How It's Done

How It s Done Brought up in a strict fundamentalist home eighteen year old Grace feels trapped in a suburban Alcatraz by her overbearing father and her timid mother An affair with a college professor a man of the

  • Title: How It's Done
  • Author: Christine Kole MacLean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brought up in a strict fundamentalist home, eighteen year old Grace feels trapped in a suburban Alcatraz by her overbearing father and her timid mother An affair with a college professor a man of the world who s likely to quote Shelley than scripture seems like a great escape But freedom brings with it unanticipated complications and Grace discovers that beingBrought up in a strict fundamentalist home, eighteen year old Grace feels trapped in a suburban Alcatraz by her overbearing father and her timid mother An affair with a college professor a man of the world who s likely to quote Shelley than scripture seems like a great escape But freedom brings with it unanticipated complications and Grace discovers that being involved with an older man is not all chardonnay and poetryTold from Grace s perspective, How It s Done is an unflinching story of love and freedom and the price you pay for both.

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    1. Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadTooGrace is an eighteen-year-old girl who wants to, like any other teenager, break free of her home, the life she's always known, and her parents. Grace wants independence from her strict, fundamentalist Christian father and the house that looks like every other house on the street, in the neighborhood that is a prison to her. When she meets older, charismatic college professor Michael, she thinks he is her escape. He's not that much older than she is, and [...]

    2. I've wanted to read this for a couple years and now that I have, it just rubbed me the wrong way. First of all, it was hard for me to believe that an 18-year-old could really be so naive. Yes, that was the way she was depicted, with her sheltered, religious family life and her romance novels (ick), but she did go to public school in present day and her best friend was the wild child type. Second, were we even supposed to like Michael??? Because I hated him from the start and I really thought he [...]

    3. Actual rating: 3.5 starsBut a good 3.5 stars.I only can't give it 4 stars because it didn't blow me away.But here's the deal, I like this book, and for the intended audience, (because I'm pretty sure that people who write YA books like these don't intend for 26 year old adults like me to be the primary group reading them, let's be real here), I think it has a lot of merit.I think teens should read books like this, because books like this carry important messages. Mostly, the big ones in this boo [...]

    4. Grace Passedge lives in a fundamentalist Christian home, with a controlling father and a timid mother. She longs to break free, to find the person that she wants to be, and when she accidentally begins a relationship with Michael, a professor at the local college, she finally feels free. And when her father tries to come in between the two of them, Grace defies him for the first time and gets engaged to Michael.But even though Grace is sure that getting married to Michael will help her find hers [...]

    5. A very well written and often moving read, "How It's Done" has quite a few parallels to "Good" by S Walden. While not strictly a student-teacher romance (since Michael is not Grace's teacher/professor) there are the same themes of a girl in the last year of high school, a hyper religious father, an older male with a lot more life experience and sophistication.I'm not sure all of it was realistic. Michael suddenly expecting Grace to give up her high school party and act like a corporate wife seem [...]

    6. 3.5 Ah, I forgot how nice it is to read books that are easy to read. I missed that. The story itself seemed kind of unrealistic to me. Not because it doesn't happen in real life; it's just that I would never in a million years marry a dude that I barely knew. It was a painful story, though, a nice one. And I give props because the main character's name is Grace and it didn't make me think of Grace from the Mercy Falls trilogy once, so! Sometimes the way things were worded and the way they occur [...]

    7. This was a very addictive read!This review can also be found on my blog.Review:a.) Characters: 4/5 score. Grace is a strong character, and you are immediately thrown into her life with her overbearing father and timid mother. You feel her frustration and defeat, and her admiration for Michael. You get family with Liv’s family and Tori’s situation- and you see a lot of strength and weakness overall in everyone. Because of all that, these characters felt amazingly real, as if I could call any [...]

    8. This book was, of course, predictable at times, but if you'd paid attention to what was happening since the beginning of the book, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that it was predictable. The very fact that the main character's name is Grace should send warning bells in your head. But that doesn't mean that this wasn't a spectacular read. Whether or not I liked Grace, she was extremely easy to relate to. Self-conscious girl swept up in the arms of an older man remains as self-conscious as h [...]

    9. How it's done, was a recommendation from a friend of mine, about a girl named Grace, who is brought up in a strict religious family. Grace finds the will to revolt and have an affair with a college professor. The tables do not exactly turn in Grace's favor, but she does learn some hard lessons that she would not have learned without the help of Tori. The book to me was good and interesting, not really my cup of tea from what I read of the summarry, but it did get to me towards the middle of the [...]

    10. This is a pretty interesting YA book - it's the basic YA storyline about a teenager who is trying to figure out who they are. In How It's Done the main character Grace is the only child of very fundamentalist religious parents who are incredibly strict. Grace doesn't really feel connected with God or the church because of her overbearing Dad, so she ends up having an affair with a college professor (even though Grace is only 18 and still a senior in high school). When her Dad finds out about the [...]

