Riding Double Anthology

Riding Double Anthology The romantic allure of the cowboy is unparalleled These sweaty dusty icons of the West past and present still melt hearts and raise pulse rates whether the man s wearing a ten gallon hat chaps an

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  • Title: Riding Double Anthology
  • Author: Anne Regan Maria Albert K.R. Foster B.G. Thomas Xara X. Xanakas Lacey-Anne Frye Maggie Lee J.M. McLaughlin
  • ISBN: 9781615819089
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
  • The romantic allure of the cowboy is unparalleled These sweaty, dusty icons of the West, past and present, still melt hearts and raise pulse rates, whether the man s wearing a ten gallon hat, chaps and spurs, or nothing at all In these stories of romance with a Western flair, love softens the most hardened range rider and passion fires the most stoic ramrod s blood FateThe romantic allure of the cowboy is unparalleled These sweaty, dusty icons of the West, past and present, still melt hearts and raise pulse rates, whether the man s wearing a ten gallon hat, chaps and spurs, or nothing at all In these stories of romance with a Western flair, love softens the most hardened range rider and passion fires the most stoic ramrod s blood Fate may throw a few twists in their path, but at the end of the day, these men will be riding double into the sunset.Maria Albert Surviving the CrossingK.R Foster Mr AugustLacey Anne Frye Trial By FireMaggie Lee Hitting the TrailRowan McAllister Courtin Trouble J.M McLaughlin Facing UpZahra Owens DelugeJane Seville In TemperanceKate Sherwood Rode Hard and Put Away WetAriel Tachna Out on the Range B.G Thomas The Real Thing Xara X Xanakas Cowboys and IT ians

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    1. 4, 3, and 2 stars for twelve stories. These are cowboy related, men with men, and erotic.This anthology includes 12 short stories from 12 to 36 pages each. Many are set in the late 1800s. A few are contemporary. All of them are cowboy related. There is at least one sex scene in each story, except one story has none. These are male-male sex scenes, many with rear door activity. There are twelve different authors. I bought this because it included a story by Jane Seville, the author of “Zero at [...]

    2. There wasn't a single story in this anthology I didn't like! Some of them were really great, some just nice, but I really enjoyed every one of them and I'd love to read a second volume.I love short stories, so I sure won't take any stars, because they weren't full-on novels ;)

    3. Overall: 2.65 starsTrial By Fire by Lacey-Anne Frye - 2 stars Rode Hard and Put Away Wet by Kate Sherwood - 4,5 starsintense, no five stars because last line was a little too muchCourtin’ Trouble by Rowan McAllister  - 3,5 stars A nice fairy taleMr. August by K.R. Foster - 1.5 starsSurviving the Crossing by Maria Albert - 3 starsCowboys and IT-ians by Xara X. Xanakas - 3 starsfunnyFacing Up by J.M. McLaughlin - 4 starsThe Real Thing by B.G. Thomas - 1,5 stars In Temperance by Jane Seville  [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology of cowboy themed m/m short stories. As with any anthology, the stories did vary in quality somewhat, but the overall standard was high. In the case of many of the stories, my main criticism was only that I wanted MORE.The anthology starts very strongly with Lacey-Anne Frye's "Trial by Fire", with other highlights being Rowan McAllister's "Courtin' Trouble", and "Hitting the Trail" by Maggie Lee. I really enjoyed the diversity of the characters in this antholog [...]

    5. 3.5-4 stars. Usually with anthologies, I like a few stories and feel kind of 'meh' about the rest. I actually liked most of the stories in this one, so that was a nice treat. :)Recommended for cowboy fans. ;)

    6. Overall, about average. There were a few I couldn't get through, and one with an established couple I didn't read at all. I didn't discover any new authors which is usually what I look forward to in these anthologies. My favorite (maybe 4/5 stars) was the Xara X. Xanakas cowboy/geek one which was kinda adorable and pretty funny.

    7. This was a great anthology! I would say 4/5 were GREAT with only one or two bad ones. Most of the stories were set in the Old West, which I prefer to modern times, which was an added bonus.Would recommend to any fan of gay cowboys.

    8. Trial By Fire by Lacey-Anne Frye (historical) - 4*I wish it was a full-length novel. Still, I highly enjoyed this story of love, forgiveness and new beginnings.Rode Hard and Put Away Wet by Kate Sherwood (contemporary) - 3*This story featured three explicit scenes and it was way too much for such a short story or my liking. On the positive side, it's well-written and gave me a hope that there might be a future for the two of them.Courtin’ Trouble by Rowan McAllister (historical) - 4*A very enj [...]

