Carpe Jugulum

Carpe Jugulum It is rare and splendid event when an author is elevated from the underground into the international literary establishment In the case of England s best known and best loved modern satirist that eve

  • Title: Carpe Jugulum
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780061807862
  • Page: 292
  • Format: ebook
  • It is rare and splendid event when an author is elevated from the underground into the international literary establishment In the case of England s best known and best loved modern satirist, that event has been long overdue.Terry Pratchett s profoundly irreverent Discworld novels satirize and celebrate every aspect of life, modern and ancient, sacred and profane ConsistIt is rare and splendid event when an author is elevated from the underground into the international literary establishment In the case of England s best known and best loved modern satirist, that event has been long overdue.Terry Pratchett s profoundly irreverent Discworld novels satirize and celebrate every aspect of life, modern and ancient, sacred and profane Consistent number one bestsellers in England, they have garnered him a secure position in the pantheon of humor along with Mark Twain, Douglas Adams, Matt Groening, and Jonathan Swift.Even so distinguished an author as A S Byatt has sung his praises, calling Pratchett s intricate and delightful fictional Discworld complicated and satisfying than Oz His latest satiric triumph, Carpe Jugulum, involves an exclusive royal snafu that leads to comic mayhem In a fit of enlightenment democracy and ebullient goodwill, King Verence invites Uberwald s undead, the Magpyrs, into Lancre to celebrate the birth of his daughter But once ensconced within the castle, these wine drinking, garlic eating, sun loving modern vampires have no intention of leaving Ever.Only an uneasy alliance between a nervous young priest and the argumentative local witches can save the country from being taken over by people with a cultivated bloodlust and bad taste in silk waistcoats For them, there s only one way to fight.Go for the throat, or as the vampyres themselves sayCarpe Jugulum

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    1. Go for the throat!That may not be the exact translation for Carpe Jugulum, the title to Terry Pratchett’s 1998 Discworld novel (and 23rd in the series) but it describes Pratchett’s approach to a searing roast of a parody for vampire lit.Published seven years before Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books, this does not make fun of that vampire interpretation, but Sir Terry does poke good fun at all things vampire when a family of the undead come down out of Uberwald and subtly invades Lancre. But [...]

    2. Death reached down and took a handful of sand. He held it up, and let it slip through his fingersOOSE, he said. YOU ARE GOOD AT CHOOSING, I BELIEVE."Is there any advice you could be givin' me?" said GrannyOOSE RIGHT.This one is all about choices: life or death, justice or mercy, to obey blindly or to fight backVampires have taken over Lancre, and it's up to the witches and a befuddled priest to kick some bat!Oh, my, how I loved this book! From Magrat's insistence on taking EVERYTHING for the bab [...]

    3. Pratchett satirizes vampire myth and legend in this Discworld novel. Actually one of the grimmer Discworld novels I've read. One of the Witches of Lancre sub set of the series, with all my favorite characters from those books, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, her cat Greebo, Magrat, Agnes-Perdita all make their appearance. I recommend this one highly, but I think you need to have read the other "Witch" novels first, that would be Equal Rites,Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad, Lords and Ladies, and Maske [...]

    4. The reviews here are quite varied on this book, they are all obviously written by Pratchett fans however one of the problems with being a Pratchett fan is that he has SO many novels that you are bound to find a few that aren’t your taste. I personally loved this book. My favorite of Pratchett’s creations include the Witches and the Guards series.An attempt at a short summary:The King of Lancre and his new wife the former Witch Margrat have their first child, and are holding the Christening c [...]

    5. Carpe Jugulum is the sixth and final book in the Witches subseries of Discworld. This has been my favorite Discworld subseries, mainly because Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg have been so much fun, so I’ll miss it. This is also the first subseries I’ve completed, unless you count Ancient Civilizations which consists of two loosely-related books grouped under that heading in The Discworld Reading Order Guide.The title is a pretty good hint about the story: Carpe Jugulum, seize the throat. I [...]

    6. Another wild tale from Discworld. This one involves the witches, Granny, Nanny, Magrat and Agnes as well as a host of vampires, an insipid priest of Om, masses of wild little blue men and an angry Igor. Magrat, now married to her handsome prince, the King of Lancre is now a mother and he has invited all and sundry, including the vampires to the castle for the christening. Once invited the vampires decide the castle is rather nice and start moving in their coffins.As usual, lots of fun and witty [...]

