Invisible Growing up Dana and her older sister Julie are inseparable until a devastating secret compels Dana to flee from home not to see or speak to her sister for years When she receives the news that

  • Title: Invisible
  • Author: Carla Buckley
  • ISBN: 9781409113102
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Growing up, Dana and her older sister, Julie, are inseparable, until a devastating secret compels Dana to flee from home, not to see or speak to her sister for 16 years When she receives the news that Julie is seriously ill, Dana knows that it is time to return home, to try to save her sister Yet she arrives too late, only to discover that her hometown has changed, and sGrowing up, Dana and her older sister, Julie, are inseparable, until a devastating secret compels Dana to flee from home, not to see or speak to her sister for 16 years When she receives the news that Julie is seriously ill, Dana knows that it is time to return home, to try to save her sister Yet she arrives too late, only to discover that her hometown has changed, and so have the people in it.

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    1. I struggled with a 3 or 4 star rating here- there are shortcomings to the book but the stories overcame those easily. Read on to see why.Carla Buckley’s Invisible is the first of my 2013 must-reads. From the first page, I had a hard time putting it down. Buckley gives us two compelling stories. First is a fractured family dealing with secrets long buried. Second is an epidemic of kidney disease in a small town in Minnesota. The two stories converge in the character of Dana Carlson.Invisible wa [...]

    2. Need something a little dark, a little unsettling, very tumultuous and yet leaves you feeling a sense of hope rising from the ashes of pain? Carla Buckley’s Invisible is a tale full of secrets, some kept out of a deep love and others kept out of greed and a lack of care for humanity or the world we live in, while others are kept out of shame. The word Truth is a rare commodity in this heart wrenching tale of family, grief, loss and a hidden monster that is killing the people of Black Bear, Min [...]

    3. Let's start off by saying that this isn't a bad book. In fact, it's quite an interesting storyline. An Erin Brockovich-esque novel, really. I was drawn to this book by the summary and it wasn't a novel I struggled through, really.However, this novel felt predictable. I felt like I was one step ahead of the author the entire time when it came to all the plot-twists. The foreshadowing was painfully obvious throughout the entirety. None of the surprise twists were really that surprising. I felt lik [...]

    4. 3.5 I think one of the most interesting parts of this book was when Peyton was the narrator. She had a huge interest in fish and aquariums, and each chapter of hers was prefaced by information of various sea life and also her feelings of the fish and their actions. It was a novel way to help the reader understand the character of this young girl, while imparting some very interesting information. This book flowed exceedingly well, Buckley writes as if she was standing right in from of you talkin [...]

    5. In a word, oustanding! Carla Buckley delivers another page turner in her second novel, Invisible. She may be the most underrated published author that I read. Not that many people aren't reading her, but the national spotlight hasn't focused on her, yet. It will. Nobody does characters better than Buckley, and that includes a lot of better known authors, who might do them as well, but not better. Buckley's two novels, The Things That Keep Us Here and now Invisible, will grab you from page one. N [...]

    6. I just really did not like this book, which was a disappointment because after reading its synopsis, I was definitely looking forward to it.The book had an interesting premise--estranged sister returns to her small-town roots to find out what sickened her sister and other neighbors. The book was told in two points of view. The first was Dana, the estranged sister. The other was Peyton, the daughter of Dana's sister. Dana's was told in first person, and Peyton's in third, which I think may have a [...]

    7. *Genre* Contemporary, Mystery*Rating* 3-3.5*First thoughts*Invisible, by Carla Buckley, is filled with twists and surprises and should hold readers attentions throughout the book. The story is told in the first POV by Dana Carlson and third person from 16 year old Peyton Kelleher’s perspective. Readers may or may not like the alternating POV’s, but, the one positive aspect is that they actually change after each chapter and not in the middle which is often confusing.Dana Carlson's life takes [...]

    8. InvisiblebyCarla BuckleyMy summaryort the pointTwo sisters with a 16 year old secret have not seen each other in years. Tragedy brings one sister back homed opens up a ton of secrets.My thoughts after reading this bookHmmmis was one of those lovely booksat begins with one old secret and just sort of meanders around to reveal quite a few old secrets. There is dysfunction and anger and sadness and it's always a great story when one of the main characters has been gone for a while and then comes ho [...]

    9. For the most part, I read for entertainment. I like to be swept away and into the story. I like tidy endings. I don't mind if there's a cliff hanger, as long as I know the next book is coming out. I was left hanging off several cliffs at the end of this book, which is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. There are several story lines going at one time and all of them disturbing. Is there an environmental problem in the town? Will Peyton find out the truth? Will Joe? What happens with Joe an [...]

    10. This story quickly drew me into the lives of Dana and her older sister Julie. When Peyton rings Dana saying that her mother Julie is critically ill, Dana who hasn’t been back to her home town of Black Bear Minnesota for many years makes her way home. Dana is unprepared for what she finds there and struggles to uncover the truth of what is causing the kidney disease and taking the lives of people of various ages in the town. But there are people who don’t want to know or would rather not face [...]

    11. Dana Carlson has been estranged from her sister Julie for almost 17 years, when she gets a call Julie's daughter, Peyton. Julie is in the hospital. Dana rushes back to her hometown, but is too late. Julie has died from kidney failure. Dana discovers that Julie was suspicious that something was making people in the town ill, and Dana starts investigating.This story is an environmental warning story, as Dana discovers a possible source for the increase in kidney in Black Bear. The potential toxin [...]