    9. Trial By Fire - 3.5 stars ~ Some of the language seemed a little anachronistic. Likable story. Lovably cantankerous MC paired with a sentimental rogue.Rode Hard and Put Away Wet - 3 stars ~ Hot sex scenes but I had some trouble connecting with the MC. The ending was sweet in just the right way for these characters. A believable scenario.Courtin' Trouble - 4 stars ~ Very sweet, a good bit of plot for a short story. I really liked Peter and Owen. I think Owen's acceptance was quicker that it would [...]

    10. I rarely read anthologies for some reason. I read almost every story in this one and will read all of them eventually, but I still wanted to review already.I'm not a big fan of historical stories, and this has quite a few of those. To my surprise, the ones I already read were wonderful.Now, I will probably review the stories individually later when they show on the authors pages, but I want to give a shout out to Jane Seville and Kate Sherwood. They are among my favorite authors in general, and [...]

    11. This is a good cowboy anthology. I especially liked Courtin' Trouble with Peter and Owen who finds him mesmerizing. Another favorite was Surviving the Crossing which had a dangerous river and an offer of hope that inspires love. Cowboys and IT-ians was sweet and silly. The Real Thing was a great story about going after what you want - I adored Bryan researching the perfect look to catch his man - and miniature cows are so cute! Deluge was wonderful - I wanted to live with that extended family.

    12. Maria Albert - Surviving the Crossing: 3/5K.R. Foster - Mr. August: 1/5Lacey-Anne Frye - Trial By Fire:1/5Maggie Lee - Hitting the Trail: 1/5 Rowan McAllister - Courtin' Trouble: 4.5/5 J.M. McLaughlin - Facing Up: 1/5Zahra Owens - Deluge: 0/5Jane Seville - In Temperance: 1/5 Kate Sherwood - Rode Hard and Put Away Wet: 3.5/5 Ariel Tachna - Out on the Range: 2/5B.G. Thomas - The Real Thing: 3.5/5Xara X. Xanakas - Cowboys and IT-ians: 2.5/5The ones with 3.5 and above would have gotten higher marks [...]

    13. dreamspinnerpress/storMaria Albert - Surviving the CrossingK.R. Foster - Mr. AugustLacey-Anne Frye - Trial By FireMaggie Lee - Hitting the TrailRowan McAllister - Courtin' TroubleJ.M. McLaughlin - Facing UpZahra Owens - DelugeJane Seville - In TemperanceKate Sherwood - Rode Hard and Put Away WetAriel Tachna - Out on the RangeB.G. Thomas - The Real ThingXara X. Xanakas - Cowboys and IT-ians

    14. Overall rating: 4 Stars! I enjoyed the mix of Old West and Modern Day Cowboys. The editing was decent and the characters were full bodied. My only gripe would be that each story could've easily been twice as long, and even more enjoyable! A couple 5's in the bunch, and some new authors to be explored. I would love to see all of these stories expanded to either full length novels or at least novellas.Happy reading!

    15. I never understood some fetishes and cowboys was one of them. Now I understand a fair bit better. This collection of short stories is not porn without a plot and it is not at the other end of the spectrum with only innocent group of love stories with only a chaste kiss. Its people forming relationship that are hot, wonderful, messy and above all make for good reading.

    16. I only read three of the stories. 3.5 stars for each of them. The stories are too short for more stars, but all of them are engaging and well written.Rode Hard and Put Away Wet by Kate SherwoodIn Temperance by Jane SevilleCourtin’ Trouble by Rowan McAllister

    17. The stories alternated contemporary and historical. I'm not a big fan of historical. I liked all the stories to some degree, my favorite was Out on the Range by Ariel Tachna. Overall this is a great anthology to introduce you to other authors.

    18. I bought this just for the Jane Seville story (which was excellent!), but it turned out to be a great purchase in general. There was only one story I couldn't really get into. Well worth the purchase price.

    19. Well, that was not as interesting as expected. My favourites are Rowan McAllister's Courtin' Trouble and B. G. Thomas's The Real Thing.

    20. A wonderful collection of short stories of life on the range, whether based in times past or the present. Life and love can be be wonderful when it knows no bounds.

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