Flawless FLAWLESS by Jana Richards Jewels of the Night Series Jana Richards takes you to World War Two France and a time of danger betrayal and love France The world is at war The Nazis have stolen the

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  • Title: Flawless
  • Author: Jana Richards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
  • FLAWLESS by Jana Richards Jewels of the Night Series Jana Richards takes you to World War Two France, and a time of danger, betrayal and love France, 1942 The world is at war The Nazis have stolen the infamous blue diamond, Le Coeur Bleu, intending to barter it for weapons that will destroy the Allies Jewel thief Hunter Smith is given a choice help the French ResistFLAWLESS by Jana Richards Jewels of the Night Series Jana Richards takes you to World War Two France, and a time of danger, betrayal and love France, 1942 The world is at war The Nazis have stolen the infamous blue diamond, Le Coeur Bleu, intending to barter it for weapons that will destroy the Allies Jewel thief Hunter Smith is given a choice help the French Resistance steal back the diamond and avenge the death of his best friend, or stay locked up in an English prison He chooses revenge Resistance fighter Madeleine Bertrand s husband died when he was betrayed by Hunter Smith How can she now pretend to be married to the arrogant American How can she betray Jean Philippe s memory by her passionate response to Hunter s kisses Neither is prepared for the maelstrom of attraction that erupts between them To survive they must uncover the mysteries of the past and conquer the dangers of the present But first Madeleine must decide whether her loyalties lie with her dead husband and the Resistance or with the greatest love of her life.Learn at JanaRichards

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    1. In this World War II romantic suspense, the Nazis have stolen a large and expensive diamond. Their hopes: sell it to buy enough weapons to defeat the Allies. The French Resistance has a plan: steal back the diamond with the help of renowned jewel thief Hunter Smith. The only problem is that he's in an English prison. They convince him to team up with Madeleine Bertrand, pretending to be married to her and steal back the diamond. Madeleine can't forget or forgive Hunter for his part in her husban [...]

    2. Flawless is an engaging little novella set in Occupied France in 1942.American diamond-trader Hunter Smith has been imprisoned in London’s Pentonville Prison after being found guilty of jewel theft. When he is approached by the head of the SOE (the Special Operations Executive – the precursor of MI6) to steal a valuable diamond out from under the noses of the Nazis, he is dismissive – but when offered his freedom in exchange for his participation, it’s too good a deal to resist.Following [...]

    3. “Flawless – Jewel of the Night” by Jana Richards was a great war time read. We follow Hunter Smith, an American imprisoned in Great Britain for jewel theft. Although the circumstances of his incarceration are suspect, he is bribed to get out of the prison by the SOE, an organization that sends operatives to France. There they make contact with the French Resistance to supply them with arms and radios in return for information on the Nazis and their movements in occupied France.Hunter is a [...]

    4. Set during the German occupation of France Jana Richards’ novel Flawless begins with Hunter Smith incarcerated in an English prison convicted of jewel theft. He is an expert in diamonds and is also the disowned son of an American Ambassador. He is visited in prison by a member of the SOE, an early form of MI6, and presented with an option of getting out only he must steal le Coeur Bleu. This is a priceless diamond in the possession of the Germans. With the help of French Resistance including t [...]

    5. One of my favourite eras to read about is the time of the Great War, Between the Wars, and the Second World War. I know that sounds odd to say, as if I was glorying in wartime and its terrible deeds. In fact, it's the opposite. I think that was the last era, maybe, where real heroism and strength of will was to be found amongst ordinary folk.The characters of Flawless are no exception. Despite the distraction of a few typos and anachronisms (not sure they drank tea from mugs back then), I really [...]

    6. London, 1942, and Hunter Smith was in prison. He was the son of an American Ambassador yet they disowned him and moved to Washington, DC As he lay on what passed as a bed, he was visited by a funny looking little man that offered him a deal to get out of prison. All he had to do was agree to fly to France in the dead of night an steal the famed Blue Heart diamond from Nazi handsMadeline Bertrand had hated Hunter Smith for two years as his set her husband in a trap. Jean Philippe had worshiped Hu [...]

    7. Hunter is in an English prison in 1942 for a jewel robbery when he is visited by the head of the SOE with a proposition to get him released. He has to steal the most perfect diamond from the Nazis. The same diamond that got his best friend Jean Philippe killed. Madeleine is part of the resistance in France trying to steal back the diamond before the Nazis use it to buy raw materials to help them win the war but she is not happy when Hunter appears. .He is the man that set up her husband and got [...]

    8. I love WW2 stories about the French Resistence so I was very pleased to see that Flawless was about the French Resistence. Madeline and Hunter are a great heroine and hero. I loved how their love story unfolded amidst the brutality of the Nazi regime. When I got to the last few chapters, I couldn't stop reading. My pulse was racing. Just when I thought Madeline and Hunter would escape, the evil Colonel Dietrich was back. Flawless was flawlessly written, fast-paced and exciting.

    9. I found the prose bland and boring, which kept the characters flat and uninteresting as well in spite of a lot of different events (some of them incredibly melodramatic and farfetched) happening throughout the plot. This particular authorial voice just isn't for me.

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