A Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford

A Time to Heal The Autobiography of Gerald R Ford Autobiography of a former President of the United States detailing both his personal life and career

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  • Title: A Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford
  • Author: Gerald R. Ford
  • ISBN: 9780060112974
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Autobiography of a former President of the United States, detailing both his personal life and career.

    One thought on “A Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford”

    1. This memoir was the most extensive commentary Gerald Ford ever provided regarding American politics. He granted several interviews over the years, but they were usually short and not very introspective. Ford was perfectly willing to retire from the public eye and concentrate on serving on the boards of directors of various businesses. Unlike most ex-presidents who work hard to achieve elder statesman status to either rehabilitate or firm up their place in history, Ford was satisfied with what he [...]

    2. Gerry Ford - class act. He pardoned Nixon knowing full well there would be a big political price to pay. He did because he did not think the agony of what had gone and how it was ripping the country apart should go one any more. He did the right thing. Even his political opponents who chastised him at the time, have now come around and said he did the right thing. This book is a prize of mine. I always like Ford, ethical and honest and grounded. Sent to him to autograph which he did - with a fin [...]

    3. My long quest to read a book about every president going backwards continues. There were a number of interesting thoughts I had while reading through this. This was the first book of the series that I've somewhat regretted reading Carter's first. I would have liked to revisit Carters book with the knowledge I've gained here. One interesting point was how close the primary with Reagan was as well as how close the election with Carter ended up being. There were a few more reasons to hate Reagan fr [...]

    4. I've been reading this concurrently with Hillary Clinton's new autobiography/memoir. Ford's writing is easy and straightforward. He uses these pages to explain himself and to give a sense of what it was like for him to follow Nixon. Like so many others, he found Nixon quite believable, and in many ways he continued to support him. Ford looks back on what he did wrong- how things could have turned out differently. I was struck how he stood firm on not simulating the economy when he knew it would [...]

    5. Gerald R. Ford's autobiography. I visited his presidential library which is located on the campus of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. His is the only presidential library where the documents are stored in one place and artifacts stored in another (Grand Rapids, Michigan). Ann Arbor is where Gerald Ford went to university and Grand Rapids is where he lived - hence the two different locations.Not about the book, it is as bland and low key (I'm trying not to say boring). He talks a [...]

    6. Not every American president perceived a mission as he took office. Those who recognized a mission did not make a straight-forward, succinct statement regarding their mission. President Gerald Ford made his mission statement the title of his memoir. “A Time to Heal.” Following the extraordinary upheavals and doubts and outcries attending Richard Nixon’s Watergate capers Ford - Nixon’s hand-picked successor - recognized partisanship needed to be muffled and the country needed to be united [...]

    7. I realized I didn't know much about Gerald Ford, besides him taking over as president following Watergate. He actually spent a lot of time in Congress and I was intrigued to learn more about his decades of experience there, particularly in the minority party. However, Ford fails to define himself much beyond the perils of the post-Nixon era, although he does attempt to set the record straight on a number of occasions (as many political memoirs do). I enjoyed learning a bit more about his decisio [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book, got to know more about the person of Gerald R. Ford. Always admired him and thought he got a bum rap. He did what his conscience told him to do, at least he followed through on his principles. He always only wanted to be Speaker of the House. Too bad we don't have him to open the strategic oil reserves to drop the price of oil now! A great memoir, truly worth reading.

    9. A good book, but rather drytely a man of integrity, but I don't envision him as much fun to party with. His reputation as being honest, hardworking, competant, and a bit "charisma challenged" has not been changed by this book. But we as a country are quite lucky to have had him as president after the crisis manufactured by Nixon.

    10. President Ford's autobiography is frank and revealing. He inherited an impossible situation when Nixon resigned the presidency. The economy and SALT talks challenged his practical disposition. His economy decisions benefited me personally and profoundly shaped my life. i admire his candor and tenacity.

    11. A rather well-written book about an under-rated President. He was unelected and served a short term. As President (and the book handles this well) he sought to heal the country's trauma from the lengthy Watergate scandal.

    12. Though it was a short Presidency he did more to heal the country and save the Presidency then any one before. Must read for any Presidential buff.He almost beat Carter and would have if he did not have to spend time running against Reagan in the Primaries.

    13. I could surely tolerate some diplomacy even in autobiographies but too much of it ruins the book! Overall, it wasn't that bad!

    14. Not as much on his childhood or days in the House as I would have liked (particularly given how he said he felt the House was his home), but not a bad read. I do not envy him having to follow Nixon.

    15. A interesting account of President's Ford life by the man himself and why he did a lot of the things he did including pardon Richard Nixon.

    16. A bit self-serving in his rememberances-and he decides to ignore he campaign to impeach Justice Douglas at the request of the Nixon White House.

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