Carry Me Like Water

Carry Me Like Water Beginning with Diego a deaf mute Mexican American barely surviving on the border in El Paso Texas and progressing to the posh suburbs of San Francisco where Diego s real sister Helen has long ago

  • Title: Carry Me Like Water
  • Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • ISBN: 9780060977009
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beginning with Diego, a deaf mute Mexican American barely surviving on the border in El Paso, Texas, and progressing to the posh suburbs of San Francisco where Diego s real sister, Helen, has long ago abandoned him and her Chicano roots , Carry Me Like Water is an epic and immensely moving story that bluntly confronts divisions of race, gender, and class, fusing cultureBeginning with Diego, a deaf mute Mexican American barely surviving on the border in El Paso, Texas, and progressing to the posh suburbs of San Francisco where Diego s real sister, Helen, has long ago abandoned him and her Chicano roots , Carry Me Like Water is an epic and immensely moving story that bluntly confronts divisions of race, gender, and class, fusing cultures and personal stories of people born in different Americas Helen and Eddie Marsh are living the pampered life of a yuppie couple expecting their first child except that they ve made a pact never to reveal anything about their childhood backgrounds Everything seems to move along fine in their idyllic rendition of the world until Helen s best friend, Lizzie, a dedicated AIDS nurse, begins to discover her own buried past after an unknown patient who may or may not be her brother blesses her on his deathbed with his remarkable telekinetic gift for out of body travel Lizzie s newfound power, in addition to her blossoming friendship with Jake and Joaquin a young gay couple coping with AIDS serves as a catalyst, bringing to light long buried secrets and causing the disparate worlds of pain and privilege to collide.

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    1. Heartbreaking. This novel got under my skin, and like life itself, moved me, annoyed me, humbled me, struck me, and changed me. I believe that to be human in this world is to be heartbroken, vulnerable and uncertain. And compassionate. To be truly human is to be compassionate. In this novel, Benjamin Alire Sáenz spoke to that. I won't go through the blurb, in fact I don't really know if anyone will read this review, but if you are reading and are looking for something to take you on a journey t [...]

    2. This book really was and wasn't. I just don't know how to feel about it. Simultaneously great and awful I want to say the characters were well developed, but at the same time they weren't. Someone called it a soap opera, and it is, with this weird dash of the supernatural (for no good reason if you ask me). I almost gave up on it about 50 pages in, but at the same time, I just couldn't put it down. My biggest complaint? The rampant use of the word "lovers" is almost more than I can handle. Are t [...]

    3. Recensione completa qui: thereadingpal/2017"I have to get you a doctor.""Can't I just sleep here?"Jacob kept rocking him in his arms. "Shhhh. Shhhh. I'll carryyou.""Like water?""What?""Like a river carries water.""Yes-just like that."È davvero difficile riordinare i pensieri riguardo a questo libro. Carry me like water è il terzo libro che leggo di questo autore, ed è anche una delle più belle storie che abbia mai letto.Seguiamo svariati personaggi: Diego, un ragazzo sordo-muto che cerca di [...]

    4. This is my favorite book of all time!! I am planning on going and taking a class from him for my masters. An amazing book, intertwining lives in the most unique and overwhelming way.

    5. The writing could have been a little moreanced? And it probably could have ended a few dozen pages earlier, but the story was good. I like magical realism, and I liked how there were a lot of moving parts that came together, different people who were unconnected but still connected. Overall, I liked it.

    6. This book - no spoilers here - was one of the most fantastical, different books I've ever read. It had deep, dark depth, laughter with tears, and an overall fascinating look at the human condition. It is one I will most assuredly be reading again.

    7. Although it took me a few chapters to get interested in the plot, his writing is beautiful throughout. Saenz creates characters who remind us of our flaws, yet leave us hopeful about mankind's ability to accept each other.

    8. This a a beautiful story which I am now rereading after 10 years. It is about love, forgiveness, acceptance with a little bit of mystic.

    9. Carry Me Like Water is not the first Saenz novel I have read. In fact, I will say I'm quite biased to his work. There's something about his control of language that I really enjoy. That being said, this book is by no means my favorite work by Saenz, but it is definitely a good read. This story is at times predictable, but Saenz makes up for this in the eloquence of his words. And he has words, all the words. When I first read Saenz I knew he was a poet because his novels stick to me like poetry [...]

    10. Immaginavo che avrei amato questo romanzo, ma non avevo idea di *quanto*. Molto rapidamente, soltanto per fissare le idee, perché prima o poi dovrò scriverci qualcosa di compiuto: è come se fosse stato scritto apposta per me, quando ero bambina, e rimasto in attesa per anni che mi decidessi a prenderlo finalmente in mano. "Portami come acqua", davvero - un titolo che è anche un simbolo e un motivo ricorrente e la prima cosa che mi ha attratto e quella che in qualche modo racchiude meglio l'e [...]

    11. A beautifully written, complex story that spans the boundaries of race, class, health, and sexuality. I loved the intertwining and intersection of characters' fates and how the author threaded together a story of love, loss, and hope.

    12. A deep and powerful story filled with sorrow and pain and life and joy. A story about who we have been, who we are, and who we will be. A story about death and borders and love too.

