The Heavenly Village

The Heavenly Village A timeless novel for all ages from Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant Now repackaged with an updated look and feel This is a special book it will move young readers Booklist starred reviewHere is Cynthi

  • Title: The Heavenly Village
  • Author: Cynthia Rylant
  • ISBN: 9780439231497
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • A timeless novel for all ages from Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant Now repackaged with an updated look and feel This is a special book it will move young readers Booklist, starred reviewHere is Cynthia Rylant s most memorable writing yet a spiritual novel about the wonders of life and the afterlife In this book, a series of touching vignettes, she paints aA timeless novel for all ages from Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant Now repackaged with an updated look and feel This is a special book it will move young readers Booklist, starred reviewHere is Cynthia Rylant s most memorable writing yet a spiritual novel about the wonders of life and the afterlife In this book, a series of touching vignettes, she paints a moving picture of the stopping place between heaven and earth and in the process, she reminds us that life is an extraordinary gift, and that those we love are never really far away.

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    1. Goodness! I cried and cried while reading this book. It reminds me of The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold and Hotel of the Saints By Ursula Hegi. It’s a lovely book for children to gently wonder about God and Heaven. The book talks about such things but doesn't try to be perfect and doesn't try to make sense of it allwhich actually makes the most sense because we can never truly know about such things anyhow. The Heavenly Village is the place where the deceased go when they aren't ready to go to [...]

    2. I just love this book! An old lady dies and doesn't want to go to heaven without her beloved cat. She finds that there's a village where you can wait for your loved ones to join you so that you can all go to heaven together. It's so sweet!

    3. My all time favorite Rylant novel. So sparsely beautiful - each word is chosen with infinite care. The last story, "The Potter", reminds me so much of my son and what I wished for him when he entered heaven. I still can't read it without tears in my eyes. You see - God loves the young potter Thomas's pots so much that when he dies young in an accident, God asked Thomas to stay in the Heavenly Village for a time and visits him at night. "Thomas's favorite time to work has always been during the d [...]

    4. The idea behind this book is that there are some people who, when they die, just aren't ready to head into Heaven proper -- they're still attached to life on earth. For these people, God has created the Heavenly Village, which is a pleasant stopping place on the way. The book tells the stories of several of these people, some of whose lives intersect in interesting ways.Although I'm not really a Christian, I tend to really like Rylant's writings, which describe a God most people would be happy t [...]

    5. I read this book in the 3rd grade for the first time. And it was one of those books that has stuck with me. It's beautifully written, and I've been meaning to download it to my Kindle so I can read it once more.

    6. Although Biblically inaccurate, this is a lovely little book of stories about people who for various reason live just between heaven and earth. Each story has some nice thoughts, but the book does portray God as fallible and less than all knowing; and salvation as universal. It looks like a children's book, but I think it is more for adults due to a few of the concepts, for example: drunk driving.

    7. Beautifully written, lovely images, people you can relate to in an instant, and a creative and comforting take on what happens to us when we die. Would be easy to read to children because nothing is scary or frightening. Just a lovely sweet read. Cynthia Rylant is a prolific writer and has written so many amazing chapter and picture books for children.

    8. I really liked this book. It talked about a place between earth and heaven for those who are not yet ready to completely leave their earthly life yet. This place is called Heavenly Village. Each chapter is an individuals story of why they are living in the heavenly village. Like the rescue dog who just wasnt quite yet ready so give up his job, and his owner, a little boy who goes where his dog goes. Some are not ready yet as they realize after death that they never really lived. My favourite sto [...]

    9. A beautifully written book of short stories of people and one dog, that died too soon; their life stories unfinished. Those go to the Heavenly Village, where they blissfully wait until they are ready.Some reviewers say this is not for children, but I disagree. Christians can use this book to help explain death to younger children and to give them something tangible to understand about death. For adult believers, the Heavenly Village is a wonderful way to envision loved ones that have died and st [...]

    10. A sweet story about the place between Heaven and earth, were those who are not quite ready to move on, can have a chance to live a little longer in a safe and beautiful place - the Heavenly Village. The book takes you through the stories of different souls and why they are choosing to stay in the village, and it almost has the feeling of a series of short stories. I really enjoyed the book - it was a light, uplifting and quick read, but what often happens to me when I read short stories, it left [...]

