master at psychological thrillers and she does a good job in Puppet building suspense to the eventual climax which for me was not so thrilling :)nevertheless it had its moment

    17. I listened to this one while doing chores around the house; the first audio book I'd listened to in a long time. I chose it because I had enjoyed a few Fielding mysteries in the past, but this seemed excruciatingly slow, perhaps because the plot was so predictable, or maybe because the reader read it so slowly. I actually only listened to the end to confirm that I was correct about the "revelation". If I had actually sat down to read this one I would have considered it time wasted.

    18. I usually love Fielding's work however that was not the case with this book. The main character was completely self centered and I just couldn't stand her. Most of the story was about her charging about, doing and saying anything she felt like, at the expense of others. With that said, the twist at the end was just disturbing.

    19. I loved it, and I did not see the ending coming.It is a very different book, I looked the caracters and the settings.

    20. Initial thoughts: OH MY God stop talking to yourself! What? What? This is not worthwhile dialogue. Sweet JesusI absolutely hated this author's writing style. At least 30% of the book could be cut with absolutely no impact to plot or "character development" if you want to call it that. Some other reviewers mentioned how repetitious it is, but I thought they mean it more as in a re-cap way (in the middle of the book there's a re-cap of the first half) because some authors do that, but No. This is [...]

    21. Amanda Travis is a lawyer living in Florida but originally from Toronto. She receives a call from her ex-husband that her mother has shot and killed a man who she has said she doesn't know. This makes absolutely no sense as far as Amanda is concerned and that becomes the focal point of the story. But Amanda's own personality steals everything away from the plot. She whines about everything and is the reason I'm not giving it more stars. Who can stand to be around her. The story drags because of [...]

    22. Wow, this was a great book. This is the third book I read from Joy Fielding and I enjoyed all three books. Puppet is about a lawyer named Amanda Travis who lives in Florida and one day she receives a phone call from her ex husband Ben saying she has to come back home to Toronto because her mother shot and killed a man. i would recommend this book to anyone that likes mysteries, thrillers, crime and drama.I give this book 4 stars!!!!

    23. This was the first mystery that I have read by Joy Fielding. It was an interesting read with two of the most unsympathetic main characters I have come across. Even though the author created a compelling backstory of neglect and unhappiness, this lawyer and her mother were so self destructive in their relationships that I found the happy ending unbelievable. The story was set in Toronto and it was nice reading all the details about Toronto.

    24. Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Anyone who didn't enjoy Travis' character lives in a froo-froo world. I love the depth of her character, the snippets of her past and how it all ties together at the end!By no means did I think it would end the way it did! If you like murder/mystery, twisted family past, steamy relationships and a good dose of giggles this is the book for you!

    25. Zo začiatku ma táto knižka vôbec nechytila, dej sa mi zdal dokola o tom istom, žiadne napätie, nudné dialógy. Dej ma začal zaujímať asi od polovice, keď sa stal napínavým a konečné rozuzlenie by som naozaj nečakala a prekvapilo ma. Preto knižku hodnotím ako priemernú.

    26. Sucked me right in. I wanted to find out what was going on, and what the secrets were. Amanda was a bit unsympathetic at times, but my main problem was the title. She kept describing marionettes, not puppets. Are they interchangeable now?

    27. Enjoyed it when I had picked it up but it didn’t pull me back.The theme was typical but the characters were rather unexpected.This was my first JF and look forward to reading my next.

    28. Previous to I kept a book log. I am updating ratings based on my log. My rating system is 1 - 10. I gave this book an 8.0.

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