Magic in the Wind

Magic in the Wind hours minutesPraised for her blend of action suspense and erotically charged romance Booklist New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan presents the story of Sarah the eldest of the

  • Title: Magic in the Wind
  • Author: Christine Feehan Eve Bianco
  • ISBN: 9781101105436
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Audio
  • 4 hours, 3 minutesPraised for her blend of action, suspense, and erotically charged romance Booklist , New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan presents the story of Sarah, the eldest of the extraordinary and magical Drake sisters, now rewritten and expanded, in this very special collector s edition Sarah Drake has come home Ever since Damon Wilder sought r4 hours, 3 minutesPraised for her blend of action, suspense, and erotically charged romance Booklist , New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan presents the story of Sarah, the eldest of the extraordinary and magical Drake sisters, now rewritten and expanded, in this very special collector s edition Sarah Drake has come home Ever since Damon Wilder sought refuge in Sea Haven, he s heard the same breathless rumor pass the lips of nearly every local in the sleepy coastal town Even the wind seems to whisper her name a reverie so powerfully suggestive that it carries the curious Damon to Sarah s cliff top home, and seeks to shelter him there But Damon has not arrived alone A killer has tracked him to Sea Haven, and into the shadows of Drake House But Sarah has her own secrets, and danger as well as a desire urgent than either has ever known is just a whisper away.

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    1. The Drake Sisters series is based on the extraordinary Drake sisters, Sarah, Kate, Abigail, Libby, Hannah, Joley, and Elle, bound, not by blood, but by magic, mysticism and each gifted with special and strange powers.Their family home is the enchanting and magical Drake House, which is set on the cliffs overlooking the sleepy, peaceful, charming and delightful coastal town named The prophecy tells that the gates of their home will open only for each sister’s soul mate.Magic in the Wind is the [...]

    2. I felt the irresistible urge to sneak this read in. I'm read it out of the Lover Beware collection. Nice start to the Drake sisters' series. I enjoyed the interaction between Sarah and Damon. Their coming together was fated, and not just by a prophecy. They seem to meet each other's needs. I loved the fact that Damon was a bit of a nerdy scientist (I have a weakness for nerds), older (in his 40s), nicely tortured (from his experiences with his assailants and guilt over his friend's death), and h [...]

    3. Cover New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan presents the story of Sarah, the eldest of the extraordinary-and magical-Drake sisters, now rewritten and expanded, in this very special collector's edition. "Sarah Drake has come home." Ever since Damon Wilder sought refuge in Sea Haven, he's heard the same breathless rumor pass the lips of nearly every local in the sleepy coastal town. Even the wind seems to whisper her name-a reverie so powerfully suggestive that it carries the curious [...]

    4. i read this book and i couldnt help but wonder-WHERE WAS THE STORY?! was it just me or were we missing a whole story. it's like she started writing, got tired of it and wanted to finish it, and then just rushed through it, completely leaving out came out of nowhere. one minute they're just talking and the next they're in love! i was like wth? i like love to slowly develop, so that we actually believe it in a storyt the kind that comes out of nowhere like a smack in the faceis whole se [...]

    5. Oh good grief. I should have known better really. I read Dark Prince recently, and was unimpressed with it. However, at the same time as I bought Dark Prince, I'd picked up a copy of one of the Drake Sister books, little realising it was not book one. I am completely anal when it comes to reading series in order - I will spontaneously combust if I read book #3 before book #1! Don't you try and tell me otherwise!Anyway, I get home, see on Fantastic Fiction that Magic in the Wind is the first in t [...]

    6. 2.5 stars. Very likable characters, rather poor execution. The story felt rushed and shallow, not properly developed, only touched upon. The author failed to create a real sense of danger, a real connection between Damon and Sarah. It felt as if we were only told that those two were destined to be soul mates, it wasn't really shown or felt. And even the characters' background was rather scrappy. These lovable characters deserved a longer, more in-depth story.

    7. The first few chapters of MItW started off well enough, the author captured the coastal town atmosphere perfectly, however, after that it got a little, okay at times a lot, cheesy and eye-roll-inducing. Romances don't have to be that sticky-sweet. What was different and interesting is that the narration was mainly told through the male lead instead of the female; there's not too much of that in romances. The only downfall to the story being told this way was Damon waxing poetic about Sarah the M [...]

