The Mystery of the Deadly Double

The Mystery of the Deadly Double The Three Investigators foil a plot to kidnap the son of a political leader in an African colony

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  • Title: The Mystery of the Deadly Double
  • Author: William Arden Herb Mott
  • ISBN: 9780394839028
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Three Investigators foil a plot to kidnap the son of a political leader in an African colony.

    One thought on “The Mystery of the Deadly Double”

    1. I enjoyed my time reading this story.Even though this is a childrens book, it has a mature topic that was executed in a good way.The characters were well developed if you take the length into consideration.The writing style was easy to read and had both humour and suspense.

    2. Mit diesem Buch habe ich mich etwas schwer getan, tatsächlich ist es das erste Drei-Fragezeichen-Buch, das mir nicht so gut gefällt wie das Hörspiel dazu. Die Geschichte ist wie bei den meisten früheren Folgen toll, gut durchdacht, schlüssig in der Auflösung am Schluss - aber trotzdem hat es sich ein bisschen gezogen.In " der Doppelgänger" gerät Justus in die Fänge zweier Entführer, die ihn mit Ian Carew verwechseln, der Sohn eines wichtigen Mannes eines afrikanischen Landes. Mit Ian a [...]

    3. original 2010 review - When Jupiter is kidnapped by mistake, in an attempt by political extremists to unseat the liberal Prime Minister of Nanda, an African nation, the boys are thrust into a tale of international intrigue. Aiding two agents from the Nandan trade mission, it appears that the Prime Minister’s son Ian has gone missing - he and Jupiter are exact doubles (apart from one cleverly revealed thing) - and the kidnappers need him to force his father to stand down. This rockets along, wi [...]

    4. This one had just slightly more of an edge than most of the Three Investigator novels. If you can get past the fact that someone that looks exactly like Jupiter Jones is a political target, and that said political target just happens to end up in the Jones Family Junkyard, then the story is really good. This book dealt with racism, separatism and apartheid, which is pretty heady stuff for the three investigators. The bad guys are kidnappers and we are dealing with radical extremists. Extremist g [...]

    5. Good title for this book! It's also an acceptable mystery story which has continuous action until "the mystery is solved." I think most kids who like mysteries will enjoy this book. It's a typical mystery children's novel for mid to upper elementary students, but the storyline is different enough to keep a young reader reading!

    6. One of the last of the good 3I stories. A wonderful read with great characterisation and Alfred Hitchcock making a great quip at the end. This book is excellent.

    7. AH&T3I Update: All 28 hardbacks read! Now to take a short break before reading the remaining 15 paperback titles in the series.Dennis Lynds, aka William Arden, produced a gem as the last T3I book to originally come out in hardback. The remaining 15 titles were all originally produced as paperbacks or as GLB hardback books meant for libraries. That means that hardback copies of those later books are rare and are usually marked up fairly well as old ex-library copies. A clean hardback copy of [...]

    8. My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    9. Auch in papierform ganz schön. Natürlich nicht mit dem Hörspiel vergleichbar. Allein des fehlenden Titelsongs wegen

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