One thought on “Stagecoach”

  1. This is one short story, originally published in Collier's, which was the basis for John Ford's classic western "Stagecoach". The movie of course is more dramatic, and less realistic. The short story is a relic from a time when people sought their entertainment largely from reading. The outline of the story is more or less the same as the movie -- a group of people lumped together to take the stage coach to Lordsburg.

  2. It's an interesting and enjoyable short story which was the basis of the John Wayne film "Stagecoach", but it's quite herky jerky, and any suspense or build up is quickly completed and moved on to the next scene.

  3. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this considering how short the yet actually is, I read this for a class on literature adaptations so now I have to watch the movie to see if it matches up to this delightful read.

  4. Substandard western story with too many characters (a couple of them are just around to die) for its own good. I dig the movie, Stagecoach, which is based off of this short story, and i actually think the film is better than story. Meh. It's just okay.

  5. Che dire? Ero curioso, avendo visto il film di John Ford con John Wayne una dozzina di volte, di leggere il racconto da cui fu sviluppata la sceneggiatura. Una buona lettura.

  6. I liked the "Stage to Lordsburg," and the writing was good in the other stories I got through, but most of them were just too darn depressing, so I gave up.

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