December Callum ik figuur heeft nog een maand om het familiegeheim te ontrafelen en zijn leven te redden Daarvoor moet hij naar Ierland Vanaf ca jaar

  • Title: December
  • Author: Gabrielle Lord Rebecca Young Kris Eikelenboom
  • ISBN: 9789020649123
  • Page: 173
  • Format: None
  • Callum 16, ik figuur heeft nog een maand om het familiegeheim te ontrafelen en zijn leven te redden Daarvoor moet hij naar Ierland Vanaf ca 12 jaar.

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    1. Dit einde van de serie voelt echt als een domper. 12 maanden lang heb ik elke maand samen met 'Books Ever After' een boek gelezen uit deze serie. Na 12 maanden is het ook eindelijk zo ver dat ik het laatste boek van deze serie open kan slaan. Ik was er wel een beetje klaar mee.En dan hoop je natuurlijk, bij zo'n laatste boek, dat alle puzzelstukjes mooi in elkaar vallen en dat er een spetterend einde volgt. Ik zal je vertellen: dat gebeurt niet.Ja, de puzzelstukjes vallen op zich wel in elkaar, [...]

    2. Dit valt echt heel erg tegen . het einde is net zo 'spectaculair' als de rest van de reeks :\ Als je bekijkt hoe langdradig en eentonig de serie is dan vind ik het echte eind, de ontknoping heel erg afgeraffeld in een paar bladzijdes. Vandaar maar 2 sterren. Uiteraard was dit een serie voor kinderen vanaf 12 jaar. Ik denk dat het voor die leeftijd dan ook prima te doen is en spannend genoeg is.

    3. Ik ben blij dat ik de serie eindelijk heb uitgelezen heb en dat alles is opgelost. Het einde was erg onverwacht en eerlijk gezegd vond ik het einde ook niet heel erg geloofwaardig. (view spoiler)[Het is wel heel toevallig en het komt ze ook wel heel goed uit dat elke tegenstander ineens dood gaat. (hide spoiler)] Ik ben wel blij dat ik heb doorgelezen, want nu heb ik wel antwoorden. Daarentegen vond ik het niet echt een geweldige serie, sommige boeken waren echt erg saai en/of ongeloofwaardig.

    4. december is finally here and with it brings a lot of challenges for cal in ireland as cal discovers the truth about his fathers death and who's been behind most of the controversy in his family this book is filled with twists and is the best in the series to me and i would highly reccommend this book to people who read november

    5. Het einde viel wat tegen na alle boeken. Alhoewel ik ze niet allemaal even goed vond, maar als je eenmaal aan de serie begint dan wil je toch graag verder lezen. Zeker omdat het eerste boek mij wel nieuwsgierig had gemaakt.

    6. This was a really great book I thought.It started then him and his two friends were stuck in a tank because they were trying to rescue Winter the one that was already in the tank.They thought Winter was dead but Griff said that she was breathing and told Cal to take his hands off her.She woke up and freaked out and Cal calmed her down.Afterwards they tried to figure ways out of the tank but then Cal figured out that he had a distress beacon in the side of his shoe.He took it out and pressed the [...]

    7. I decided to read this book because my Aunty gave me a couple books from the series and told me that it is a good read. I liked the book because even though that all the books were linked together, it still feels like that each book has its seperate adventure. Some thing new I learned from this read was that time is limited and if not used correctly, it can be fatal. I liked the main character Callum Ormond because he uses everything around to get out of any simulation, he smart like that.

    8. Great end to the series. Regret putting off this book for a long time. Excited to start reading the next books!!

    9. I had high hopes for this conclusion and am satisfied with how it all ended. After 11 consecutive books ending in a formulaic cliffhanger, I was worried I wouldn't like actually having conclusions, but there was enough urgency built up at the end to still make the story engaging. Going into it, I was suspicious of everybody. I was sorta expecting Boges to be a double agent. Rafe wasn't looking great either but his character could go either way. I laughed out loud when just after proudly handing [...]

    10. The book "Conspiracy 365: December" was the greatest book I've ever read! The book starts with Cal , Winter, and another kid he met trapped in a storage container left to starve. They escape by being let out by Boges and Sharkey. Once escaped, they realize that they only have one month left until the Ormund Singularity runs out. Cal gets a lot of money for trading in his gold from the prospectors. He gives this money to Sharkey who prints fake passports for Cal, Boges, Winter, and himself. With [...]

    11. I gave this boom 4 stars because it has awesome suspense that makes you want to keep on reading. It also has great action that makes the book exiting and interesting. The boom is in a series that has over 12 books that are separated by each month. This insures that each book can explain and show what happens each month very well. The only problem is that it can sometimes be hard finding the books and being able to read them in order. This book is great if you like exiting adventurous books that [...]

    12. Conspiracy 365 December by Gabrielle Lord take place in Australia and Ireland. The main character is Callum Ormond. Callum is a framed fugitive trying to clear his name. Callum will have to try to flee the country in an attempt to clear his name. When fleeing the country Callum would face many obstacles he would have to overcome. I really enjoyed the plot of the book. Towards the middle of the book it started to get boring. However it was able to gain the interest back in the end. People who en [...]

    13. het laatste boek in de serie en ben deels wel erg blij dat deze serie voorbij is want het was wel een beetje voorspelbaar en hij had iets te veel geluk. dit deel speelt zich voor het grootste gedeelte in Ierland af en ben zelf dol op dat land. er zaten een paar wendingen bij die ik absoluut niet verwacht had. alles bij elkaar wel genoten van deze serie.

