Mission Unstoppable

Mission Unstoppable In eight days Coke and Pepsi McDonald are going to turn thirteen Before then they ll jump off a cliff get trapped in the locked basement of their burning school chased cross country by murderous l

  • Title: Mission Unstoppable
  • Author: Dan Gutman
  • ISBN: 9780062062925
  • Page: 433
  • Format: ebook
  • In eight days, Coke and Pepsi McDonald are going to turn thirteen.Before then, they ll jump off a cliff, get trapped in the locked basement of their burning school, chased cross country by murderous lunatics, left for dead in the pit of a sand dune, forced to decipher mysterious coded messages, thrown into a giant vat of SPAM, and visit the world s largest ball of twIn eight days, Coke and Pepsi McDonald are going to turn thirteen.Before then, they ll jump off a cliff, get trapped in the locked basement of their burning school, chased cross country by murderous lunatics, left for dead in the pit of a sand dune, forced to decipher mysterious coded messages, thrown into a giant vat of SPAM, and visit the world s largest ball of twine There s , but if we told you here, we d have to kill you.Megapopular author Dan Gutman brings on the excitement with an action packed new series that s nothing short of dynamite Join Coke and Pep on their quest to uncover just what it means to be part of The Genius Files if you dare

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    1. Condescending author writing about pretentious "genius" kids (who really show no signs of "geniusness" the entire book) who were recruited to be anti-terrorism agents. They travel across the country with their parents with constant reminders that kids are brilliant and adults are idiots on their way to a wedding. At each stop the boy twin spouts his knowledge of the place they're at (because having a photographic memory apparently makes you a genius and of course he's seen something about EVERY [...]

    2. I want to share with you the first page as it's just a bang-up opening and you know how much I love great openings that hook the reader from the start. Especially when they are followed up with an exciting and engaging novel that is very funny. Read the next paragraph and just try not to get hooked (Go ahead. I'll wait):There were ten items on Coke McDonald’s to-do list on June 17, but JUMP OFF A CLIFF was not one of them. CLEAN OUT MY LOCKER was on the list.PICK UP MY YEARBOOk was on the list [...]

    3. Ugh. The story was hard to believe and never seemed to really explain itself. The kids jumped from one perilous situation to another (and never learned to stop going into situations with a stranger and without their parents). I read this with my 10 year old and he liked it a little bit so we started reading the 2nd book, but it was more of the same so neither of us wanted to finish it.

    4. Predictable, corny, unlifelike, and boring.Who wants to read about a road trip?I acknowledge this book is for younger readers, but the mix of near-death situations and mature concepts aren't right for kids. Also, the plot is way too straightforward (Let's go here! Now let's go there! Now). The main characters are dimensionless and so are the villains. Also some pretty basic things are left out or just glossed over.EX: "We almost died? Well, who cares? Let's just not say anything. Mom and Dad won [...]

    5. This book is one of my favorite books of all time it is a thrilling book with some mysteries in it. If you like thrilling and mystery book's I advice you to read it.The book "The Genius Files, Mission unstoppable" is about 2 kids ,Coke and Pepsi or pep for short are in, after school detention on the last day of school. At this point they are unaware that the school has been set on fire and the room they are in is locked so they can't get out. At this time they have been selected to be in a top s [...]

    6. Read this out loud to my seven-year-old twins. One of them liked it. One of them didn’t. I wasn’t a huge fan. The writing style included lots of narrator intrusion, which isn’t really my thing, and I had a hard time buying the premise that the US government had given up on adults solving the world’s problems, so had instead turned to the children. (But maybe I only think that because I’m an adult.) On the plus side, I think the titles for this series are brilliant. But one book of the [...]

    7. This book felt condescending to children, the plot and characters were unbelievable, and the author made the girl protagonist out to be pathetic compared to her brother.

    8. I started this with my son a few months ago, and once we hit the half-way point he took off on his own and left me the in the dust. That's a testament to what a fun read The Genius Files is. Perfect for 9-12 and maybe even older. I love the emphasis this book places on Americana as the family embarks on a non-traditional trip across the country. And the interactive aspects of encouraging the reader to look things up online is really cool too. Awesome cloak and dagger happenings as well make this [...]

    9. My 4th grader read this because a friend suggested books by the author. He read it in a day and said it was good. That's as much of a review as I could get out of him.

    10. This is a children’s novel book. This book is about Coke and Pepsi Macdonald, they are in a group that is called Genius Files, Doctor Warsaw is trying to get rid of the Genius Files. This is a average book that is not too difficult to read. I like this book because it is a adventure book and interesting to read. This book has 4 series . I would recommend this book to people who likes to read adventure story.

    11. As soon as school lets out for the summer, twelve year old twins Coke and Pepsi are going on a cross country RV trip with their parents from San Fransisco to Washington D.C. for their Aunts wedding. Little do they know there is a lot in store for them before they will even arrive at their destination. For instance, by walking home from school rather than taking the school bus they end up having this guy wearing a bowler hat follow them in a golf cart. Trying to escape, Coke and Pepsi race to the [...]

    12. My kid's book group chose this as one of our books to read this month. It was also one of the books for OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) grades 3-5 this year. It was definitely a quick read and somewhat entertaining, but fell short for me for a number of reasons. I realize I'm looking at this book with adult eyes and with an adult brain, and that kids aren't going to find faults where I find them. If they can relate to the kids who are the main characters and find them funny and likable, and th [...]

    13. This first book sets the stage in the Genius Files series. Twins Coke and Pepsi have been selected to be in the Genius Files beacuse of their intelligence and their being twins. The book starts out with someone trying to kill the twins and the cross-country trip they are taking with their parents. Since their mother writes the "Amazing But True" web-based magazine devoted to odd facts and useless information, they will be visiting many off-beat locations and tourist traps. The action builds with [...]