    11. Mistakenly categorized as a children's book, this beautiful collection of stories about the villagers of God's waystation confirms profound truths about life and afterlife that we all innately know. Told gently and with the comforting meter of a mother's lullaby, The Heavenly Village invites laughter and tears all while making the reader feel as lovingly enveloped as a swaddled child. Using plain and simple language, Rylant weaves a tale and creates a setting that readers will want to visit time [...]

    12. I read this book a couple times in middle school and adored it. My best friend and I used to curl up in a corner of the library and read it together. Though I am vague on the details, I do recall loving this novel. It focuses on a number of people who reside in The Heavenly Village, and each chapter is devoted to such characters as "The Baker." The village itself is a place between where people who are not ready to completely slough off their human lifestyle and ascend to heaven can live. Beauti [...]

    13. I usually find a day each year to read this book. Although, written as a children's book, it can touch a person regardless of age. It creates a wonderful imagery of a place between Earth and Heaven, where people can linger on their journey. It tells the story through short stories about individuals who live, temporarily, in the Heavenly Village. After reading this book, I feel renewed in a spiritual way. My favorite chapter in the book is the last chapter, although I can't say why, without givin [...]

    14. This is read-in-one-sitting type of book. It is inspiring, witty, and thought-provoking. What if there was a mid-way, for those people who die, but are not quite ready to go to Heaven? In the Heavenly Village, these people are able to keep what they aren't ready to give up on earth: the doctor who worked all the time and never saw his son, the young runner who died of leukemia is now able to run to her heart's content, and the Timekeeper who sees a young, overwhelmed mother on earth and shines a [...]

    15. One of the best books I've read this year. I cried through the last few chaptershappy tears. Just beautifully written, with a positive message about God and Life and Heaven. Although it's a children's book, it can be read and enjoyed by people of all ages, it's message is timeless. Highly recommended.

    16. My child talked about this book one day after coming home from school. My wife and I were so impressed with his account of the book we bought it. After reading it I was deeply touched at its beauty and gentle simplicity. Its a thin book deep with hope and faith. I recommend reading it with your children.

    17. Cynthia Rylant envisions a God who loves all his children, even those who ignore him, the sinners, the social outcasts, the animals. God has a sense of humor, a sense of adventure, a sense of hope. This title posits a place after death but before heaven, a place for those who aren't quite ready to die. But it is not a purgatory. It is another chance to live. Very thought-provoking.

    18. What I love most about this beautifully-written book is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and faiths. It takes a nondenominational look at part of the afterlife (although monotheism is assumed), and is a perfect way to explain it to children. An all-encompassing love spills out from every page; Cynthia Rylant just keeps getting better and better.

    19. I love this book about a picturesque village God created as a "halfway house" for souls not ready to go to Heaven. This is a book of short stories about the residents of that village. Such good stories! Catagorized as juvenile fiction, this is nevertheless a book anyone can enjoy. (And adults will probably appreciate it more.)

    20. This is the book to share with a friend after they've lost a loved one. It is a gentle vision of what the heavenly village might be likendered with the rich and easy manner familiar in all of Rylant's works.

    21. The stories in this book made me cry! They are sad in a touching sort of way. I'm not sure if I would put it in my classroom though (you never know these days!) because it's all about God allowing people who aren't ready to go to heaven. They stop in the Heavenly Village on the way up.

    22. How have I not read this before today? Thank goodness, my daughter, Kate, picked it up, as she was on a nostagic Cynthia Rylant kick. This is simply beautifulenlightening, humorous, insightful, makes you think, makes you cry, makes you laugh, makes you love.

    23. I like this book a lot. Most books I'm good with reading once and never again. This one sits on my book shelf and I pull it down when I need something soothing. It's like a lullaby to me. Cynthia Rylant is such a poetic writer. I love much of her work.

    24. What a lovely book. This is so tiny as to be in line as a long poem, a song, or a picture book, but long enough to move the driest eye to tears. If you love looking at an old story from a new perspective, try this book on for size. Here is a sort of allegory that seems both true and real.

    25. A sweet collection of short stories that really belongs more on the New Age spirituality shelf than the children's novels section. WHich is probably why I found the hardcover for 25 cents at a used book library sale. But I really enjoyed it. Very sweet with some simple, worthwhile messages.

    26. This is a one-sitting book. Fun to think about, but definitely fiction. I had enjoyed Cynthia Rylant's children's books, and thought I'd try her older-audience books. This one isn't one I'd read with my kids.

    27. My older son and I read this together the year that my grandma died, and it was comforting for both of us. He was 6 at the time. Takes it a step beyond the "dead narrator" YA novels.

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