    14. This series is the best series I've read so far. It was so exciting, and you never knew what was going to happen. There was so many exciting events. I think I might read the sequel of this book, to see what's going on with Cal's life. I honestly have never read such a exciting book. There was something exciting on every page!

    15. I really enjoyed this book. I feel like it concluded the series in a great way. There were a few major twists at the end that I did not expect, which is something else that made this book enjoyable to read.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery book that is also realistic fiction.

    16. It's done. It's finished. Some plot lines just didn't get wrapped up, and some turned to just be lame. But, we did get a fun story at the end of the day, and I liked the originality of a Queen Elizabeth based conspiracy theory type thing. Not one you see that much for some reason. Butere are more in the series? HOW? And I thought I was done!

    17. Incredible! Every single mystery built up throughout the series is solved; there are shocks, suspense and a happy ending. At times the tension was too much and I just had to literally put the book down because I was too nervous to see what was coming next! Sharkey - what the heck! Oh my goodness, it's just too good to put into words.

    18. I read this last book of the Conspiracy 365 series after my teen. (There are at least two other following books with a different mystery and plot.)The conclusion to this series is bloodier than the rest of the series. I did like the suspenseful way they explored the ruins in the marshes. My mom said that the author was like Diana Barry of "Anne of Green Gables," who killed off all her characters because she didn't know what to do with them.SPOILER - I did guess what two characters were behind mu [...]

    19. Cal realizes he needs to get to Ireland to piece together the clues and solve the mystery of the Ormond Singularity before December 31. Sharkey, the ex-detective, helps him get a fake passport, along with ones for Boges and Winter. In Ireland the trio finds the bed and breakfast where Cal's dad was staying and slowly, surely they piece together more of the puzzlebut not without danger. Sligo and Zombie II are on their trail. And, people in Ireland who have the information they need, end up deadp [...]

    20. Conspiracy 365: December is finally here! I was very eager to begin this book and see how this series finally ends. I was also overjoyed to find that this book had quite a few pages more than the usual 185 pages or so. How does it all end, you might ask. Well, I am going to give you some information, but am certainly not going to tell you that. You will have to read the book to find out for yourself.Finally, Cal and his friends make their way to Ireland. We all knew that they would have to get t [...]

    21. Tem sido quase um ano desde que comecei a ler esta série, quase um ano que tenho vindo a aguardar ansiosamente o grande final para esta série incrível.Todo este tempo esperei pela explicação de todos os mistérios que me manteriam presa até à última página.Cal foi na corrida de doze meses. Sua tarefa era:a) permanecer vivo;b) resolver o mistério dos Ormonds ou seja, encontrar a Singularidade Ormond, com a ajuda da Jóia Ormond.Tendo sido na Austrália nos últimos 11 meses, a história [...]

    22. Conspirarcy 365 December is a good book that is written by Gabrielle Lord. I like how he has a series of books that is for every month of the year. I think Gabrielle Lord is a good author because he keeps the whole story impredictable. He also does a good job making sure that you gives good explaining to what is happening in the book. Gabrielle must have taken a long time to write the 12 conspriracy books. The cover of this book is really cool because it has a lot of action in it.This book start [...]

    23. Bravo Gabrielle Lord for this stunning conclusion to the Conspiracy 365 saga.This extended finale to the series sees Cal, Winter and Boges travel to Ireland in a last-ditch attempt to solve the mystery of the DMO before the year ends and the Ormond Singularity is lost forever. Despite its bulkier running time, December skims over anything unimportant and so this is one of the densest instalments as far as action goes.Lord pulls surprise after surprise out of the hat, and does a simply amazing jo [...]

    24. Conspiracy 365 December by Gabrielle Lord is a great book to end this series with. It sums up everything that has happened so far in the book. It is a great way to say farewell to Cal Boges and Winter and the whole cast of the series. In this book Cal and the crew head out to Ireland to solve the Ormond singularity before time runs out and it is lost forever. Before they get there they had to get through airport security when the police already thinks he is leaving the country. He gets a little [...]

    25. December Conspiracy 365 is the twelfth book in the Conspiracy 365 series by Australian author Gabrielle Lord. Locked in a shipping container with Griff and Cal by Sligo’s thugs, the heavily sedated Winter returns to consciousness, and the trio is rescued by Boges and Sharkey. With help from Sharkey and a neat diversion by Ryan Spencer, Cal, Boges and Winter evade airport security and make it to Ireland with just days to spare before the Ormond Singularity runs out. The excitement builds as our [...]

    26. Done! That is purhaps the longest series I have ever read. The action, adventure, the mystery with tieing in history, and the characters and storylines for each book was great. It was also fun to read a book that took place in another country because I found it funny how in April as Cal kept saying it was getting colder I was thinking it should be getting warmer. :) Unfortunatly, I felt this series ended with with a Deus ex Mechina ending. Not that it wasn't an interesting twist but there wasn't [...]

    27. This book is a good mystery book which is the last in a series of 12 books. Unfortunately before I decided to read the book I did not realize it was a series, and so I did not know all of the things that had happened in earlier books. The story is about a boy named Cal, whose father had become ill after researching his family history. Before his father died he sent Cal a mysterious letter and drawings. Cal had to go into hiding for 12 months. Each book in the 12 book series is based on a month o [...]

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