    14. Originally posted here at In the Senter of it AllGenre: Adventure AR level: 4.8Grade appropriate: 3rd and upRATING BREAKDOWN: Overall: 2/5-- Honestly, I wanted to like this one a lot more than I did. It was really silly so that will be a plus for a lot of kids.Creativity: 3/5-- A man creates a list of genius children to help him run the country after 9/11. They are being hunted down throughout the story. Characters: 1/5-- EhEngrossing: 2/5-- Not so much. Writing: 2/5-- see my notes on appeal to [...]

    15. This book is probably one of the greatest books i have ever read in my life. This book is surprisingly, really good for many different reasons. One thing i liked about it is that it explained and talked about numerous facts that are mind-blowing and are just simply amazing. It ranged from being completely weird, to being simply marvelous and really great facts. Another reason is that it builds suspense for the person that's reading the book. This book gives the reader different predictions on wh [...]

    16. This OBOB2016 title was the hateful one for the year. Coke and Pepsi McDonald discover that they're VERY IMPORTANT children who will help to save the U.S. if only they can survive the multiple attempts made on their lives this summer. A couple reasons I hated it: 1)It was sexist. Pep is always crying and being intuitive about stuff while her genius brother Coke does super-active things to save them. 2) it treats the majority of the adults, especially their parents, as idiots. 3) The end makes no [...]

    17. Man, I love me some Dan Gutman. He writes so many different types of books I like (Weird School, Baseball Card Adventures) and this is another hit. About twins Coke and Pepsi (yup), who are traveling cross country with their folks via motorhome. While their parents think it's just a normal family road trip to places such as the Pez Museum and the world's largest ball of twine, the kids are really dealing with bad guys and assassins. This would be a great book to do as a read aloud teaching about [...]

    18. Genius Files reminds me a lot of The 39 Clues--brother and sister (twins in this one) find themselves part of a mysterious group of people trying to save the world, finding clues and danger along the way. This one doesn't have the historical interest, but instead has lots of fun, but useless, information--I know more about Pez dispensers, SPAM, and giant balls of twine than I will ever need. :) This one has a little more humor than The 39 Clues, and is great for students looking for adventure, m [...]

    19. I like Gutman and I wanted to give this book a chance. I know that he can write some silly stuff but I wasn't prepared for this one. It starts with twins Coke and Pepsi being chased and leaping off a cliff after they just happen to receive jumpsuits. Now I love a good adventure as much as the next person but this was so cheesy that I couldn't enjoy it. It seemed like every cliche was here and I found that I didn't care if the kids were successful or not. I had to put it down. If you are in for a [...]

    20. Once school lets out for the summer, brother and sister Coke and Pepsi (yes, their parents have a sense of humor) go on wild (and sometimes deadly) roadtrip with their parents, stopping at every curiosity (i.e. Largest Ball of Twine) along the way. They solve puzzles, defeat evildoers, and triumph in the end. Or did they??? Stay tuned for book two.Reviewed by Lisa Coleman, Youth Services, Vernon Area Public Library

    21. I really enjoyed the crazy adventure twins Coke and Pepsi went on and all the interesting and weird facts I learned about places in America, but the ending didn't feel authentic to me. The villain's reason for going after the kids didn't make a whole lot of sense. If you can get past that, you'll enjoy the ride. Looking forward to reading the 2nd book in the series and raffling this off to one of my students.

    22. My son and I loved this book with it's interesting ciphers and hilarious "Amazing and True" stops along a family trip across the US. Reminded me of some of the nutty places my parents took us as kids well, without fear of being chased by super bad guys. Even the twins seemingly soda-pop names aren't as they seem. A fast, fun, silly, brain-stretching read.

    23. Recommended by a coworker's son. Cute premise, engaging, funny. Classic Dan Gutman appeal -- a few gross out moments, parents are rather dim and out of touch, kids are smarter than all grown ups. And of course, it will be a series. I predict this will be popular.

    24. Very enjoyable book to read to your kids. Action packed, funny, and introduces unique places in America ( most if which I will never visit but their oddness is intriguing!)

    25. This would be a good read for an older elementary-schooler. I listened to the audiobook through my library. It probably wouldn't be something I would have chosen as a book, but I am always looking for audiobooks to listen to while I'm doing things around the house or yard.That being said, this is a fun read, although very "corny" in a lot of spots, beginning with the names of the kids, a twin boy and girl whose parents named them Coke and Pepsi. I know, already weird! Coke and "Pep", along with [...]

    26. I love this book because it has gadgets near death and awesome page turners.This book would be perfect for all ages who enjoy gadgets.If you enjoyed spy books then you'll love this book because spy's have gadgets and this book has gadgets too.The plot is that two kids named coke and pep ride in an rv with their parents to their aunts wedding on the way way the have trouble with two boler hat dudes and a health teacher in the end they find doctor warsaw and push him out of the infinity room.I did [...]

    27. This book in my opinion had a slow reading throughout the entire story. I couldn't enjoy it because of the story's lack of understanding which made it hard for me to understand. I wish the book could have more and better vocabulary words even though the book was meant for either 6th or 7th grade levels. I didn't enjoy this book because it felt like it was easy to read. I don't recommend this book or the rest of the novels to anyone who like to read books with higher vocabulary or interesting sto [...]

    28. Coke and Pepsi, twins about to turn 13 take a road trip with their parents to an aunts wedding in Washington D.C. Just before school is out and they are to start the trip in the rented R.V they find out they are part of a group "The Genius Files ". This leads to a fire in the school and Coke pushing his sister off a cliff. They think all the crazy is behind them as they set off on their road trip. However the 'chase' is not over. As they travel to all the road attractions it seems danger is attr [...]

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