Priceless Inspirations

Priceless Inspirations On her hit television show Tiny and Toya Antonia Toya Carter seems to be living the good life she has a beautiful home good friends and is pursuing her dreams in fashion design But hers has been a

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  • Title: Priceless Inspirations
  • Author: Antonia Carter
  • ISBN: 9780982702765
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • On her hit television show Tiny and Toya , Antonia Toya Carter seems to be living the good life she has a beautiful home, good friends, and is pursuing her dreams in fashion design But hers has been a life of peaks and valleys Abandoned by her parents as a child, she was passed from family member to family member as her mother sank deeper into her drug addiction FeeOn her hit television show Tiny and Toya , Antonia Toya Carter seems to be living the good life she has a beautiful home, good friends, and is pursuing her dreams in fashion design But hers has been a life of peaks and valleys Abandoned by her parents as a child, she was passed from family member to family member as her mother sank deeper into her drug addiction Feeling unloved and unwelcomed, Toya fell into the arms of a 15 year old rising musical star Dwayne Michael Carter, known these days as the rapper Lil Wayne and ended up pregnant at the tender age of 14 In Priceless Inspiration, Toya takes the reader through the pain of being a teenage mother struggling to raise a child while still a child herself without the benefit of the guidance of her own mother Using the words she recorded in the journals she kept as a teen and the wisdom she has gained in the years since Toya bares her own struggles, using them to offer young women real and heartfelt understanding and advice about sex, relationships, motherhood and growing up.

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    1. I never watched Tiny and Toya. To be honest, I was a bit prejudiced. Comments or tabloid posts didn't necessarily sway me, but I was a bit tired of the reality shows that highlighted the almost-wives, wifey material, and opportunistic exes of celebs. That, and I've lost interest in most of what BET produces these days.So, I just wasn't all that interested in seeing how life was like for the former singer/current fiance (at the time) of T.I or the ex-wife of Lil Wayne. Neither life interested me [...]

    2. I have had this book since the date it was released in 2011, but I recently picked it back up to start reading it again. After watching the reality television show “Tiny and Toya”, I became inspired by Antonia Wright. Priceless Inspirations is an autobiography written by Antonia Wright, also known as “Toya”, the ex-wife of rapper Lil Wayne. In this book, “Toya” shares personal accounts that were previously private and hidden from the public’s eye. Since she’s famous, people would [...]

    3. Priceless Inspirations is By Antonia Carteris book is a Autobiographe.Also priceless inspiration is ny times best seller #14. The paperback book has 240 pages. It took me two days to read this book. THe main character is Antonia Carter.The setting in priceless inspriation is in lousiana , and georgia. THe setting in this book is bascially in new orleans , lousiana where toya was raised and born & Atlana,Georgia where she lives to dayya is the protagonist in the book priceless inspriationse d [...]

    4. This book was one of my favorite books. I felt like I could relate to the majority of the subjects that she was talking about. She also gave great advice-advice that you would give to your daughter if you have a close relationship. I also felt like we had a relationship thru her book because of emotions that strikes up in her book. I would highly reccomend this book to women/girls. EVERYONE NEEDS INSPIRATION!

    5. This book is about the life of Antonia Carter. I really like this book because she went through somethings that I can personally relate to. Also she gives inspirational tips that you can look back on so that you kno how to deal with certain sitiuations. She is a very good author who not only tells you what she did in her life but she states how to avoid the mistakes she made. Thats why I REALLy like this book.

    6. This a quick, interesting read. I didn't want to put it down. I'm not one to read autobiographies but I enjoyed this one in particular. I would recommend this book to any & every young lady. There is at least one thing in this read that everyone can relate to. I loved it & will be reading it again.

    7. this book is a great book. First time i readed this book i just couldn't stop reading it i love the book and her show was great she doing a great job.

    8. Because I am over the age 21, I gave it 2 stars. However, I think it is a wonderful book for preteens and teenagers. All parents should allow their daughters to read this book.

    9. This was a very quick read and I would recommend the book to young adults. There were moments during the book were she switched from the past to the present and left me a lil confused.

    10. “Priceless inspirations”, is a fantastic autobiography about Antonia Carter. Being the mother of a child whose father is one of the most famous rapper’s in the world can seem glamorous but she shows us how everything isn’t always what it seems. In this book, Toya discusses how she grew up to become a woman quicker than she could have ever imagined by having a child at age 15. She touches on topics such as heartbreak and healing, boys to men, drugs and alcohol, and several other things th [...]

    11. Jessica's ReviewBecause this author has inspired me throughout my teenage years through her successful reality show "Tiny & Toya", I kind of knew what to expect when reading this. This is a memoir/self help book for teenagers struggling to cope with problems they're having at home or women in general. Antonia "Toya" Carter is the Ex-Wife of Lil' Wayne, a mother, a supporter, a fighter, a Louisiana native and overall a woman who has leaped over many bumps in her road. Growing up, her mother w [...]

    12. I love Toya like seriously I'm a major fan she's like fam in my head! However I wasn't too thrilled or impressed about this book! Don't get me wrong I loved some chapters and some key points! But overall the book is geared toward more younger girls or teenagers. What she touched on I have either done it and learned from it or knew better not to. I purchased this book about 5 years ago and never completed it until now. I will pass it along to one of my little cousins and see what they get from it [...]

    13. Antonia Carter gave some great advice that young girls and women should pay attention to. Her story is truly inspiring and encouraging to anyone who reads it. She is a very strong woman for not only enduring all of challenges in life but for sharing her story with the world as well. After finishing this book I begin to look at myself in a new light and I love the new person I found in myself. If you haven't read the book, I strongly encourage you to read it.

    14. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Once I read the first page I knew I wasn't going to put the book down until I was done. I love hearing about the many things that people have went through or may be going through, it encourages me but most of all it gives me wisdom. After reading this book, I see Toya in a different light, a better one that is. She's so strong and resilient!

    15. I think that this book can be useful to girls growing up in urban areas that don't have many positive role models. Toya describes her life prior to but mostly after having her daughter at 15 years old. The way the book read was very uncomfortable for me, it didn't flow. I probably would not read another book from her.

    16. In this book Toya Carter proves that she's more than just rapper Lil Wayne's "baby mama." Toya speaks of her life before and after Wayne. She shares secrets and tells stories that each of us may relate to in some way. She speaks in the tone of a wise woman, and offers advice, like an older sister.

    17. I feel like this was a nice attempt for "Toya" to quickly summarize her life, however it was just not as juicy as I thought it was go be. So, ummm I will give her credit for trying to encourage & provide guidance to young women.

    18. This book is definitely for teenagers, I wasn't inspired nor did I have any huge takeaways from Antonia's word's of wisdom. I did appreciate her realness and openness about her life up until now and I think someone younger would be more inspired by her.

    19. I expected this book to be more about her personal life. She just repeated things we already knew about her. Mostly an advice book. Do not read if your expecting a tell-all autobiography.

    20. I really like this book and she is just a good role-model to me and she a real independent woman. I hope she write a new book as well.

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