    7. I just finished re-re-reading this one. It's a pleasure each time. I am writing this on 18 March 2015. The incomparable Terry Pratchett died on the 12th. The news hit me much harder than I expected it would. I have spent a considerable amount of time in the Discworld Universe over the years. I kind of felt I knew Terry at some personal level after that, even though we never met. He was like a friend, a mentor, a philosophical relative Anyway, I needed some kind of catharsis after the sad news, s [...]

    8. I can’t believe I just finished the last Discworld book in the Witches series. Dammit, why isn’t there more?!? Wait, I think there’s still a couple in the Tiffany Aching stories I haven’t read yet, maybe those count? It didn’t take me long to progress through the first three of the five stages of grief. I may never reach Acceptance, though, because I am really going to miss Granny and Nanny Ogg and Magrat and Agnes/Perdita. Mostly Granny, though. I sure hope she makes some cameo appear [...]

    9. This one's a bit batty29 July 2016 - Frankfurt I don't know what it is with these Terry Pratchet novels but I found it really hard to get into this one. Okay, while I do find vampire stories rather boring, and cliched, this is Pratchett, and he always seems to be able to add some new twists to the tired old stories that many of us shy away from. Okay, maybe it was because I started reading it on a plane, and continued reading it on a plane, and finished it off in Frankfurt while I was still suff [...]

    10. I'm on the verge of a reading slump and just can't find anything that interests me. I'm turning to my old familiar stand-by: short stories. I hope it works.DNF-No Rating.

    11. Yes, another Pratchett. I'm on a re-reading kick at the moment. Which is probably a mistake since my stack of books to be read next to my bed is currently in the region of 67. But Pratchett is one of my comfort reads, so I don't feel like apologising to myself too much.Carpe Jugulum is one of my favourites of the series. The writing and the dialogue are as sharp as ever; the characterisation of the witches is spot on; and the humour is just the right mix of wryly witty and really, really bad pun [...]

    12. Trigger warnings: death of a dog. I think that's all?? 29/5/2017This is probably still my favourite Pratchett book. HOWEVER. Rereading it this time, I couldn't help but notice JUST HOW MANY MENTIONS there are of Agnes being fat. It's not always negative - sometimes it's self-deprecating humour from Agnes, sometimes it's just matter-of-fact observation. But sometimes, it grated SO MUCH and it made me cringe. So yeah. I still love it. I can't help but give it five stars. Buuuut it's definitely got [...]

    13. Now this was unexpectedly one of my favorites of the whole Discworld so far!Below my two perhaps favorite citations from this one:She'd changed as soon as the others had entered. Before, she'd been bowed and tired. Now she was standing tall and haughty, supported by a scaffolding of pride.*********'It's not as simple as that. It's not a black and white issue. There are so many shades of grey.''Nope.''Pardon?''There's no greys, only white that's got grubby. I'm surprised you don't know that. And [...]

    14. I've only read this one once before, and that ten years ago, so I didn't remember much, and didn't remember the Mac Mac Feeble were in it. And Greebo. Plus the whole Omnian question, and the christening. A delight, but by no means a simple one. Is there another writer who makes me feel so kindly toward other people? Dickens, Austen, Vonnegut all appeal to the same part of my brain, but none of them puts me in such charity with humanity, although Christmas Carol comes a close second.Personal copy [...]

    15. I have no idea how Terry Pratchett isn't more famous than JK Rowling. I love Harry Potter but that was one series that ended up getting screwed in the end while Pratchett wrote loads of books that never ever waver in quality and narrative.Also, he happens to be one of the fairest people in character invention. Strong female heros who aren't pretty or thin and quirky and perfect? Yes please. Yes.

    16. Witches and vampires and priests, oh my! It's easy for me, when I'm not reading Pratchett at the moment, to remember how much silliness his books contain, but forget what great storytelling is in there too. But boy, when I'm reading it I sure remember.This is a grand tale about some witches that live in a small kingdom on the rim of the Discworld, one of whom has married its progressive, modern king, and had a baby who's due for a christening. The king, wanting to expand the scope of his kingdom [...]

    17. Between injuries and work and winter this took me forever to listen to whilst training, no review could possibly be valid after such a disjointed experience. Needless to say that I am fatter and less fit than when I started but I don't think that can possibly be the fault of five witches, an Omnian preacher, and a vampire invasion fleet. Or the potentialiality that this is the first book when Terry Pratchett knew about the disease that would wreck his brain, after reading him put the following w [...]