    8. A man hears about a mysterious woman.Man gets intrigued about said woman.Man and woman meet one another.Insta attraction between that man and that woman.Some descriptions of magicSome anonymous villains thrown ine other way around it would just mean way too much troubleThe man's life is in dangerThe woman and her sisters will save himClichés, clichés, clichésThe End.Terrible waste of a beautiful cover.

    9. Muy sencillo, de andar por casa, pero un poco corto, le faltan páginas para desarrollar a los personajes, quizás en libros posteriores se conozca más cosas de todos.

    10. 2,5 stars Sarah Drake é a mais velha de sete irmãs. A família Drake é uma família muito curiosa. Há algo mágico que envolve o nome daquela família, da casa que passou de geração em geração. As profecias que fazem parte desta família são muitas. Uma delas é que em cada geração, a sétima filha Drake terá sete filhas. Outra é que os portões da mansão Drake apenas se abrem para aquele que se irá revelar o homem certo para cada uma das sete irmãs. Por isso, quando os portões [...]

    11. Já o li num dia, também é pequenino!Gostei da história mas tem um senão para mim, achei tudo demasiado rápido, achei que eles se apaixonam num piscar de olhos e que decidem ficar juntos muito rapidamenteFartei-me de rir com as cenas de magia das irmãs mas aquela que achei mais piada foi a Hannah, ela vai envolver-se com o xerife não?Em suma, um livro leve que se lê bem!

    12. I liked getting Sarah and Damon’s story (I’m reading this series out of order) but I don’t think this book did the series justice. The later books have so much more edge - the characters are so fully developed. There’s an intensity. However - I got to see Jonas when he was a dickhead. I also met a bunch of my peeps. I look forward to more bite in the next book.

    13. **********Content: Some sex, a little violence, minimal cussing, no typos**********3.75 stars. First book in the Drake Sisters series. An enjoyable and fairly bland paranormal novella. Delightful at times, it's a SWEET story introducing the seven closely-knit Drake sisters, witches all, who live and work all over the world in various occupations and locations, but return occasionally to their magical house overlooking the sea. This story features Sarah, the oldest sister. The setting is a charmi [...]

    14. «Sete irmãs entrelaçadas, controladoras dos elementos da terra do mar e do ar, incapazes de controlar o destino que evitam. O destino encontrá-las-á uma por uma, da mais velha até à última. Quando o portão trancado se abrir em boas-vindas, a primeira encontrará o amor verdadeiro.»…Magia ao Vento vem comprovar que não são precisas muitas palavras para contar uma boa história. Claro que isto se deve à magnífica capacidade que Christine Feehan tem para se expressar de forma direct [...]

    15. Strangely, this was the last book in the series I read, even though it's the first one. Booksamillion didn't even have it, and when my library finally got it it was paired up with Oceans of Fire. When I read it I realized why; if the book stood alone it would be the size of a pamphlet.So, having read all of the other six books first, I had heard all about Sarah's gifts and everything, so imagine my disappointment when I read this book, if you can even call it that. It was more of a short story. [...]

    16. Este é um livro que promete. Uma série com irmãs que têm magia dentro de si, profecias de família, entre outros para quem gosta de fantasia, é um livro ideal. Juntando o romance entre um homem que traz um passado difícil e a irmã mais velha desta família seria a cereja no topo do bolo.No entanto, apesar destas premissas todas, este livro não me encantou para aí além. A história perde pela parca caracterização das personagens. Sei que o Damon ronda os 40 anos porque é dito na hist [...]

    17. After finishing Christine Feehan's Dark Carpathian series earlier this year, I decided to dive into another of her series: the Drake Sisters series. Magic in the Wind is book 1 in this series.Something about the sleepy little town of Sea Haven called to Damon Wilder. He was a brilliant scientist - possibly the smartest man alive - working on secret projects for the U.S. government, but danger seemed to haunt him wherever he went. Damon decided he needed a safe harbor to retire to. He didn't thin [...]