    12. 2.5 stars - This book was disappointing. An easy read and well written, but the storyline was flat and the ending left a lot to be desired. I really enjoyed Buckley’s “The Good Goodbye” but this book was bland.

    13. Not bad; to summarize it, it was very much like a combination of A Civil Action, Twin Loyalties: From the Chronicles of Tar Ponds City, My Chemical Mountain and Welcome To Shirley. It's plot is brilliant, a dreary and disturbing environmental mystery combined with family ties and sibling affection. Unfortunately, while this novel had a great plot, it was lacking in many areas. There's very little, if any, character development. Sure, the main characters are likeable but there's nothing to make t [...]

    14. I enjoyed the book even though it is not the type of book I normally read. I think it has lots and lots of topics that would make great book club read. My only major problem was that the entire premise of the book is based on fact that sisters had absolutely no contact for 16 years and I never really understood why. Especially after first few years. Were they each afraid they wouldn't be able to keep their secret if they saw each other - I would have thought that would have helped make sure they [...]

    15. Good book. Disliked how each chapter seemed to start off in the past then with no warning switch to the present. Most chapters I had to stop and reread then switch gears. For a speed reader, that is just aggravating on an OCD level. And the ending kinda left you like What's gunna happen?? No closure on any of the substories. The rest of the book was just plain awesome though.

    16. I received an Uncorrected Proof of this book through NetGalley.(u>The Blurb:“Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Carla Buckley's Invisible is a stunning novel of redemption, regret, and the complex ties of familial love.Growing up, Dana Carlson and her older sister, Julie, are inseparable - Dana the impulsive one, Julie calmer and more nurturing. But then a devastating secret compels Dana to flee from home, not to see or speak to her sister for sixteen years.When she receives the news that Ju [...]

    17. Dana Carlsen has made a series of unfortunate decisions in her life. Most of these weren't very well thought out and have resulted in somewhat dire circumstances. The first bad decision she made was a teenager when she ran away from her sister and niece, her only surviving family members, when she was seventeen. A series of rather dead-end jobs and a lack of training resulted in her accepting a business partnership with a somewhat unscrupulous man. Her business is under investigation and there a [...]

    18. Author: Carla BuckleyPublished by: BantamAge Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena DeanBook Blog For: GMTARating: 5Review:"Invisible" by Carla Buckley was some good mystery read. I feel this read would appeal to the women-chit-lit. This novel will have you still thinking of it long after the read. "Invisible" was all over the place with a real complex family relationship to environmental issues that lead to a deep mystery. There will be many twist and turns. with some surprises as you read thro [...]

    19. charlotteswebofbooks. I jumped at the chance to read Invisible. While it didn't suck me in as quickly as I had expected, I really did enjoy the story. I enjoyed watching Dana get to know Peyton. And you know what - there is a twist there that I haven't even mentioned, the reason why Dana left Black Bear all those years ago and never returned. It adds even more of a dramatic flair to the story. While it hasn't been eighteen years since I was "home", I only get back once or twice a year, having ju [...]

    20. I really enjoyed Invisible. Carla Buckley is one of those authors that is amazing at using today's "what ifs" and creating an engrossing story that grabs at the reader and holds steadfast. There were a few twists and turns throughout, but overall I had things figured out before they came up in the story. The characters were well portrayed and written and the storyline very intriguing. My only real complaint is that the ending seemed a bit blunt and rather quick. It feels as though there should b [...]

    21. An interesting novel, to start with.Dana and her sister, Julie, have a secret, so bad that Dana has to leave their small home town. Dana doesn't come back until 16 years later, when Julie dies from kidney failure.The big secret that they have is pretty easy to figure out. As is the cause of Julie's illness. Many people in the town also suffer from kidney disease, but it is within the norms and no one is interested in Dana's conviction that there is some problem in the town that may be at the roo [...]

    22. 3.5 stars. Overall the plot of this novel was well thought out, and carefully crafted making the novel a pleasant read. The book deals with heavy subject matter and yet it does not feel too heavy, and near the end it seems as if some of the characters have figured out their lives in the midst of tragedy. However, I personally found the ending to be a little rushed and it seems to be missing some closure. For me this was quite unfortunate as the author does a great job with connecting reads to th [...]

    23. I figured out that Peyton was Dana's daughter right away, but I don't think that was supposed to be a huge twist since it was made kind of obvious, plus it was revealed early on. I really enjoyed learning about all of the sea creatures in Peyton's chapters. It was a cool way to implement the information. I'm a little unsure about the ending. I did not expect the bomb situation to happen, but was surprised that Peyton was kept alive. I felt the ending was pretty abrupt since there is no resolutio [...]

    24. The plot held my interest though I found the main character to be pretty unlikable. I thought I had figured out where the story would go, but there was a twist, which I love when that happens! The ending was a huge disappointment because there wasn't one. It seemed the author got tired of writing and just stopped without wrapping things up.

    25. Storyline was excellent, I couldn't put it down, but the ending leaves many loose ends untied. Buckley spun a lot of details and hints into this book that didn't resolve into revelations like I was hoping. Seems as though she left it open for a sequel.

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