Taking Chances

Taking Chances A classic Molly Keane title describes the unsettling arrival of Mary a bridesmaid a week before the wedding Introduction by Polly Devlin

  • Title: Taking Chances
  • Author: Molly Keane M.J. Farrell
  • ISBN: 9781844084005
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • A classic Molly Keane title describes the unsettling arrival of Mary, a bridesmaid, a week before the wedding Introduction by Polly Devlin

    One thought on “Taking Chances”

    1. It seems as if Molly Keane’s novels all follow similar themes; the dubious fortunes of a large Irish estate, the complexities of the family relationships of its inhabitants, some hunting and fishing thrown in. That at least is what I have been given to understand, this being only the third Molly Keane novel I have read. In Taking Chances, the estate is Sorristown, the family in question; Roguery, Maeve and Jer, who since the death of their parents have lived together quite happily, hunting and [...]

    2. I loved it!A book of it's time of house parties and grand estates.Will be looking out for more of her wonderful books!

    3. This is the second book written by Molly Keane I've read, and I really liked it.I like the way the writer introduces the readers to the main characters at the beginning of her novel: Maeve, blond, beautiful and sure of her love for her fiancé Rowley, her two brother, Roguey, whom she love without seeing his many faults (boring,spendthrift, knocking up a poor country girl) and Jer, her younger brother who is the most sensible and clever of the family, but widely shrugged off.And then Rowley, the [...]

    4. This is an astonishing little novel published in 1929 about the upper-crust of Irish society. It was written by a young woman who was a part of this world- she writes openly, unflinchingly and without irony. These are ruthless, self-absorbed, sinister, impossibly wealthy and maddeningly idle people. The characters, settings and dialogue are so vivid, you can almost hear the author's pen scratching as she scribbled notes on paper hidden in the folds of her evening gown while her family and guests [...]

    5. I read up until page 91 of this. Honestly, I liked it, and the scenery, and wow was I curious as to what's going to happen in the end but the pace of it was SO SLOW. The environment? Interesting. The plot? Readable. The society? Fab. The characters? Deep. The pace? UGH NO.

    6. Good information about fox hunting in 1920's Ireland. The rest of the book was poor; like watching a slow motion train-wreck.

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