    18. DNF. I have a friend who likes this author, but I think I started on the wrong series. I mean, it says something when I have NO idea what's going on, how the magic works and there's no book before this one to explain everything. I want the setting to be introduced to me in the first chapter or maybe the first few chapters. The plot (in protozoan form) is that there's this guy Damon, some bad guys are hunting him cause he worked in some high security company and he's all dark and full of pain. He [...]

    19. This was a difficult book for me to rate. I really disliked the whole love story. I'm sorry but the first few lines were "the wind whispered her name, Sarah is back". And of course instantly this Damon knew he had to meet this women. Of course I'm sure you can guess from there they fell in love completely and instantly. I swear if i had to hear Damon's inner monologue about how he "couldn't believe the love he felt for Sarah after just a day" one more time, I was about to scream! This was probab [...]

    20. This is the perfect example of a good material gone to waste because the author can't bring justice to it. *sigh* I should have prepared myself to be disappointed. I really don't like Feehan's style of writing. There were times when the dialogues were just so damn long that you can't help but feel irritated reading it. Her dialogues are like this, "This is my friend. Her name is Jane. She grew up in a small town where she lived with her grandparents who were farmers. After graduating in highscho [...]

    21. The first very short novel of the Drake Sisters. It tells the tale of Sarah Drake, security expert and Damon Wilder, programmer extraordinaire. Damon is scarred both on the inside and on the outside after being tortured for information about a program he made for the military. When he moves to Safe Harbour he hears a lot about the Drake Sisters. So when the grape vine tells him Sarah has arrived he sets out to meet her.Sarah has longed for the ocean for quite some time and have finally arrived. [...]

    22. Magic in the Wind is the novella that sets up the Drake Sisters series, which means it has a hell of a lot to do in just over 100 pages. The series tells the tale of seven sisters who have magical abilities and who’s romantic fate is tied to a prophecy so the likelihood that the beginning story would feel like on big info dump was fairly high.I didn’t actually read this until after I had read other books in the series so I was reading this with the knowledge of how much Ms Feehan had to set [...]

    23. This waswell, I'm not sure what this was. I didn't dislike this book. Actually, I liked it. I just have no idea why I liked it. The characters were very well drawn. The heroine, Sarah, wasn't annoying. She was a strong woman without being overbearing or snarky. The hero, Damon, was a little snarky and a lot wounded. He wasn't, however, annoyingly tortured. I felt for him. The hero and the heroine were good together and it didn't seem like the author was putting two people together who didn't fit [...]

    24. So I thought this was going to be a quick read. Boy was I wrong. I have to say that this book was boring on many levels. It read more as on outline for a book than a book. I wish that Christine Feehan, would have realized that there was no depth to the characters and store line. It went to fast in some parts, making me have to reread because I missed how we changed scenes so fast, or to slow in other parts. The same things were said over and over and OVER again. I got it the first time Damon sai [...]

    25. Book Review: 1 Treasure BoxThe story was entertaining, but I thought it was predictable. The characters were moderately interesting but not very compelling. Damon Wilder has a haunted past with murderers seeking him out. Sarah as a witch, helps him fight these evil people and in the process they develop a relationship. We also get to know a bit about Sarah and her family background. If you want a quick read this is a good book since it is short. If you enjoy reading paranormal romance you will p [...]

    26. :)rating 3.5*as primeiras impressões surge uma duvida, afinal do que se trata. um livro tão pequeno?mas positivamente avaliamos que afinal o tamanho não tem tanta importância assim :Pé uma historia quase tipo conto e quase um prologo do que irá acontecer, afinal são 7 irmãs!!!!prepara-nos para a família Drake com todo o seu mistério e "poder" . são "pessoas reais" com toda a carga emocional como qualquer outra pessoa, acabamos por nos rever em alguns aspectos nestes personagens.a fant [...]

    27. While the romantic aspect of this book was a touch saptastic, the story surrounding the seven magical Drake Sisters is interesting, even with the holes in it. This book focuses on the oldest sister, Sarah. While I thought the book was not well-written, I did enjoy the story of magickal sister living near the ocean, each with their own special gifts. I'm looking forward to reading the other six books in the Drake Sisters series; although, I don't expect the writing to be fabulous.

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