    13. Storyline was good but became overly ambitious at points. Great writing but the dialogue between characters felt really forced, too many characters had the same names which was confusing

    14. Imagine a coy flirt at a bar. She's intriguing to people because she knows how to capture their attention, without having to surrender to blatant attention getting tactics, such as the party socialite. The same thing applies to magic realism. The minute these elements take over the novel, you can argue the book is no longer magic realist. And that is unfortunately the main problem with Saenz's character, Lizzie, who is given a psychic gift. Her new abilities, at times, take over the story and be [...]

    15. I have been trying to read all of Benjamin Alire Saenz's books after loving "Aristotle & Dante" and this one is the best! This is tied for favorite book read in the past 5 years (with Let the Great World Spin). This actually has a lot of similar characteristics as Let the Great World Spin. I also read this immediately after my grandfather's death and think that it helped in a way, especially with the magical, fantastical, supernatural parts of Lizzie's adventures. I am just sorry I didn't re [...]

    16. i loved it like i love everything this man writes. stories so full of love like this are a weakness of mine, especially when it's between unlikely characters. also stories within stories that eventually connect; another weakness of mine. it is obvious that this is an early novel of his (his first actually) because his writing is not as refined as in others. sometimes it's too i don't even know what the word is, but sometimes his use of words is nauseating in a completely non disrespectful way. s [...]

    17. Wish I had liked this more, it actually annoyed. I found it overly sentimental, and improbable at the same time. I don't think it's fair to call it 'magic realism' for one element. Having said that, it did make me cry twice, which is when sentimental became emotional for me. It was tricky keeping track of the relationships, there were so many, and intertwined. The way the deaf man communicated? Didn't buy it, nor did I find the dialogue believable, everything was too 'on the nose'. However, I di [...]

    18. A story within a story.All in all, it is an amazing story, a commentary on life, on the issues that plague us today like border crossings, prejudice, AIDS, being Chicano, being gay, love, death and fear. The dialogue is crisp and interesting, each chapter seamlessly flows like the river into the next. It is poetic, which is not surprising considering Saenz is an eloquent Chicano poet. As in his other book, In Perfect Light, he has created a masterpiece of imagery, color and a unique and beautifu [...]

    19. I didn't know about the magical realism aspect of this book until reading it, and after being quickly invested in the start of the book, the beginnings of the spirituality part almost turned me off. But, reading on, I found the imagery of the desert setting, the characters and the meeting of their cultures, and the pain of their loss during the AIDS epidemic all aided in what turned out to be the makings of a compelling, worthwhile read that will remain in my mind long after completing the book. [...]

    20. The beginning was very slow and a little confusing because of the multiple story lines but I'm glad I kept with it. About a third of the way through, the different stories began to stick and make sense in my head and then it was hard to put down. So glad I had some time off to devote to it. This is a very complex read, eloquent and poetic and full of magic. My first exposure to this author and I look forward to reading more of his work.

    21. This is one of my top 5 books. It has a bit of everthing I like in fiction: Spanish mysticism, race and gender issues, and at it's heart, a story of family. Family is as much created as you are born to. This is one of those stories that begin with seemingly unrelated characters, but in the end the characters lives intersect in the most logical, beautiful way. I completely love this story. This is the book/author I would want to write like if I had the talent. (And it's not a difficult read.)

    22. We divide time into years. We divide years into seasons. We have different names for every river, a different name for every ocean on the earth. But the river does not know that we have named it "river"—it does not know that it is separate from the waters that call "Come." Come. The river has flowed a thousand years. [] River, I have been gone a long time. I am returning to your waters. River, I've come back. River, I'm afraid.

    23. My husband read this book for a class, and when I read the back cover, it sounded like something I would want to read. For about the first 50 pages, I thought I was going to be wrong, but as I started to get into it, I became more and more caught up in the characters and the story. The writing in this book is beautiful. My only problem was there were so many interconnected people, I had trouble remembering everything.

    24. ok. so this book is basically a soap opera. yet it's written so well andwell, i just love it. i loved it the first time i read it and i loved it this second time and it's just a good book. it's magical realism, which i tend to enjoy anyway, but it's somehow much more grounded than a lot of that kind of stuff.

    25. It was pretty lackluster to be completely honest. I'm kind of upset that I spent so much time reading it. I liked a lot of themes and undertones that ran throughout the story, but I definitely could have lived on without reading it. It wasn't terrible though, and like I said there was a lot of good things to think about.

    26. This book has changed my outlook on life. It takes place in my hometown, El Paso, Tx. This book opened my eyes to some realities I never understood before. It taught me to get over myself and that it's time to learn compassion. The author never steers away from ugly realities but instead confronts them and the reader is better for it. Definitely a good read.

    27. 4.5Saenz is one of my favorite contemporary writers. He's a little bit Michael Cunningham mixed with Sandra Cisneros and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This book is a flood of emotion, and loss, and anger mixed with lots of love. "Sentimental and ferocious" reads one review. I couldn't say it better myself. I couldn't put it down, which I suppose is one of the best compliments.

    28. This is my all time favorite book! I've read it countless times and every time I find something new to love about it. Saenz has the most beautiful way with words! I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Please give it a chance!

    29. Predictable story line, but not irritatingly so. I doubted whether the author really understood Chicanos, women or homosexuals-- the book reads as if he studied them from afar, then tried to imagine what goes on in the inside. Didn't work for me.

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