    11. I would say that the book was too risque to be young adult - at times, I found it reminded me of Fifty Shades of Grey, which makes me shudder and horrified. Michael, the main love interest of this book, was pathetic and probably the worst love interest I've ever read about. I don't quite get the attraction there. Grace's parents and best friend were all terrible. The only likable character was Will, who was in the story briefly.I found several spelling issues 'bedsides' instead of 'besides' was [...]

    12. I didn't expect a major Christian impact throughout the book; slight, but still there. This really isn't a very sexy novel, just a part or two and the rest is drama. But it's one of those coming-of-age-life-lessons book. It covers maturity, responsibility, and what it means to truly love someone. There are several debatable topics, but that's expected. No matter what, it always goes back to the parents; reflections are obvious. Needless to say, your parents prepare you (the majority of the time) [...]

    13. How It's Done ? How what's done? Getting engaged at 18 to an older man with tons of unknown baggage and a supposed-to-be-saucy cleaning lady just to upset your overly religious (yet of course hypocritical) father? Is that what gets done? Or is How It's Done just a title for your novel, because this novel is "how it's done". It's not. Jeeeeeez. I should've realized how bad this was, seeing that the publisher was some online thing. It borders on ridiculous.

    14. Grace is 18 and ready to start out on her own, as soon as she finishes high school. Pushed by her conservative Christian parents, she tries to be good and stay on the straight and narrow. Then she meets Michael, a 26-year old college professor, and everything begins to change.This is a strong story demonstrating the importance of thinking for oneself, to make clear decisions based on personal beliefs, and to stand strong against outside pressure. It feels true to the character.

    15. An emotional read. The author did a great job of putting you in the girl's shoes and emotions. Even though she would get on my nerves sometimes; I'd have to remind myself that she is 18 while the boy is in his 30s. I can relate to him more. But this story is a clear reason why I don't think 30 year olds should date teens. There is just too much growing to still be done and the relationship will never last. It was a good book. It felt believable.

    16. I thought this was a pretty good ya book. About a girl from a very strict upbringing who meets an older professor from the local college and starts a relationship with him. I liked the authors writing and I thought the story was pretty true to what 18 yr old girls go through in life. I have two 18 yr old girls and it is a hard balance of being to strict and to much of a friend so I could really relate to this book

    17. Suprisingly good novel about a girl growing up in a fundamentalist home I thought the main male character's dialogue was unrealistic and clumsy to read but, at the same time, it made him pretty creepy. So maybe it was done on purpose. The supporting characters - the mother, Liv and Tori - were excellent and the story was intriguing from the start.

    18. The cautionary tale version of age-mismatched student/teacher relationships, rather than the true love kind, which is super rude considering she's 18 and he's not even teaching at her school. Alas, it's not even really about the age difference in the end; Michael is just a manipulative jerk. You just keep on publishing winners, Flux.

    19. I had a rough time with this book. don't get me wrong, I really liked it but personally how could an 18 year old be so naive. and the ending just didn't set with me too well, it should have had a better ending. and maybe the author should do a follow up? that would be good. because if liv ran off and on top of that kissed Michael well maybe there should be a twist in a second book.

    20. Blech. What a disappointment. I do not recommend this title! There are a few quotes on the back of the jacket by well known YA authors and I say "pah" on them. There is not much redeeming about this book, from the writing to the plot line, to the title. It has a solid message - but one that has been told too many times.

    21. Wow. That was totally unexpected. I mean totally. And then it was a little depressing, on the side. Bad-ish aftertaste. Good in middle.WHOOOOOOSH!Yea, that's what it was.Although I do have to say, awesome prologue. Don't forget to read it!

    22. Disturbing portrait of a girl raised by fundamentalist Christians, and how it colors her life when she falls in love with an older man. The characterizations are well-done for the main characters, and the story is quite believable.

    23. Good writing, bad characters. I like the line " and my personal theater went black." Tip to author- Be more subtle and have more confidence in writing. Grace was very insecure and it seemed like a projection of the author's feelings. I liked the last two quotes in the acknowledgements.

    24. This book is an great story of a girl's discovery of what it really is like to be with someone older. Grace changes a great deal along with her family through her experience and I believe that this is a great book about her experience

    25. This was okay. It was fairly predictable the whole time, but I'm a sucker for trying to understand younger woman/older man relationships, so of course I ate it up. Good for one read-through, but I won't be reading it again.

    26. How its done was a very well written novel about a girl getting involved with an older man. The novel follows her through first falling in love and telling her parents and the other tribulations that come with a new relationship. The book keeps your attention and in suspense at all times.

    27. I am more into fantasy and sci-fi to give a higher rating. It good but not the best book, I have read. When I read this book I was also had read TEACH ME. Both books are similar cause young girls go for a older man.

    28. Good beach read but that's it. Very shallow character development, not to mention the story line. Very predictable. It did keep my interest enough to finish it - and I finished it in one day.

    29. She was going to marry a man she'd only known for 3 months? I mean, I know it happens, but it was just not ringing true for me.

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