    18. Well, this is an interesting conundrum - I would call this a 4* book overall, but it's not one of Pratchett's best, I'd say it's a 3* Pratchett. Benefit of the doubt it is, then. I'm in an optimistic mood.So. He doesn't like organised religion much, does he? In 'Carpe Jugulum', vampires invade Lancre, and Granny Weatherwax spends a long time in a cave being serious. This is bad, or at least for the vampires, but good mainly because it gives Nanny Ogg a lot of page time, and I absolutely adore Na [...]

    19. Terry Pratchett is hilarious, his prose is excellent, and to top it off, he's a prolific author, so if you're like me and always running out of reading material, reading everything he's written should keep you busy for a while. This particular comedy is (as you may be able to discern from the title) about vampires. Vampires and a girl named Agnes Nitt, who struggles sometimes to suppress her alternate personality, Perdita. To paraphrase a quote from Pratchett, "Inside every fat girl is a thin gi [...]

    20. Nevarētu teikt, ka šī ir labākā Diskzemes grāmata, bet stāsta noslēgums un skatījums uz reliģiju bija lielisks.

    21. There's something about the stories involving the Witches from the town of Lancre that seems to bring out the best in Terry's storytelling. The crone, the matron and the maiden find their trifecta in a state of musical chairs as Vampire are invited to Lancre by a very PC king. Well, vampires only go where invited so this doesn't look very promising for the yet-to-be-undead or the meal-to-be-had-daily. The crone, Granny Weatherwax, takes to the mountains feeling unappreciated by the king and outm [...]

    22. This is probably now one of my favourite Discworld novels, not only does it have my three favourite witches including the legend that is Granny Weatherwax but it is also jam packed with vampires of makes and models from the old style garlic hating kind to the more modern not bothered by anything kind. And of course they are intent on taking over whatever part of Discworld they can get their hands on. And in steps Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Young Agnes to stop them the only way they know ho [...]

    23. Dear Sir Terry,There has never been a writer like you. You have left the Fantasy genre permanently damaged, wait, no ,I meanchanged . You created the most amazing characters. They are not caricatures, which would be expected from a humorous novels. Instead you gave us complexity and hilarity. In other hands, Nanny Ogg would have just been comic relief. You gave us the Mrs Ogg.Your plots may seem silly, occasionally, but that's half the point, isn't it? In their oddness, you gave us serious. You [...]

    24. I was just a little bit worried during the first few pages, this book didn't feel as strong as the previous ones in the Witches series there, but it picked itself up quickly and stayed good. It wasn't as good as some of the other ones (Maskerade and Lords and Ladies both felt stronger to me, though not by much), but it was definitely good. The one area where it absolutely excelled, however, was its insight in religion and, to a lesser extent, human nature. Religion mostly though.

    25. বিমানযাত্রার সঙ্গে বইপাঠের তুলনা করলে বলা যায়, সব বইয়েরই একটি নিজস্ব উৎগমনকাল আছে। কিছু বিমান যেমন মাটিতে স্বল্প দূরত্ব চলার পর আকাশে ভেসে ওঠে, কিছু বই তেমন কয়েক পাতা পড়ার পরই ডানা মেলে। কার [...]

    26. (Relectura Mundodisco #23)Aunque es tan divertida como cualquier otra novela del Mundodisco, se nota que la serie de las brujas daba algunos síntomas de agotamiento. Lo mejor los momentos de Igor-Retalez y la prometedora presentación de los Nac Mac Feegle.

    27. I picked this up needing something with a bit of humour right now and was delighted to find that this next one was about the witches (yes I'm reading them in order!), although I'm sad to see in someone else's review that it is the last one in the Discworld series of them, they really are my favourites. So witches vs vampires (sorry vampyres - they are trying to be more modern), who's going to win? Throw in a priest and the new characters of the Nac Mac Feegle and you've got a story with good hum [...]

    28. The vampires or should I say vampyres of the Uberwald are on the move, who can save Lancre, where is Granny Weatherwax, can Nanny Ogg lead the witches? Read and discover or rediscover the wonder that is Discworld. Oh and I must say the Igor's appear, geniuth! Thath all I can thay!

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